Thoughts After KSI Vs Logan Paul 2

16. nov.. 2019
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  • Last Video before transferring to JJ Olatunji

    mos yankeemos yankeeDag siden
  • I will allways choose u any day all day cute boy 🥰🥰🥰🥰

    bepatientbepatientDag siden
  • there’s a terrible alternate universe where jj lost

    sqxndalsqxndal2 dager siden
  • 🔥🔥🔥

    okafor victorokafor victor4 dager siden
  • X?

    JoselinoJoselino5 dager siden
  • Movies do movies

    Mwine KobeMwine Kobe7 dager siden
  • Buetiful

    Joseph HernandezJoseph Hernandez7 dager siden
  • Don’t believe the Paul brothers made 21K fake accounts damn

    Andreas HeathAndreas Heath7 dager siden
  • Its been a whole year woah

    Achintya PaningapalliAchintya Paningapalli8 dager siden
  • Inspiration

    Louis ThompsonLouis Thompson8 dager siden
  • This was almost a year ago😳

    John B. EdwardsJohn B. Edwards9 dager siden
  • mans a Champ baby! W

    YashYash11 dager siden
  • Am the last🤩

    RYU•RYU•13 dager siden
  • Me kicking my brother's ass be like

    Jorim McKinneyJorim McKinney13 dager siden
  • Jake Paul you’re next to get jumped on by ksi

    Stromedy fan clubStromedy fan club13 dager siden
  • civ 6

    mike changmike chang14 dager siden
  • 1:22 na but u did

    Jason GordonJason Gordon14 dager siden
  • Well you have come back to this video after many years enjoy these moments and memories these were the good old days❤️💯

    Kevin GormleyKevin Gormley14 dager siden
  • Went from Hubble Space Telescope to Beating Logan Paul.

    Hassan KhanHassan Khan15 dager siden
  • it’s been a year, time is really a bitch

    Abood SalihAbood Salih16 dager siden
  • It’s been a year boys 😢👌

    Isaac RodriguezIsaac Rodriguez16 dager siden
  • i wanted u to win soooooo bad and i liked it so much when u knocked him down go ksi

    VORTEX #VORTEX #18 dager siden
  • this is the last normal video before changing this channel content to music only .

    l Zayed ll Zayed l18 dager siden
  • AND S-X

    Joseph ChambersJoseph Chambers19 dager siden
  • offset

    Ryan MiracleRyan Miracle19 dager siden
  • kidz bop

    opeyemi oguntoyeopeyemi oguntoye21 dag siden
  • I love how on Just in case of a emergency Berbers post Simon questioned his sanity

    Big JuicyBig Juicy21 dag siden
  • I dare you to box Tyler1

    Krush800Krush80021 dag siden
  • Why is he wearing headphones?

    EelayInsayEelayInsay22 dager siden
  • looks more like logan poop

    Raja LanunRaja Lanun24 dager siden
  • i viewed this 8,715,700 d

    RocketmanJrRocketmanJr25 dager siden
  • Now we just need JJ Olatunji vs Logan Paul

    David JaimesDavid Jaimes25 dager siden
  • Love you jj

    Bodrul IslamBodrul Islam26 dager siden
  • 5:28 and S-X !!!!!!!!!!!

    Ali AlrawiiAli Alrawii26 dager siden
  • total war three kingdoms

    Danielle KathDanielle Kath27 dager siden
  • last none song video on this channel

    pickle zoodapickle zooda27 dager siden
  • “White folk” are like the perfect balance ...almost as strong as blacks and almost as smart as Asians! This is why we run this mutha!

    corrleecorrlee27 dager siden
  • they rlly putin up the west side hand print up Lmfaoooo dager siden
  • what about the fake ED sheeran

    T-GeniusT-Genius27 dager siden
  • No body NOworld : logan paul viewer also watches this video

    your fellow Romanianyour fellow Romanian27 dager siden
  • Is the 2 point cut win you the match

    Chan Zan YiChan Zan Yi28 dager siden
  • .

    Abz AbzAbz Abz28 dager siden
  • It God men. He is faithful

    David OnyeagwuDavid Onyeagwu28 dager siden
  • Just gonna say this,Joe is the one that reinvent KSI career

    Adam FerhadAdam FerhadMåned siden
  • Jj is the only person who can roast in public internet

    Lucky LechidoLucky LechidoMåned siden
  • Looks like KSI won't be getting a Justin Beiber feature on any songs in the near future... 😂😂😂

    Krishna SridharKrishna SridharMåned siden
  • 🖐️

    yousef diaayousef diaaMåned siden

    FiziSugarFiziSugarMåned siden
  • stand proud

    john lawrencejohn lawrenceMåned siden
  • wait......does ksi follows logan paul on instagram????

