Why I'm Beating Logan Paul - 40 Days: KSI

30. okt.. 2019
8 176 318 Ganger

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  • Nice

    Apperance _Apperance _19 timer siden
  • Ksi isn't scared of anything Apart from bees 🤣 🤣🤣🤣

    Ethan HillEthan HillDag siden
  • This aged well

    Do NathanDo Nathan2 dager siden
  • this was one fucking year ago.

    JomarJomar2 dager siden
  • This video should be renamed : Why I beat Logan Paul

    Yuhan AhmedYuhan Ahmed5 dager siden
  • I cant believe its been over a year already

    Yusuf ChowdhuryYusuf Chowdhury6 dager siden
  • He stuck to his word🏅🏅🏅🏅🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆

    Farming LifeFarming Life9 dager siden
  • Ksi : why im beating logan paul When the fight came :logan knock out ksi in 33 second

    Ica Syed AzlaniiiIca Syed Azlaniii9 dager siden
    • 12 year old

      Ess ZeddEss Zedd9 dager siden
    • Ikr so true hahah

      Ica Syed AzlaniiiIca Syed Azlaniii9 dager siden
    • So true lol

      Ica Syed AzlaniiiIca Syed Azlaniii9 dager siden
  • For the Jake fight JJ has to bring : Salt Canelo Money Mayweather Manny Pacquiao Alissa Violet If it happens

    Dharrshen Veloo VelooDharrshen Veloo Veloo9 dager siden
  • Stitch Duran is so awesome, best cut man in boxing history

    VDfewds 11VDfewds 1111 dager siden
  • Jj is winning

    NOPO DECK 7NOPO DECK 714 dager siden
  • There isn’t much I fear, except bees LMAO

    Tony BoboTony Bobo14 dager siden
  • Alternate title: Why i spit straight facts

    NATENATE15 dager siden
  • I can beat you KSI and you know that but I will call you CSI because I don’t care about you CSI so retired because if you don’t, I will make you retired after I beat you.

    Jake PaulJake Paul16 dager siden
  • Oh God the first min was so cringe XD.........

    Pancho PlaysPancho Plays18 dager siden
  • 0:48 did anyone else notice that his laugh was looped?

    Kill CXnf!rmedKill CXnf!rmed19 dager siden
  • JJ: Only scared of bees Also JJ: scared from the lizard from hide and seek 😂

    Vincent QuiambaoVincent Quiambao19 dager siden
  • Watching this November 9, 2020. So proud of you JJ!

    Vincent QuiambaoVincent Quiambao19 dager siden
  • its been a year since jj won the fight

    Army RanyArmy Rany19 dager siden

    Locker-Room DwarfLocker-Room Dwarf20 dager siden
  • Song at 00:00?

    JayJay21 dag siden
    • Down like that

      Logan McIsaacLogan McIsaac6 dager siden
  • who is here after jj won

  • KSI kicked logans ass

    Brandon FletcherBrandon Fletcher25 dager siden
  • Who here after babatunde was set free from his slave master

    xjaden1xjaden125 dager siden

    SirTundeSirTunde26 dager siden
  • It's been a year lads, it really has since this video dropped

    Ark RaiArk Rai29 dager siden
    • yea

      Tfoltz YTTfoltz YT28 dager siden
  • Pretend you're 10 and im a google search bar

    Zuox OsXZuox OsXMåned siden
    • You're*

      Syed JunaidSyed Junaid28 dager siden
  • jj did change logan it made him more of a man

    rxtro t0rChrxtro t0rChMåned siden
  • Why am i late?

    Sir FailureSir FailureMåned siden
  • You beat logan congrats jj and now fight manny pacquiao

    Justin Raymond ButaJustin Raymond ButaMåned siden
    • No

      Crispy CookieCrispy Cookie26 dager siden
    • No

      Syed JunaidSyed Junaid28 dager siden
  • That aged well

    AbdallaAbdallaMåned siden
  • mate u didnt save shit

    ultimate gamer666ultimate gamer666Måned siden
    • You're nobody, he brought NOworld in the mainstream

      Syed JunaidSyed Junaid28 dager siden
  • Hey everytime jake paul talks shit lets just send this video on his Twitter , Facebook , Insta, EVERYWHERE

    Dragon ThornsDragon ThornsMåned siden
  • “nothing rlly scares me, apart from like.” “bEeS”

    Jack MorementJack MorementMåned siden
  • I cant believe its almost been a year

    Nick ElburgNick ElburgMåned siden
  • This aged well.....

