Roadman Trick or Treat

3. nov.. 2018
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  • Is it just me where there too many Americans

    Dutch TahitiDutch Tahiti2 timer siden
  • The girl who gave them chips us a real one

    Dutch TahitiDutch Tahiti2 timer siden
  • if u did that in the us ur getting gunned down or arrested 😂

    Indo OnDaBeatIndo OnDaBeat4 timer siden
  • please do this again

    Jaylen-VIJaylen-VIDag siden
  • Why r there so many Americans on the streets?

    Big R YBig R Y3 dager siden
  • i want you to be a roadman “i am a roadman” had me dead 😭😭😭

    Ashley DackombeAshley Dackombe4 dager siden
  • Chunkz is the GOAT wallahi I’d eat bacon if it meant this nigga got a full life

    mike Nmike N4 dager siden

    Simone OnoratoSimone Onorato5 dager siden
  • Idk why but chunks reminds me of my cuz

    Zxxyn 2008Zxxyn 20085 dager siden
  • Mad thing is JJ is actually a private school boy loooool

    Mo HMo H5 dager siden
  • Was this shot in usa every9nes american

    SAM deaNSAM deaN6 dager siden
    • @Josh Simps For Mojo u play fornite bro and im a neek go find ur dad waste

      SAM deaNSAM deaN4 dager siden
    • SAM deaN that's what I'm saying the ppl who're opening the door aren't American and can u not see the environment it's clearly UK u neek

      Josh Simps For MojoJosh Simps For Mojo5 dager siden
    • @Josh Simps For Mojo i dont mean them j mean the ppls doors that they nocked u goon

      SAM deaNSAM deaN5 dager siden
    • Their not American how can u not tell

      Josh Simps For MojoJosh Simps For Mojo5 dager siden
  • Ksi putting a act on he was raised in a good house in posh ends

    Abdullah AliAbdullah Ali6 dager siden
  • So grateful to have come across this 2 years later

    Aydin CakirogluAydin Cakiroglu6 dager siden
  • I miss when there wasnt pandemic

    LeonGamerLeonGamer6 dager siden
  • Who is the neek to the left

    Lil LilLil Lil7 dager siden
    • Ur dad

      Josh Simps For MojoJosh Simps For Mojo5 dager siden
    • LV General

      George RamosGeorge Ramos7 dager siden
  • Who else heard "Corona Virus" mixed in there and this was in 2018....

    ibn001ibn0017 dager siden
  • Yo i loved this video so much

    Brydon Diaz - GilbertBrydon Diaz - Gilbert7 dager siden
  • Is that. Big shaq

    Go Pro with MattGo Pro with Matt8 dager siden
  • Why did he not recreate this

    Vrajesh BhattVrajesh Bhatt8 dager siden
  • Sorry

    mikail shakesmikail shakes10 dager siden
  • 🤣🤣🤣

    Connor WillcoxConnor Willcox10 dager siden
  • Didn't KSI go to a private school and have proper rich parents??

    Otis RitchieOtis Ritchie12 dager siden
  • any video 'featuring chunkz' is really his video

    AdilMQAAdilMQA13 dager siden
  • Y they sound American

    AsrAsr15 dager siden
  • This is the only video I found chunkz funny

    Black PhoenixBlack Phoenix15 dager siden
  • Bruv why’s ksi acting like he’s really from ends man went to a private school

    You're Not That GuyYou're Not That Guy15 dager siden
  • Definetly the best outdoor KSI vid hands down!!

    Zak OsmanZak Osman16 dager siden
  • Yh

    Raihan ZahidRaihan Zahid16 dager siden
  • 6:58 the thumbnail meow

    OoF McGuffinOoF McGuffin17 dager siden
  • I didn’t know this was a thing

    Ali AlfahimAli Alfahim17 dager siden
  • This is the best no cap

    Callum KeshavjeeCallum Keshavjee17 dager siden
  • They gave the girl with the chips Covid 100%

    ShakologyShakology17 dager siden
  • Ffs I made the mistake to watch this while drinking tea. Almosy spat or spilled my tea like 4 times😂😂😂😂😂

    Akii 24Akii 2418 dager siden
  • 2 years ago godamm

    harry Nolan 67harry Nolan 6718 dager siden
  • Chunkz: trick or treat Civilian: no Chunkz: understandable have a nice day Ummm

    Shreyas JoshiShreyas Joshi18 dager siden
  • Why are they all American

    Aymon AliAymon Ali18 dager siden
  • this is such jokes looool

    StantsStants18 dager siden
  • This is such an underrated vid

    ME MEME ME18 dager siden
  • the woman with blue hairn is such a nice lady

    Prod by Pap ethiopiaProd by Pap ethiopia19 dager siden
  • A perfect 10 minutes

    blackpanther 667blackpanther 66719 dager siden
  • Why they all American

    Stezer 9Stezer 919 dager siden
  • Yo I still don’t know why the people there are all Americans

    Lord Pimp1Lord Pimp119 dager siden
  • That women was sooo nice

    Kai MeadeKai Meade20 dager siden
  • this is pretty marvolous indeed

    hwhw20 dager siden
  • I would love to live in area like that.