  • i jus came here to say after watchin logan vs paul ending randomly due to youtubes.. i came here to sayyyyyy new english english isnt real english..... american english is real yoooo

    Camaro chronicSSCamaro chronicSSMåned siden
  • telugu movies 2018 full length movies

    Ginger BaggettGinger BaggettMåned siden
  • Jj has that mamba mentality🐍💜💛

    Nathaniel VargasNathaniel VargasMåned siden
  • Although jj and Logan might still not like each other, they are both still respectable people and respect each other when appropriate while Jake does nothing but talk about money and has 0 respect for anybody

    Danny leeDanny leeMåned siden
  • Screw Justin Beiber

    Ant AntelopeAnt AntelopeMåned siden
  • You brought that devil down u legend

    Gaming4 RealGaming4 RealMåned siden
  • randomfrankp

    cressa prevostcressa prevostMåned siden
  • eric andre

    nelson alarconnelson alarconMåned siden
  • If there is fight bro fight and practis e more than ever

    The NegThe NegMåned siden
  • Bro I'm white but ksiiiiii you are a beeeeast

    The NegThe NegMåned siden
    • Don’t need to be black to be on ksi’s side

      Ella xxElla xxMåned siden
    • Beeeeaaaasssst

      The NegThe NegMåned siden
  • Baldski 2.0

    Steve AustinSteve AustinMåned siden
  • snake

    fire craftfire craftMåned siden
  • JJ is a king

    Taylor FarrTaylor FarrMåned siden
  • Last video before his main channel turned into a music channel

    Skyline지평선Skyline지평선Måned siden
  • The sad thing is that even if it’s wikkstar or vikkstar it’s still pronounced the same. The schooling fees his parents paid his went down the drain😂😂😂😂😂

    Andre ThomasAndre ThomasMåned siden
  • That's a Woolworths logo

    1MantisPhoenix1MantisPhoenixMåned siden
  • Fun fact: This is the last non-music related video he has made on his "MAIN" Challenge lol.

    Alex MoyaAlex MoyaMåned siden
  • JJ: I got 18 on the official charts, that’s the highest I’ve ever charted JJ now: *laughs in lighter and dissimulation*

    Pablo PabloPablo Pablo2 måneder siden
    • Every song goes high up now Edit: lighter is still high up while really love is higher

      Ronan MendesRonan Mendes27 dager siden
    • Laughs in really love

      Robert HernandezRobert HernandezMåned siden
  • I don’t like this new GEN of fuckery and social media & tubers and shit. But if I had to choose one I preferred it’d be this KSI fellow. Seems a bit more humble than those sociopathic twins....

    Puppy PuppingtonPuppy Puppington2 måneder siden
  • In my personal opinion yall aren't good boxers Mayweather would stomp threw both y'all I personally watched both your matchea no right hook wouldn't do shit and Logan's worse

    Jamaal RoanJamaal Roan2 måneder siden
  • Where is the documentary must win?

  • NDL

    Cookies and cakeCookies and cake2 måneder siden
  • Real heroes were those who lost their accounts streaming the fights for free.

    OblivionaireOblivionaire2 måneder siden
  • if you read this man i like your videos man keep going ✌️👏👌

    Justine OrdonaJustine Ordona2 måneder siden
  • And the God 😊.

    younes djazeryounes djazer2 måneder siden
  • Wikstarr nice

    RexorMuteRexorMute2 måneder siden
  • Am I the only one that thinks he is a shit boxer?

    TSD_ Scar555TSD_ Scar5552 måneder siden
  • Dislikes are from Logan paul Fans

    XLOP899 v2XLOP899 v22 måneder siden
  • God bless this kid

    Yes SirYes Sir2 måneder siden
  • Kai is gay

    Cedits FnCedits Fn2 måneder siden
  • Run it back with him

    William DeMarsWilliam DeMars2 måneder siden
    • But he didn’t

      Ultra Instinct ShaggyUltra Instinct Shaggy2 måneder siden
  • Bruh u lost easily.

    William DeMarsWilliam DeMars2 måneder siden
    • Salty Logan fan lol

      SPEEDFR3AK 643SPEEDFR3AK 643Måned siden
    • He won by a long shot lmao what are you on about

      GameNWBGameNWB2 måneder siden
  • I still can't believe that JJ booked the clip filming in advance 2 days after the fight.

    Rafa NadalRafa Nadal2 måneder siden
  • I like how no one is talking about that Ed Sheeran lookalike that was at the fight

    PaulPaul2 måneder siden
  • coming back 9 months later lol

    NBA OrangeNBA Orange2 måneder siden
  • K S I I S B E T T E R T H A N L O G A N P A U L

    fleshbeaniezfleshbeaniez2 måneder siden
  • Of fan girlz are gonna bee annoyed

    Patrick RandPatrick Rand2 måneder siden
  • 2:27 a looooooooottttttt

    Patrick RandPatrick Rand2 måneder siden
  • He was gassed over 18 in the charts when he gets 2nd now jesus look at what’s he’s done in less than a year

    Zach WiltZach Wilt2 måneder siden
  • 5:27 *AND S-X*

    SC Cr1ticSC Cr1tic2 måneder siden
  • This was the last ACTUAL video that KSI uploaded on this channel

    TheGamingBoy40TheGamingBoy402 måneder siden
  • mamba mentallaty R.I.P

    benjamin paigebenjamin paige2 måneder siden
  • Life be like: "So KSI, what do you want to do now? Music? Boxing? NOworld?" KSI: Yes.

    RevRev2 måneder siden
  • JJ is honestly such a humble guy I’m so proud of him

    NE 1NE 12 måneder siden
  • This is a rare time where ksi didnt use his monthly listeners as oxygen

    Island EagleIsland Eagle2 måneder siden
  • super smash bros ultimate

    Dale EastDale East2 måneder siden
  • This was jj"s last non Music vid on this channel

    Diego RendonDiego Rendon2 måneder siden
  • Rip this setup

    Dylan DavidsonDylan Davidson2 måneder siden
  • asher angel

    Eller MiguelEller Miguel2 måneder siden
  • Thought I'd come here to see his latest non music vid on this channel

    idk reallyidk really2 måneder siden
    • Same

      Sir FawnSir Fawn2 måneder siden