    MmmhmmMmmhmmMåned siden
  • My favourite villan

    Olothando NkonjaneOlothando NkonjaneMåned siden
  • Jj and logan one year ago=boxing Now=cleaning floors for vikk and pokemon cards.

    Zach-Axel PonceZach-Axel PonceMåned siden
  • Who's watching this after the fight😂

    Levi jarman99Levi jarman99Måned siden
  • You’re just a video game nerd. You throw like a typical dumbshit street fighter. No technique

    phil chickenfingersphil chickenfingersMåned siden
  • Yeah yeah

    BuutronBuutronMåned siden
  • Your not winning

    Rhys PriceRhys PriceMåned siden
    • He won you idiot

      Syed JunaidSyed Junaid28 dager siden
  • @0:47 that was such a evil laugh, lol

    Caleb DaviesCaleb DaviesMåned siden
  • jj, i love you, but you didnt change the game of boxing

    Marco AmreinMarco AmreinMåned siden
    • He did he had the biggest amateur boxing match of all time

      Jo FreeJo FreeMåned siden
  • jj did predict he wont be the same person

    Sarim FirazSarim FirazMåned siden
  • 2:31 i thought that was bruno fernandes

    JimSlice 16JimSlice 16Måned siden

      LAZZA LMLAZZA LMMåned siden
  • 8:19 it's corona time

    Hassan RazaHassan RazaMåned siden
  • JJ won and whoever said Logan Paul would win are clowns. And people who say Jake Paul will win are bigger clowns. It’s simple.

    bioxidebioxideMåned siden
  • "Why I'm beating Logan Paul" *40 days later* *Beats Logan Paul*

    saad kajasaad kajaMåned siden
  • Why the hell do they blur conners face

    JaskisaliveJaskisaliveMåned siden
  • I've been waiting so long for a KSI vs Jake Paul

    76 BOYZ76 BOYZMåned siden
  • Thank god he beat logan Paul imagine he made this then he loses

    Kyan BallantyneKyan BallantyneMåned siden
  • At 9:52 i heard cocaine

    AlexthenewboiAlexthenewboiMåned siden
  • this is a fucking film my g

    Ghost_7472Ghost_7472Måned siden
  • Bar the queen

    Bob BobBob BobMåned siden
  • Can't wait to see ksi get tko'ed on 5th round by jake so his TOXIC fans stop talking

    monster best gamermonster best gamerMåned siden
    • Imagine being a jake paul fan

      Syed JunaidSyed Junaid28 dager siden
    • So the Jake paulers are not toxic as well?

      Olanrewaju Michael OlatejuOlanrewaju Michael OlatejuMåned siden
  • did he forget to say he fears scary games

    Abdulrazak KabiAbdulrazak Kabi2 måneder siden
  • JJ

    J NavaJ Nava2 måneder siden
  • Bruh yhu better win again

    J NavaJ Nava2 måneder siden
  • Shoutout to anyone who’s here after the fight

    Jake CoxJake Cox2 måneder siden
  • This man is a boxing champion and is scared of BEES Like wtf?

    TalleXTalleX2 måneder siden

  • First 52 seconds were so cringe ngl

    Laksh VirkLaksh Virk2 måneder siden
    • Is the British accent for me

      This channel Is deadThis channel Is dead2 måneder siden
  • Well he wasn't lying

    Bogdan BjrBogdan Bjr2 måneder siden
  • KSI: There isn’t really anything I fear besides like bees. Reddit: You sure about that babatunde

    Gogeta GohanGogeta Gohan2 måneder siden
  • Your my big inspiration bro. Hope i see you some day bro [face to face :D]

    Adarsh .SAdarsh .S2 måneder siden
  • 2021 : why I’m beating jake paul

    SC Cr1ticSC Cr1tic2 måneder siden
  • Subscribe to don't subscribe

    Puginator 16Puginator 162 måneder siden
  • i still get hyped while watching this in September of 2020

    Conduct SlaysConduct Slays2 måneder siden
  • Everyone has a different personality but everyone has the same goal, and that’s what makes us dangerous

    Shaefer ElliottShaefer Elliott2 måneder siden
  • I am from the future you won the fight but by split dicison

    Angel RiveraAngel Rivera2 måneder siden
  • My guy his side mirror look like a freaking AirPod

    Creative Among Us BrosCreative Among Us Bros2 måneder siden
  • Bro I started boxing coz of you and now I feel free it’s like I finally started doing wat I wanted

    Ch4zz4Ch4zz42 måneder siden
  • Logan should thank jj for what he has done for him

    Roberto BadreeRoberto Badree2 måneder siden
  • Ksi in every doc: So I started in gaming

    Ousama LehamOusama Leham2 måneder siden
  • I wish he brings back the blonde hair tho

    jude shdiefatjude shdiefat3 måneder siden
  • Its cool watching this now

    ZMRTX 0819ZMRTX 08193 måneder siden
  • every time i here and see the first 49 seconds of this i get chills

    Conduct SlaysConduct Slays3 måneder siden
  • Am I the only one who comes back to these videos just to look back at jj’s boxing days?

