27. juni. 2018
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Tickets to the fight:
Well this was painfull
Snapchat: therealksi

  • KSI, SIdemen and the rest of the Best NOworldrs VS Jerk and Logan paul is like South VS North Korea.

    Josiah Victor IgneJosiah Victor Igne34 minutter siden
  • look at the dislikes it's obviously the logan paul fans

    Kaan KalinkaraKaan Kalinkara13 timer siden
  • Tbh Ksi is being cringe here, His insult would've slapped much better if he upheld character.

    Featuring XXFeaturing XX15 timer siden
  • 8:26 is that... JOHNNY SINS?!

    Omar AzizOmar AzizDag siden
  • Iam 13 And i supported Ksi And is that a prob If i support Ksi coz iam underaged Like how am i Underaged Idk iam thirteen ThirTEEN TEEN

    AFNAN KhanAFNAN KhanDag siden
  • Ksi haters in 2018 be like: yo ar a bad yotuber and yo ar iravlt.

    K sauceK sauce2 dager siden
  • Ksi saying that Logan fans r full of kids (me being 12)....😳😳😳nd watching all his videos...

    Ruth OtienoRuth Otieno4 dager siden
    • You are an acceptable 12-year-old if you are neutral or support the good side of NOworld.

      Josiah Victor IgneJosiah Victor Igne14 minutter siden
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    Dior BearDior Bear5 dager siden
  • When KSI doesnt know what refraction is and it deforms opaque objects. Me:Hol up that's like 3rd grade fuck shit.

    Sound GuySound Guy5 dager siden
  • Someone: tattoos Sidemen on their arm JJ: AMAZING Someone else: SAVAGE on their arm JJ: EW DISGUSTING YOU'RE DISGUSTING SO CRINGE!! (don't worry I'm a fan of jj I think if anyone would tattoo their idol's logo would just be disgusting and cringe.)

    Sound GuySound Guy5 dager siden
    • It's the word especially that makes it worse

      Erick -_-Erick -_-4 dager siden
  • "Logan's gonna win" ArE yOu SuRe AbOuT tHaT

    MĒTRØ ÏMĒTRØ Ï5 dager siden
  • Im 13 amd im black

    VIBEZS wolflyVIBEZS wolfly5 dager siden
    • Ok

      Erick -_-Erick -_-4 dager siden
  • Don’t worry jj you beater up Logan fucking Paul KSi for life

    NK2NK25 dager siden
  • Who is here when pewdiepie drew ksi 🤣

    Hrk HamdanHrk Hamdan7 dager siden
    • No one

      Erick -_-Erick -_-4 dager siden
  • Ksi: Chloe and Logan, sitting in a tree..... *Chloe and Logan, sitting in a forest*

    geingein7 dager siden
  • When KSI is still actually speaking English and acting mature in a video

    geingein7 dager siden
  • Plot Twist: Jake Paul is a Nazi Cyborg built back during WW2 and was kept secret from The Allies.

    Dgtl_ChaxsDgtl_Chaxs8 dager siden
  • Retard: JJ is irrelevant Ksi: **laughs it off with 11M views from this video**

    WeebWeekWeebWeek8 dager siden
  • I really hope Logan or jake doesn’t die cuz I don’t want random mfs playing their music 24/7 and calling them a legend

    Nirav TuladharNirav Tuladhar9 dager siden
  • I feel bad for being an American now

    RoboDogeRoboDoge9 dager siden
    • It isn’t too late

      Çhøńk •Çhøńk •7 dager siden
  • Idk if Logan Paul fans are four year olds or just don’t know how to write but god damn are they a special kind of stupid

    RTsnowycrab9RTsnowycrab99 dager siden
  • All The dislikes are from Logan Paul fans

    ImAnonymousImAnonymous9 dager siden
  • 4:47 he has water in the cup...

    nashh oonashh oo10 dager siden
  • all the dislikes in this vid are all logan fans

    Jonathan HannaJonathan Hanna10 dager siden
  • Its so funny cause u won

    asaf the king 81asaf the king 8110 dager siden
  • It’s funny how Logan lost but you won

    Diego PerezDiego Perez10 dager siden
  • Ah yes the old days when he was fit and had good hair

    Nitro gNitro g10 dager siden
  • Screw ksi screw ksi screw ksi screw ksi

    ZennnZennn11 dager siden
    • @Zennn lol

      BALDBALD5 dager siden
    • @Boneless Chicken Its a joke LMAO

      ZennnZennn8 dager siden
    • This video is old u really do have no life do u 😂

      Boneless ChickenBoneless Chicken8 dager siden
  • Miss this KSI

    lil pepelil pepe11 dager siden
  • Thank god I am KSI and Sidemen fan now, what a dumb shit I was before being Logan’s and jake’s fan

    IZ_ TBlazeIZ_ TBlaze12 dager siden
  • Can't believe the fight was 2yrs ago...

