The Owner Of EA SPORTS Visits KSI

31. des.. 2018
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Happy New Year!
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  • Ποιοσ ελληνας ειδε τον geo

    RedRay GamingRedRay GamingTime siden
  • Never thought I'd ever stop playing fifa.

    liam 11liam 1115 timer siden
  • why does this feel like it was 2 months ago

    itzHuskaitzHuska19 timer siden

    StonksStonksDag siden
  • ma ce il masseooo

    Angelo NerazzuroAngelo Nerazzuro4 dager siden
  • Have you seen he’s bandana change everytime

    Prince DiabPrince Diab4 dager siden
  • One of the best videos out there

  • is that unknown guy vikk

    Aadinath ArunAadinath Arun5 dager siden
  • nice rage compilation jj

    PweplepopPweplepop9 dager siden
  • Ksi in 2018: trains for fight and makes good content ksi in 2020: sits inside and makes reddit videos

    Daily Montage CentralDaily Montage Central12 dager siden
  • Yo why is this video copyrighted by Abramus Digital, NOworld fix this!

    ButtsfireButtsfire13 dager siden
  • So that was a fucking lie

    Roach is AliveRoach is Alive13 dager siden
  • Well this was a lie

    Lanzini10Lanzini1014 dager siden
  • ayo jj you could straight up act like that movie was weak as fuck but that was actually super impressive u should start taking roles

    Nathan LenzNathan Lenz15 dager siden
  • lil baby be changing cars depending on the weather jj's bandana every scene

    INSYTE 99INSYTE 9915 dager siden
  • This shows how much power JJ can have over even a billionaire's carrer. He would make even the shadow guy shit himself

    Aditya NashikkarAditya Nashikkar15 dager siden
  • Anybody see JJ switch his bandanna in the starting?

    Frost BeatzFrost Beatz16 dager siden
  • This deserves way more views

    Junior RJunior R17 dager siden
  • screw school i am gonna watch this

    Mr.Chill’s LifeMr.Chill’s Life20 dager siden
  • ahh

    James EgbuanranJames Egbuanran20 dager siden
  • Rvbberduck done a madness here

    Deco SiregarDeco Siregar23 dager siden
  • Some kid : Mom, can we have batman? Some kids mom : but we have him at home. Batman at home : 0:46

    Internet MouseInternet Mouse23 dager siden
  • Geo

    typical youtubertypical youtuber23 dager siden
  • H

    Sultan HSultan H25 dager siden
  • Because because we need u ahhahaha

    Bhawin MadanBhawin Madan26 dager siden
  • Il masseo lol

    n3corfilo di b1mb1n3corfilo di b1mb128 dager siden
  • this is the last video of old ksi. RIP legend.

    Ake AkaAke AkaMåned siden
  • Pretty sure they ended the sponsorship pretty quickly after this

    Alpha AshokAlpha AshokMåned siden
  • 4:40 Simon?

    JEEDJEEDMåned siden
  • 22m let's go

    ABENÜ JRABENÜ JRMåned siden
  • Hahaha wtf was that

    Rafael CantarellaRafael CantarellaMåned siden
  • Nobody Ksi: Dax, Whats ur cleaning record?

    Curious GeorgeCurious GeorgeMåned siden
  • Ksi is so funny

    Dr EmpiDr EmpiMåned siden
  • if he’s the owner then who’s the person that’s owning him to persuade ksi

    hanzalah imranhanzalah imranMåned siden
  • Bro the last current classic ksi skit

    MasonnzMasonnzMåned siden

    Defne GuvenDefne GuvenMåned siden
  • Hhhahaha

    Tejalkera_Msp loveTejalkera_Msp loveMåned siden
  • How he change bandana

    Djibril GassamaDjibril GassamaMåned siden

    Mr LAUGHMr LAUGH2 måneder siden
  • His boss sounds like Stephen Tries

    wxvy_adzwxvy_adz2 måneder siden
  • geohunterinovich o protosssss

    slayerjohnie pslayerjohnie p2 måneder siden
  • Lol

    Cryptic54Cryptic542 måneder siden
  • Is it just me or does the owner of fifa and ksi kinda look similar?

    EmployedGalaxyEmployedGalaxy2 måneder siden
  • What vids we want Jj: reddit

    coolfunny 2221coolfunny 22212 måneder siden
  • R.I.P to all the gaming chairs

    Alec ZammitAlec Zammit2 måneder siden
  • ik it’s been a year but i noticed how many bandannas he switched through in this vid

    Damien FloresDamien Flores2 måneder siden
  • Y does his bandanna change every scene

    1k subsribers with no video challenge1k subsribers with no video challenge2 måneder siden
  • EA owner is back after almost 7 years

    SkySky2 måneder siden
  • about to be 2 years ago damn.

    Yung SlimzyYung Slimzy2 måneder siden
  • How was this made only a year ago?

    YangSing1YangSing12 måneder siden
  • bandana switch lol

    5,000 Subscribers Challenge With No Videos5,000 Subscribers Challenge With No Videos2 måneder siden
  • Alpha is the first Greek letter and omega is the last . Is he saying he is the first and the last 😂😂😂

    MrMayhemMrMayhem2 måneder siden
  • All this time and nobody noticed KSI’s bandana changed colour each time the camera cut back to him.