    Fahrenheit boyFahrenheit boy20 dager siden
  • imagine filly was here🤣🤣🤣

    MJarjueMJarjue21 dag siden
  • How tf was this 2 years ago

    AmpruhAmpruh22 dager siden
  • I'm all for the bants and humour, but putting your foot in someone's door is just being a twat

    AlternativeGamer99AlternativeGamer9922 dager siden
  • Chunkz those harribos are haram

    iEnVy ScytheiEnVy Scythe22 dager siden
  • KSI be wearing the folabi jacket

    King FlowKing Flow22 dager siden
  • chunkz looks like young diss

    kevaripojukevaripoju23 dager siden
  • chilllll man took some random ladys munch XD

    K91XK91X23 dager siden
  • Only if there wasnt Corona there would of been a part 2 this year

    Fr0z3nFr0z3n23 dager siden
  • 2020

    josiah percimoneyjosiah percimoney23 dager siden
  • Chunkz a legend

    Bonginkosi MkhatshwaBonginkosi Mkhatshwa24 dager siden
  • its been 2 years to this day :)

    Camouflage1706Camouflage170624 dager siden
  • its been a year and this gem is still giving life 💀😂

    Bengu MakasiBengu Makasi24 dager siden
  • Why are all the people American but they live in England?

    SmQkessSmQkess24 dager siden
  • Part 2

    Layla BenbordiLayla Benbordi25 dager siden
  • U done one this year?

    Mr BundaiMr Bundai25 dager siden
    • @Asher Wilson it was a question boomer

      Mr BundaiMr Bundai25 dager siden
    • Why do you think smart arse

      Asher WilsonAsher Wilson25 dager siden
  • Last

    M1LT0N 3M1LT0N 326 dager siden
  • u just gotta love chunkz

    Matt JMatt J26 dager siden
  • Happy Halloween - 2020

    SapkotaSapkota26 dager siden
  • If darkest man was there it be funny

    Virtual TimeVirtual Time27 dager siden
  • Pretending to be a roadman, something KSI has a lot of experience with. Those door slammers probably heard your music on Spotify

    Jon WebbJon Webb27 dager siden
  • Came back to this video in celebration of Halloween and it’s still as funny as the first 😭

    ilenagoailenagoa27 dager siden
  • If jj ever leaves sidemen witch he won't but if he does make this a group with niko and all that

    Lewis HarrisLewis Harris27 dager siden
  • Why is everyone American😂😂

    AT VLOGSAT VLOGS28 dager siden
  • Lv and chunks carried this video😂 i forgot ksi was even there

    T.A GamerT.A Gamer28 dager siden
  • It Halloween soon hoping to see a 2020 version

    louis beeselouis beese28 dager siden
  • YT blessing us with this in the recommended again

    KADUJI1000KADUJI100029 dager siden
  • Jj sound like a undie lol posh ute forcing the accent

    Unknown DwtUnknown Dwt29 dager siden
  • This video is too underrated 😭🤣

  • Why do the people at the doors sound american?

    KiaNeon XDKiaNeon XDMåned siden
  • Who else is watching this during corona and me looking at a bowl of not packaged sweets being touched by all the kids

    LIL JuniorLIL JuniorMåned siden
  • They need to do this, this year.

    J_.R32 R2J_.R32 R2Måned siden
  • we need another one

    Mohammed jassimMohammed jassimMåned siden
  • recreate this lad

    noahnoahMåned siden
  • Why am I just now seeing this video???

    Markus DennisMarkus DennisMåned siden
  • Chunkz I thought Halloween was haraam

    LX LinerZBTWLX LinerZBTWMåned siden
  • 4:50 the opposite of a Karen

    R4Y4N PL4YZR4Y4N PL4YZMåned siden
  • this time of the year again. I love this vid

    Kieron ScottKieron ScottMåned siden
  • Where are these places? So many Americans on this strip

    Varun B KumarVarun B KumarMåned siden
  • so weird to see americans in london yard uno

    amanxoamanxoMåned siden
  • i’m sorry but this video is underrated 🤣🤣🤣

    amanxoamanxoMåned siden
  • in America, the treats would have shot them.

    MosmithMosmithMåned siden
  • this is always gonna be the best vid on this channel 😂

    Arun SankarArun SankarMåned siden
  • That American woman had blacked on her mind 😂🤣

    Burhan AhmedBurhan AhmedMåned siden
  • why am i only seeing this 2020 october

    Uniques OmarUniques OmarMåned siden
  • Imagine A Roadman came in and mugged them mid video

    Fierce Eagle officialFierce Eagle officialMåned siden
  • These man each bring different tings to this video KSI- Poshness fuller but there for the upper working or middle class mad laugh Chunkz -repping the ends bieng bare funny and just bare jokes LV- daring and bare laughing hype man ting and impresions Big respect ✊🏽

    Clart demClart demMåned siden
  • KSI is bare roadman innit

    Oliver McCallOliver McCallMåned siden
  • Nanh g I gonna go as vik for Halloween

    Martin DonnellyMartin DonnellyMåned siden
  • Ksi please do another one trick or treat again 2020

    Melchi boakyeMelchi boakyeMåned siden
  • This NEEDS to be done this year but maybe not cause of corona and dat

    Marcella WilliamsMarcella WilliamsMåned siden
  • Need to bring this back

    WavyyyWavyyyMåned siden
  • That lady was very lovely hahahahaa wow😊😊😊😊

    Kuda95 MKuda95 MMåned siden
  • Why are there hella American people

    Luca PatsalosLuca PatsalosMåned siden
  • All looked hella suprised when she was like “come on in” at 5:31

    Luca PatsalosLuca PatsalosMåned siden
  • Who wants part two for this year Halloween like if you agree 👇🏾

    M.N.C SKYM.N.C SKYMåned siden