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22. jan.. 2019
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  • Whos here at the end of 2020

    T4REQT4REQ2 dager siden
  • Say the n word

    Jetson GrovesJetson Groves4 dager siden
  • Last.

    JonesyJonesy4 dager siden
  • This is the last vid in this channel that is "entertaining"

    Jonyor JoestarJonyor Joestar7 dager siden
  • ksi's version is better

    mtr2901mtr29017 dager siden
  • At3:00 mins I was laughing so hard

    NaTasha HarrisNaTasha Harris10 dager siden
  • Gwack-gwack 3000

    Michael LahiraMichael Lahira13 dager siden

    X NationX Nation15 dager siden
  • This Should've been uploaded on the 2nd channel..

    EHEHE BOIEHEHE BOI20 dager siden
  • I remember watching this when it first came out. KSI literally introduced me to asmr😑

    William FairchildWilliam Fairchild24 dager siden
  • Jjs last actual non music video on this channel 😂

    ¿That MF?¿That MF?Måned siden
  • cant stop laughing 7:50-8:00

    Mico VesterbackaMico VesterbackaMåned siden
  • The final actual video our fatneek uploaded on this channel

    CaprillixCaprillixMåned siden
  • Apparently no one can find this video.

    KaosJoshiKaosJoshiMåned siden
  • WTF

    efren ramosefren ramosMåned siden
  • 😭

    ایلیا هخامنشایلیا هخامنشMåned siden
  • I felt uncomfortable when she said scoop in my left ear..

    Oliver Tree Is A Scooter GodOliver Tree Is A Scooter GodMåned siden
  • it make some TiNgLe

    burnt tamalesburnt tamalesMåned siden
  • 9:38 I was jamming to one punch man come on man why you have to cut it

    YahirYahirMåned siden
  • 22mill. Eskeeetit

    Parath ParamanParath ParamanMåned siden
  • 2:41 well lucky for you she is on the most magical website on this planet.

    Djdhrvdh HfkrhdgdDjdhrvdh Hfkrhdgd2 måneder siden
  • She has more subs 😋😂😂 Gabi is the best

    Click ClackClick Clack2 måneder siden
  • He don't understand😂😂👌

    Viper IguanaViper Iguana2 måneder siden
  • Everyday... We stray further from god.

    DecuriousDecurious2 måneder siden
  • What did I just watch?

    SwiftAlaniSwiftAlani2 måneder siden
  • This literally went from “eating poo poo” to scratching pubes to anime!?

    EMZxAEMZxA2 måneder siden
  • 7:00

    Just.Marvin _Just.Marvin _2 måneder siden
  • Aww yeaaaaa right in my lefter hole 3:00

    Jennifer HillJennifer Hill2 måneder siden
  • 7:58 when harry leaves his microphone on during a call

    GoDiSTGoDiST2 måneder siden
  • i feel violated

    lil Luffylil Luffy2 måneder siden
  • Bro this funny 😂😂😂

    StrezzStrezz2 måneder siden
  • Looks like jj has tingles😂😂😂

    para adaptedpara adapted2 måneder siden
  • 6:14 challenge accepted!

    Sadra EqbaliSadra Eqbali2 måneder siden
  • 7:06 best asmr i have ever heard

    Andria TatishviliAndria Tatishvili2 måneder siden
  • 9:12 I died of laughing

    päääh jungepäääh junge2 måneder siden
  • 7:38 is like an a guy wispernig in my easrs

    GH GAMERGH GAMER2 måneder siden
  • 7:57 make sure before you press this time stamp your volume is maxed

    XenoniXenoni2 måneder siden

    Patrick RandPatrick Rand2 måneder siden
  • Stop it you prik

    Enrique RoqueEnrique Roque2 måneder siden
  • why feels like he is blowing air into my ears

    MarstaMarsta2 måneder siden
  • thanks for the idea JJ! 3:15

    Rūku NikuyaRūku Nikuya2 måneder siden
  • Tf

    DA PIJONDA PIJON2 måneder siden
  • KSI you NI.. Nickelodeon

    big cheemsbig cheems2 måneder siden
    • @elham you will never catch me

      big cheemsbig cheems2 måneder siden
    • I see what you did there. - N-word police

      elhamelham2 måneder siden
  • 3:17

    Juan J Antonio 101Juan J Antonio 1012 måneder siden
  • lol ksiasmr just letters

    Gabe BGabe B2 måneder siden
  • this is ksi new version of try not to laugh...

    Gabe BGabe B2 måneder siden
  • When he snorted my ear lube it hurt

    Jennifer BirksJennifer Birks2 måneder siden
  • normal ASMR: Doing their ting Ksi: Wi weel eit da poopoo

    EHEHE BOIEHEHE BOI2 måneder siden
  • 8:04 when my black friend gives me the n word pass

    SuarstenioSuarstenio2 måneder siden
    • Suarstenio 😂😂🤣🤣

      Jack McNeillJack McNeill2 måneder siden
  • Just saying, I think ksi should actually delve a bit deeper into what asmr actually is instead of saying it’s just weird and unsettling. Because that’s what I thought when I first found asmr, then when I started to listen to it more often and like it more. And I might actually recommend looking up the definition of asmr and what it stands for, then you might actually understand why people are doing these types of things around a very sensitive mic. I’m just recommending it because personally I think asmr is quite relaxing. But that’s just my opinion. The reason I’m saying this is because I think this video triggered me a bit(and all the other asmr fans) because I don’t like it when people just judge a book by its cover, especially when something has a much deeper meaning than what it may seem. And sorry for my long rant NOworld. Edit: oh and don’t make this comment seem like I don’t like ksi, because I do. I’ve been watching his videos for quite some time now and think he makes some pretty good content, and music.