    Jay HendersonJay Henderson2 måneder siden
  • NBA 2k sales more, they're the ALPHA. FIFA MIGHT BE THE BETA

    Dub Silent 27Dub Silent 272 måneder siden
  • How many times did his bandana change

    Zach YounisZach Younis2 måneder siden
  • 2020

    10,000 subscribers without any videos10,000 subscribers without any videos2 måneder siden
  • An average day in the olatunji household

    Dylan 8 CorbettDylan 8 Corbett2 måneder siden
  • Who was mr H?

    Beazt OrbzBeazt Orbz2 måneder siden
  • People subscribed to this channel still waiting for that FIFA video to come out like.

    Tanvir HoqueTanvir Hoque3 måneder siden
  • EA sports be like pay to breath while playing? 20000 pounds lol

    Rezzy KhanRezzy Khan3 måneder siden
  • isnt castro the dude that got trolled?

    BabyDanCe5BabyDanCe53 måneder siden
  • Is is just me or was this the first video of KSi you ever found

    Foose GreifzFoose Greifz3 måneder siden
  • Yes

    LED LEDLED LED3 måneder siden
  • so that was a fucking lie

    Krish ChhabriaKrish Chhabria3 måneder siden
  • *Infinity ward has joined the chat*

    Search_lurk destroySearch_lurk destroy3 måneder siden
  • Jj olatunji vs KSI

    NxcoNxco3 måneder siden
  • E

    E Gay SPORTSE Gay SPORTS3 måneder siden
    • Nico Game

      Riley FormosaRiley Formosa3 måneder siden
    • The

      NicoNico3 måneder siden
    • In

      Riley FormosaRiley Formosa3 måneder siden
    • E

      E Gay SPORTSE Gay SPORTS3 måneder siden
    • Its

      NicoNico3 måneder siden
  • Ksi: looks in mirror Deji: he’s flexing on me Their mum:🤦🏾‍♀️

    BLAZE FNBLAZE FN3 måneder siden
  • He managed to make himself look like fetus KSI

    Saint BloodhoundSaint Bloodhound3 måneder siden
  • Who’s here after the new fifa 21 trailer

    Ashy AnklezAshy Anklez3 måneder siden
  • Dude do smth like this again

    Mr KrabsMr Krabs3 måneder siden
  • 1:23 "It's in the game! " My favourite part

    Karabelo LeeuwKarabelo Leeuw3 måneder siden
  • 2:11 Geohunterρινοβιτσ ο πρώτος εδω

    mpiskoto memesmpiskoto memes3 måneder siden
  • I know the owner of ea sports

    Ice GamerIce Gamer3 måneder siden
  • 3:15 to 3:23😂😂🤣🤣🤣🤣

    Malachi J-pMalachi J-p3 måneder siden
  • Is it only me that realised Ksi's bandana kept changing

    Othniel MessouOthniel Messou3 måneder siden
  • Bandana change

    NebalityNebality3 måneder siden
  • JJs bandana changed while talking to ea😂😂😂

    Hadi HaroonHadi Haroon3 måneder siden
  • Hello

    Momo BadatMomo Badat3 måneder siden
  • Ea be like flyng FREE u look down landing 9.99£€

    Covid19 VirusCovid19 Virus3 måneder siden
  • Jake pool: I will fight him when he stops playing fifa Me:😳

    DeletoDeleto3 måneder siden
  • If this was on the second channel a year ago you will get 10millioj or more views

    First Name Last NameFirst Name Last Name3 måneder siden
  • i just realised his bandana changed between pink and black/red

    hihi4 måneder siden
  • That Simon probably the H.R guy

    kadeem joneskadeem jones4 måneder siden
  • JJ just randomly changing his bandana

    MzasCoolMzasCool4 måneder siden
  • jj is a magician when it cuts to him he is wearing a new bandanna mostly every time

    NooNoo4 måneder siden
    • @Noo oh

      ADH easyADH easy4 dager siden
    • @ADH easy my name is not no it is noo which you pronounce as moo 🐮 with an n

      NooNoo4 dager siden
    • Your name is no so you have to right that comment in reverse and it makes it a good comment

      ADH easyADH easy4 dager siden
  • 4:59 Is that Stephan tries

    sicko brawlsicko brawl4 måneder siden
  • Anybody else realize he switched his bandanas 1:48

    Seve ProductionsSeve Productions4 måneder siden
  • Did anyone else notice how Ksi's bandana changed colour loads

    Archie boiiiArchie boiii4 måneder siden
  • What's the song at the beginning

    Dillon SukramDillon Sukram4 måneder siden
  • Did anyone notice at 1:55 he changed bandana

    hk_07hk_074 måneder siden
  • Geo hunter κανείς??

    Apostolos SpirouApostolos Spirou4 måneder siden
  • 2:41 me pulling pasta with vegetables to get some salt at 3 am

    Simin Dame da neSimin Dame da ne4 måneder siden
  • Folabi

    Beef BeegBeef Beeg4 måneder siden
  • Geo hunter

    Αυτός που σε ΓαμαειΑυτός που σε Γαμαει4 måneder siden
  • Help me beat T-series, let's make youtube great again!

    NourNour4 måneder siden
  • JJ’s dumb he should’ve asked for atleast 10 mil EA makes much more

    GhostGhost4 måneder siden
  • Well JJ just mugged EA for a Mill and didn't even play the game

    Bilaal AhmedBilaal Ahmed4 måneder siden
  • Who else realised that KSI's bandana was changing colours between scenes

    hyenajokeshyenajokes4 måneder siden
  • dude looks like a shadow henchmen

    MuohaiminMuohaimin4 måneder siden