    DamianDamian3 måneder siden
  • November 9th will be a date kids will be learning about in school in the future

    Rory CRory C3 måneder siden
  • Man said he was gonna knock him out and did not What a joke 😂

    Mike TysonMike Tyson3 måneder siden
    • This channel Is dead I still don’t understand what your saying

      Loony JackLoony Jack2 måneder siden
    • So did Logan, but Logan did less than just that, he lost

      This channel Is deadThis channel Is dead2 måneder siden
    • Loony Jack that’s what I thought

      caksifjwoapodbfnwcaksifjwoapodbfnw3 måneder siden
    • Loony Jack I’m saying Logan is what I said he was

      caksifjwoapodbfnwcaksifjwoapodbfnw3 måneder siden
    • caksifjwoapodbfnw none of your sentences make any sense

      Loony JackLoony Jack3 måneder siden
  • na na na na why

    Alex GeorgeAlex George3 måneder siden
  • Who randomly got this in their recommended 9 months later?

    Mikhail ZoloevMikhail Zoloev3 måneder siden
  • Does anyone else find this trash talking just cringey and not intimidating at all😂

    OliOli3 måneder siden
    • You just mad your fav YT got beat TF up😹

      MexicanJesusMexicanJesus2 måneder siden
    • Isn’t all trash talk cringe?

      Loony JackLoony Jack3 måneder siden
  • ksi is the devil inside and looks like juice world lollollloloool

    Mr. ArelioMr. Arelio3 måneder siden
  • 10:07 ignore this

    The Game GangThe Game Gang3 måneder siden
  • Logan was full of himself and paid the price

    X4 ZxoticsX4 Zxotics3 måneder siden
  • Ksi got me into boxing and I started when he fought joe and then I just had my first fight and won thx to Ksi the man

    Maani CampbellMaani Campbell3 måneder siden
    • Maani Campbell Thats fantastic, I believe in you 🙌

      caksifjwoapodbfnwcaksifjwoapodbfnw3 måneder siden
    • caksifjwoapodbfnw thx bro I’m training hard for that knock out

      Maani CampbellMaani Campbell3 måneder siden
    • Maani Campbell Thats so cool, I hope you win bro

      caksifjwoapodbfnwcaksifjwoapodbfnw3 måneder siden
    • caksifjwoapodbfnw thx I’m having my next fight soon aswell

      Maani CampbellMaani Campbell3 måneder siden
    • Maani Campbell - Sick

      caksifjwoapodbfnwcaksifjwoapodbfnw3 måneder siden
  • log pollen csi

    Elysium BlackElysium Black3 måneder siden
  • That laugh haunts my dreams

    Second Side FilmsSecond Side Films3 måneder siden
  • this video hits diffrent now

    STOLPENSTOLPEN3 måneder siden
  • Why am I so cringe not logon fan I'm a ksi fan

    Roland DjaloRoland Djalo3 måneder siden
    • Idk, why are you so cringe?

      This channel Is deadThis channel Is dead2 måneder siden
  • P

    Jamie PatrickJamie Patrick3 måneder siden
  • P

    Jamie PatrickJamie Patrick3 måneder siden
  • Funni man (aka Logan) go brrrrrr lolol

    OptimisticpepeOptimisticpepe3 måneder siden
  • Next fight. . . . KSI VS BEES

    D LeungD Leung3 måneder siden
  • "He won't be the same person" Yeah JJ he became an all round better person, the fight humbled him.

    Jaafer ZaneerJaafer Zaneer3 måneder siden
  • “Make raps” see British people can’t rap or even talk about shit over here

    Bryan BerryhillBryan Berryhill3 måneder siden
    • You the type of guy to say that UK rap is “trash” then listen to young thug or future and go “yO tHiS sHiT iS fIrE bRo”. 🤡

      Afc.90Afc.903 måneder siden
    • bryan stfu

      h3rry___h3rry___3 måneder siden
    • Pipe down tough guy lol

      Broski QBroski Q3 måneder siden
  • name a more iconic duo than: eddie hearn - no headgurds 10 ounce gloves

    ME MEME ME3 måneder siden
  • This was the most climactic ksi I've ever seen

    Sebastian MarquezSebastian Marquez3 måneder siden