REAL NAME - Randolph & KSI ft Talia Mar

18. juni. 2019
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Snapchat: therealksi
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  • Banana 🍌 tree 🌳 🤣

    Gaming With DanialGaming With Danial15 timer siden
  • How come I've only seen this now

    S.NS.NDag siden
  • this is hes worst song ngl

    Mannan PatilMannan PatilDag siden
  • this still hitting me

    DaNe YTDaNe YT2 dager siden
  • Randolph's part was trash

    Sharafnur BhuiyanSharafnur Bhuiyan2 dager siden
  • Randolph be looking like anomaly and this music video feels like a joke

    DatBoi_TheoDatBoi_Theo3 dager siden
  • The production and the song for this video is fire!!! 🔥

    Jay ColeJay Cole3 dager siden
  • You know the music video budget is low when they can only afford one mic

    Craig DaviesCraig Davies3 dager siden
  • anyone else see cal at the wedding

    Brown SnakeBrown Snake4 dager siden
  • The og will remember

    Gaming With DanialGaming With Danial4 dager siden
  • Randolph music level brings ksi down

    J .WoodsJ .Woods4 dager siden
    • Randolph is sick

      Ibraheem HussainIbraheem Hussain4 dager siden
  • No hate but this song wasnt that good. Randolph's part was shit. JJ's part was ok. Talia was the highlight of this one.

    Brown SnakeBrown Snake4 dager siden
  • Randolph has the fattest autotune

    Jaydon AttygalleJaydon Attygalle5 dager siden
  • Not liking the 2010-2013 ksi rap vibe,jj Snds like a nob, Randolph doesn’t suit this vibe of music nor jj

    L8 MongrelL8 Mongrel5 dager siden
  • 2:14 Tobi?

    King of RageKing of Rage5 dager siden
  • 2:21 The uncle that nobody needs, but that everyone wants.

    Sandro CostaSandro Costa5 dager siden
  • Still listening to this song

    Born ConfusedBorn Confused5 dager siden
  • why does this have 30k dislikes?

    Ande BeshajayaAnde Beshajaya6 dager siden
  • What on Earth is this video 😂😂

    Aatif MahmoodAatif Mahmood7 dager siden
  • OMG i just realised the pastor is tobi

    DoubleUzDoubleUz8 dager siden
  • Proof 3 you tubers can make an amazing song

    Kallum ThomasKallum Thomas8 dager siden
  • Should have had a scene dropping off kids to Vic so he can babysit, just for the memes

    Notorious MiGZNotorious MiGZ9 dager siden
  • When KSI raps a song playing his version of Babatunde, my life will be complete Song name: Yo my brudda, can I have some watar???

    Notorious MiGZNotorious MiGZ9 dager siden
  • randolph shouldn't have just been in this song

    sreedeep nairsreedeep nair9 dager siden
  • Anyone notice, the girls next to randolph and jj are actually Talia's friends that are in miniminters channel.

    Julian SungJulian Sung9 dager siden
  • talia was probably the best singer in this

    Sophie LewisSophie Lewis10 dager siden
  • Talia looks stunning!!!!!! 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍

    Sophie LewisSophie Lewis10 dager siden
  • 0.45

    Padraig ryanPadraig ryan10 dager siden
  • the beat kinda sick but randolph was shit

    CJCJ10 dager siden
  • ksi i love u bro

    PaxiYaaPaxiYaa10 dager siden
  • Talia sings better than randolph and ksi

    tiger guardiantiger guardian10 dager siden
  • Been a while, reddit leggo

    Thanaraj JaindrenThanaraj Jaindren10 dager siden
  • music video: 2/10 song: 8/10

    SilverSilver11 dager siden
  • A guy in my history class randomly whipped out a balaclava and put it on. We were learning about the ira tho

    Gavin AnthonyGavin Anthony11 dager siden
  • The church scene makes me happy :)

    bxnzxlbxnzxl11 dager siden
  • This should be Talia Mar featuring Ksi &Randolph

    Mendyzaa AIMendyzaa AI11 dager siden
  • I like ksi but this is just cringe

    SHIHAB ALYSHIHAB ALY11 dager siden
  • i've only just realised how many sidemen friends are in this

    NateBallsOfFireNateBallsOfFire11 dager siden
    • I saw talia and tobi fiest time that's it.

      Notorious MiGZNotorious MiGZ9 dager siden
  • YAY ive always wanted a song with talia in it she sound soooooooooooooo x infinity good YAY @taliamar yay your in a song !!!!!

    Jeffrey FJeffrey F12 dager siden
  • Not many people know about this song

    Wayne CarWayne Car12 dager siden
  • wtf i thought this was just uploaded.. smh

    Chaudhary Usman KhanChaudhary Usman Khan12 dager siden
  • Doesn’t KSI look like Kodak 😂

    KEVIN ELVIRKEVIN ELVIR13 dager siden
  • the almighty priest tobijz

    ozzi_909ozzi_90913 dager siden
  • Shout out to the pastor tobi😂😂

    Andre ThomasAndre Thomas15 dager siden
  • talias voice doesn't match het mouthhole... is weird but cool

    aidanthegreatestnessaidanthegreatestness15 dager siden

    WolfieeeWolfieee15 dager siden
  • why did people dislike this vid wtf?

    WolfieeeWolfieee15 dager siden
  • I wish I had a banana tree 😞

    Faiz KhalifaFaiz Khalifa16 dager siden
  • More colab whit talia mar please.