    Spandan SamaSpandan Sama12 dager siden
  • I can't watch this shit, it's too cringe

    Akira SuzukiAkira Suzuki12 dager siden
  • Damn the Fan *BOYS* sound so cringe, us *MEN* are KSI cuz we are way mature

    THADZTHADZ13 dager siden
  • I like how he says logan paul logan "pool"

    HumblerMenuHumblerMenu15 dager siden
  • Who else here from N&A Productions?

    dat girldat girl16 dager siden
  • Logan is betten than ksi by 1,000,000 time

    Anshika MallaAnshika Malla17 dager siden
    • @Boneless Chicken you're.... literally doing the exact same thing 😐

      Erick -_-Erick -_-4 dager siden
    • Betten????

      GrimGrim7 dager siden
    • This video is so old u actually have no life smh, and hey since ur slow I’ll tell u directly it’s better*

      Boneless ChickenBoneless Chicken8 dager siden
    • Kid*

      Waizun BTWWaizun BTW11 dager siden
    • Bro ur funny

      Waizun BTWWaizun BTW11 dager siden
  • Used to have a little brother that liked logan. Emphasis on "used".

    Dim 2Dim 217 dager siden
  • This kids trying to get JJ annoyed JJ just laughing

    Angel RodriguezAngel Rodriguez17 dager siden
  • Any ways he won in the SHITTY USA KSI IS THE BEST

    ZuBi GAMINGZuBi GAMING20 dager siden
  • He looks really skinny compared to now

    act boyact boy21 dag siden
  • i am kid and iam a fan of u

    Mirza BaigMirza Baig23 dager siden
  • why do i watch both of em video

    D_ PaceD_ Pace24 dager siden
  • Savagee

    The JoKeRThe JoKeR25 dager siden
  • is it just me or is ksi s moustache actually resembling as one

    Mishka Torres PereiraMishka Torres Pereira26 dager siden
  • just seeing all the American kids support Logan, makes me more hopeless about my nation.

    Chiar Lowicki-ZuccaChiar Lowicki-Zucca26 dager siden
  • 0:12 Logan Pool.


    Abigail_ CCAbigail_ CC27 dager siden
  • Love albania and england

    Rexrogii ArtRexrogii Art28 dager siden
  • Its so true that logan looks like a witch its so true😂

    Rexrogii ArtRexrogii Art28 dager siden
  • I live in America but I’m closer to the Uk than I am close to la

    Aryboy IsmailAryboy Ismail28 dager siden
  • Well.. it's 2020

    Fulk OnFulk On28 dager siden
  • I'm ashamed that when i was a kid i used to Watch Logan Paula and Jake Paul in every tuesday :')

    Angelli TandanAngelli Tandan28 dager siden
  • we all join the WAKANDA WAKANDA FOREVER🤣🤣

    omolon3ssomolon3ss28 dager siden
  • If they don’t know how to spell at least at a intermediate level you know they are under 6 😂

    malelPromalelPro28 dager siden
  • I mean we are all cringe especially you jj

    Jesse ThompsonJesse ThompsonMåned siden
    • Nice joke

      Vaibhav TVaibhav TMåned siden
  • After KSI made this video, I decided to unsubscribe to Logan, and subscribe to KSI.Because I realize that KSI is better to watch than Logan

    Jadens LifeJadens LifeMåned siden
  • 2:12 KSI 2018 - “your lack of spelling thats sad KSI 2020 - “I would like to apologies for bullying you”

    Michael BurnsideMichael BurnsideMåned siden
  • I’m ashamed to live in the same county as these people

    ItchyPitItchyPitMåned siden
  • I will admit I was a logan fan before the first fight and after the fight i saw how much of a bitch logan and jake were and I’m now a huge ksi fan

    SilverShade 0kSilverShade 0kMåned siden
  • Bet that kid who was screaming "ScREw kSi" was the one who broke his tv after the second fight

    The Gaming HunterThe Gaming HunterMåned siden
  • Is no one going to mention that he has an endless supply of coffee in his mug?

    Tro llzTro llzMåned siden
  • Ksi beard looks like a little pp hair

    Poly.editz685Poly.editz685Måned siden
  • People make fun of JJ for being fat but he’s skinny as hell here

    Andre ReesAndre ReesMåned siden
  • Jake is gonna get his head split

    Andre ReesAndre ReesMåned siden
  • Teammavericklp:get ready to get knocked out bitch Ksi:WELL WELL WELL HOW TO TURN TABLES

    F8tal CrossF8tal CrossMåned siden
  • But Logan had more subs and is still getting views so he didn’t end his career

    Durag BloveDurag BloveMåned siden
  • 11M views = Irrelevance

    PrinceCodeine 420PrinceCodeine 420Måned siden
  • 1:03 says that yet this nigga tattooed Knowledge Strength Integrity on his body 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

    thedrummermanthedrummermanMåned siden
    • its better than the maverick merch tattoo tbh

      Tr6sshTr6sshMåned siden
  • Ksi is way better i dont like logan because he does stupid things that make him a bad person

    Graffitik1ng 6561Graffitik1ng 6561Måned siden
  • 7:45 I guess that's how he invented the legendary song

    Kevin LadKevin LadMåned siden
  • 10:36 do the know its sewer water from septic tanks?