    Liam GilmourLiam Gilmour2 måneder siden
  • ngl ksi asmr gave me tingles

    xMengoYT مينقوxMengoYT مينقو2 måneder siden
  • Idk what's worse, this or 2020

    Alt_Ef_FourAlt_Ef_Four2 måneder siden
    • That's a major exaggeration. 2020 worse by a mile

      no nono no2 måneder siden
    • Definitely 2020

      N43U N4ZN43U N4Z2 måneder siden
  • My Brain after seeing that this Video was posted on youtube by JJ: Fck me im watching this shit

    ScareScare2 måneder siden
  • Im crying in laughter

    PVPbossXYZPVPbossXYZ2 måneder siden
  • Who's watching this is 2020??

    young mythicyoung mythic2 måneder siden
  • CherryCrush in the Hub for that pink haired girl

    Max GillespieMax Gillespie2 måneder siden
  • Lol

    Riley CosgroveRiley Cosgrove2 måneder siden
  • Me slurping in public Humans: you are gross Asmr liking ears Humans: this is sooo relaxing.

    K sauceK sauce2 måneder siden
  • This is like my last two brain cells having a conversation

    Shane SequeiraShane Sequeira2 måneder siden
  • i think he calls himself Morpheus cause Morpheus was the god of sleep.

    GrGamerGrGamer2 måneder siden
  • Best asmr ever 9:00

    Fire GamingFire Gaming2 måneder siden
  • 4:53 me turns up the volume then I get 5:02 Me rn 3:57

    Fire GamingFire Gaming2 måneder siden
  • When KSI doing that in one side of the ASMR i will the air is going in my ear

    vijay bharadwajvijay bharadwaj2 måneder siden
  • 😂 some asmr isn’t that bad but JJ doing it is just to funny 😂😂😂😂😂

    BMX_Scooter101BMX_Scooter1012 måneder siden
  • Till this day we never know what happend to the mic he used for asmr

    Legend Hensby123Legend Hensby1232 måneder siden

    jaymillijaymilli2 måneder siden
  • Look im way late to this put this is just discusting

    N I N G E NN I N G E N3 måneder siden
  • So that's where morpheus came from

    Atlegang TlabakweAtlegang Tlabakwe3 måneder siden
  • It should be called ksimr

    OPS FLCOPS FLC3 måneder siden
  • I lose my shit at 3:50

    Mr.ZombieRIPper 氏ゾンビリッパーMr.ZombieRIPper 氏ゾンビリッパー3 måneder siden
  • KSMR

    1017071017073 måneder siden
  • Ksmr

    ЯoombahmxRЯoombahmxR3 måneder siden
  • I haven't laughed this much since old

    savage beastsavage beast3 måneder siden
  • Just what I expect, a GameCube controller

    Mythical Ford TaurusMythical Ford Taurus3 måneder siden
  • Bro wtf

    TikTokKingTikTokKing3 måneder siden
  • Petition for JJ to start his own asmr channel

    MichaelMichael3 måneder siden
  • Normal asmr-ists: *Doing their ting* JJ: *WAI AR YU RONIING* *WE WEEL EET DA PUPU*

    EHEHE BOIEHEHE BOI3 måneder siden
  • omg

    jamilah williamsjamilah williams3 måneder siden
  • YES SIR hjk

    Abay fauzyAbay fauzy3 måneder siden
  • This proper content

    Fadumo AliFadumo Ali3 måneder siden
  • people on phone :

    RV G4M3SRV G4M3S3 måneder siden
  • XD

    camiyl 6thcamiyl 6th3 måneder siden
  • 👁👄👁

    JoshyJoshy3 måneder siden
  • 2.26 jj shoting a three pointer

    samuel Rabatsamuel Rabat3 måneder siden
  • 7:54 arghhhhhhh this is doing it for me

    Slavomir BlažejSlavomir Blažej3 måneder siden
  • Ya should react to nikado avocado

    ツDoeツDoe3 måneder siden
    • yes a very handsome, healthy workout youtuber who occasionally likes to make a few avocado snacks :)

      elhamelham2 måneder siden
  • Best asmr ever 10/10

    XxMsPaandaxXXxMsPaandaxX3 måneder siden
  • Ksi asmr reaction full video

    D1rkf4verD1rkf4ver3 måneder siden
    • I put this so when people searc it this actually fucking shows up

      D1rkf4verD1rkf4ver3 måneder siden
  • 48 mil sum

    life of a bosslife of a boss3 måneder siden
    • .

      life of a bosslife of a boss3 måneder siden
  • Why is no one talking about 3:56?

    ElzrydoElzrydo3 måneder siden
  • 3:57 put your speed at 0.25x and listen,he sounds like an animtronic

    Reverse WolfReverse Wolf3 måneder siden
    • He sounds like a fnaf jumpscare lmao

      KathalassKathalass20 dager siden
  • 8:16

    Aron MarklundAron Marklund3 måneder siden
  • Bruh

    Ultimate 2upUltimate 2up3 måneder siden
  • Instead of asmr KSMR

    ItsDamarzItsDamarz3 måneder siden
  • Why is so KSI old fashioned 😂

    Eazy_cookupEazy_cookup3 måneder siden
  • Oh yes man ksi u watch one panch Mann

    NimeixNimeix3 måneder siden
  • I don't know JJs hamster had an asmr channel

    Keenan boiKeenan boi3 måneder siden
  • I thoroughly enjoyed that

    Josh 1719Josh 17193 måneder siden

    Trashy88 _Trashy88 _3 måneder siden
  • Jj sees cat goes crazy lul

    Nejla HafeezNejla Hafeez3 måneder siden