    Fredrik KarlssonFredrik Karlsson17 dager siden
  • Talia killed it

    Ahmed AliAhmed Ali19 dager siden
  • Randolph spoils the song ngl

    Danial ShafiqDanial Shafiq19 dager siden
  • November 2020 anyone?

    SuperMariotheShowSuperMariotheShow21 dag siden
  • 1:49 yo was that Mo Syed at the center back?

    CheesecakeLasagnaCheesecakeLasagna23 dager siden
    • No, that's bas. Their photographer

      06 Winston Lobo06 Winston Lobo13 dager siden
  • Fireass instrumental ngl

    Yoquin WakaboYoquin Wakabo23 dager siden
  • If randy’s autotune was in the right key this would’ve been hard ngl

    P2 Official FTSP2 Official FTS24 dager siden
    • @Black Gamer 👋

      P2 Official FTSP2 Official FTS19 dager siden
    • Hii

      Black GamerBlack Gamer19 dager siden
  • No cap talia carried this song

    Dark Side12lDark Side12l25 dager siden
  • When is ksi Randolph and Tali making another song? Or even ksi and Randolph alone? Miss them days 👀

    Tristan EmbersonTristan Emberson25 dager siden
  • someone look at tobi

    Taiyeeb Rahman NabilTaiyeeb Rahman Nabil26 dager siden
  • Didn't know there was a live action version of GTA V

    DiscoYOLOBOY 2DiscoYOLOBOY 227 dager siden
  • last

    Ant AntelopeAnt Antelope27 dager siden
  • Sorry jj but this song is cringy

    cHOsWIzcHOsWIz28 dager siden
  • Isn’t that guy the one how collect Pokémon cards

    Dopeman223Dopeman22328 dager siden
  • Why am i just seeing this?!

    M7MDHD4EVE RM7MDHD4EVE R29 dager siden
    • same only like a few weeks ago

      Ant AntelopeAnt Antelope27 dager siden
  • Why do I think rand wants to be black

    lucy breshanilucy breshani29 dager siden
  • Is it JJs real girlfriend in the video 😳😳

    MAHENDRA 10AMAHENDRA 10A29 dager siden
  • I love how Tobi's the priest and the paramedic lmao

    eshal khaneshal khanMåned siden
  • i love how tobi was going to marry them

    Mason JMMason JMMåned siden
  • When Tobi appeared I died of laughter😂😂😂

    LDLDMåned siden
  • I like talia’spart

    slep frslep frMåned siden
  • I just realised India is in the video

    MvbrMvbrMåned siden
  • More like Randolph - Real Name (feat. Talia Mar & KSI) since KSI has about 20 seconds of verse time before it changes

    IHopegoodIHopegoodMåned siden
    • yeah

      Ant AntelopeAnt Antelope27 dager siden
  • Tobi why u priest

    GMV6673 PlayStation 4GMV6673 PlayStation 4Måned siden
  • I love how tobi is the preist and doctor

    DanielsGuide 3DDanielsGuide 3DMåned siden
  • The song is on fire

    Mollo CubeMollo CubeMåned siden
  • The only bad ksi music

  • Tobi😂

    Billy JonesBilly JonesMåned siden
  • W TF Is This

    AMRO PlayZAMRO PlayZMåned siden
  • does anyone saw tobi in the video

    Brandon VelomananaBrandon VelomananaMåned siden
  • real title REAL NAME - Randolph & Talia Mar ft KSI (Official Video)

    Daniel ThomasDaniel ThomasMåned siden
  • Starring @tobijzl or what ever his yt channel is

    Dr ElecsShockDr ElecsShockMåned siden
  • JACKBOYS on budget

    noel Johnnoel JohnMåned siden
  • JJ's verse was so short because he was busy having fun with Simon while she was gone!

    Ant AntelopeAnt AntelopeMåned siden
  • niggas actin hard, bro ksi cant even grow a beard lmao

    EchoEchoMåned siden
  • Sweaty goals v2

    Haha LmaoHaha LmaoMåned siden
  • Just saw callux 😁

    Vickey danVickey danMåned siden
  • Talia smashed it and this video is so professional

    Ant AntelopeAnt AntelopeMåned siden
  • This song is so unique and I love it!

    Ant AntelopeAnt AntelopeMåned siden
  • Love the chicken shop guy

    Reece MunnsReece MunnsMåned siden
  • Tobi Loooooooool

    Zahhattai AbdulZahhattai AbdulMåned siden
  • 0:40 imagine being the camera man

    DK- Norsk GamingDK- Norsk GamingMåned siden
  • trash

    YT GrubYT GrubMåned siden
  • I wish I could go back to the time this came out

    aanshul uaanshul uMåned siden
  • yo

    Anirudh SarkarAnirudh SarkarMåned siden
  • i just realized this sing came out on my birthday lol

    Ruben CharlesRuben CharlesMåned siden
  • still one of his fav song NO CAP

    tiana cheblytiana cheblyMåned siden
  • talias vocals sound ace

    Joe bJoe bMåned siden
  • OO

    Mark BapMark BapMåned siden
  • God damn why is Anomaly here

    ThunderThunderMåned siden
  • is this anomaly lol

    Alexandrew Nov ManzonAlexandrew Nov ManzonMåned siden
  • Talia omg go off Q U E EN

    MyLifeAsJessMyLifeAsJess2 måneder siden