    Mohsin RAZVIMohsin RAZVIMåned siden
  • Me

    Harvi BahiaHarvi BahiaMåned siden
  • I don't like it when ksi disrespect women

    Baka Gelo ToBaka Gelo ToMåned siden
  • You are a ---- ...

    sesame rollsesame rollMåned siden
  • Little did they know, their boy Logan was bout’ to get fked so bad

    dhr6vdhr6vMåned siden
  • Stranger:screw ksi screw ksi me: wtf

    Jesus GarciaJesus GarciaMåned siden
  • I think if there is not Jake Paul Logan Paul would be like 1000000 times better.

    Rastko RožaRastko RožaMåned siden
  • Alakazam

    Cactus PlaysCactus PlaysMåned siden
  • He has nothing in his mug hahaha 😂 😂 😂

    Joe HermidaJoe HermidaMåned siden
    • 4:48

      PlummaPlummaMåned siden
  • That 40k dislikes are Logan’s fans 0:41

    Bubba BeansBubba BeansMåned siden
  • lol your facts are still true. his hair looks like cheetos

    Krishnaveni LakshmanaperumalKrishnaveni LakshmanaperumalMåned siden
  • 8:24 check the middle, my g is giving jake the finger

    GironkeyGironkeyMåned siden
  • Now I rewatch this, I can imagine those kids are so pissed that Logan Paul lost the rematch. Lmao

    LordTachanka280LordTachanka280Måned siden
  • I thought it was Preston plays

    Assasin CLAssasin CLMåned siden
    • Same

      KaiyeetoKaiyeetoMåned siden
  • cringee istg

    XJ_X98XJ_X98Måned siden
  • At least ksi wasn’t cringe or disrespected tons of people and their way of lives

    Retroboy66Retroboy66Måned siden
    • building boy but he really did disrespect a lot of people though 😔

      Retroboy66Retroboy66Måned siden
    • building boy yeah 😂

      Retroboy66Retroboy66Måned siden
    • HoW dARe YoU DIsRispECt ThE lO-GaNG LikE ThAT

      building boybuilding boyMåned siden
  • Oh my god...watching this back now is so funny

    Mystery HumanMystery HumanMåned siden
  • Disappointed it’s from Melbourne Victoria Australia can’t believe their is such dumb people here

    BillybobBillybobMåned siden
    • HoW dARe YoU DIsRispECt ThE lO-GaNG LikE ThAT

      building boybuilding boyMåned siden
  • Anyone notice him magically spawn on green headsets

    Ojay XOjay XMåned siden
  • 2 years later the hair is the same

    Ibra marvelIbra marvelMåned siden
  • I miss the old JJ

    Snorkel bloxSnorkel bloxMåned siden
  • 6:41 was that the laugh that logan used on his diss track cuz it be sounding familiar

    eddz veddz vMåned siden
  • So I cant find one funny comment about the forest joke god damnit.

    jefferson agudelojefferson agudeloMåned siden
    • Yea....nothing from this video we can use the forest joke for, sad

      UnibeliviousUnibeliviousMåned siden
  • That moment when you realize it's been 2 and a half years since the fight happened

    entitled karenentitled karenMåned siden
  • I really thought logan was getting hate coz of his pet donkey Jake but now I understand

    entitled karenentitled karenMåned siden
  • UK is a good country, nuke America.

    K sauceK sauceMåned siden
    • HoW dARe YoU DIsRispECt ThE lO-GaNG LikE ThAT

      building boybuilding boyMåned siden
  • whoever disliked this vid is one of the idiots from logans channel

    Shreydude GamingShreydude GamingMåned siden
    • HoW dARe YoU DIsRispECt ThE lO-GaNG LikE ThAT

      building boybuilding boyMåned siden
  • Watching this again after all those Logan paulers turned onto jj’s side

    Adrian HAdrian HMåned siden
  • Shrek+tarantula=JJ

    Itz Ariyan 21Itz Ariyan 21Måned siden
  • that dab was the most cringey thing I saw lol!

    Aeddan WhiteAeddan WhiteMåned siden
    • @Unibelivious HoW dARe YoU DIsRispECt ThE lO-GaNG LikE ThAT

      building boybuilding boyMåned siden
    • HoW dARe YoU DIsRispECt ThE lO-GaNG LikE ThAT

      building boybuilding boyMåned siden
    • You do dab, you do drugs

      UnibeliviousUnibeliviousMåned siden