4. mai. 2019
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  • so close to 16M views

    Athaash SupodaranAthaash SupodaranDag siden
  • Fire

    Wafflemaker201Wafflemaker201Dag siden
  • Was expecting jme to be revealed wearing shorts beneath the suit. My disappointment is immeasurable and my day is ruined

    Chief DenisChief Denis3 dager siden
  • When I walk down the FUCKING STREET I FEEL like a fucking boss and the swag that follows is insane a good 1930 vibe from london ty ksi

    YASH CYASH C4 dager siden
  • I thought it was Randolph doing JMEs verse 🤔

    Syma ArifSyma Arif4 dager siden
  • brrrrruuuuuuuuuuhhhhhhhh i thought KSI did this song with randolph. wwwwwwwwwttttttttfffffffffff

    Dimon WalkerDimon Walker4 dager siden
  • i think this is his best song the begining already hypes u up it just sounds so nice

    Uchiha MadaraUchiha Madara4 dager siden
  • Underrated

    ꧁xemid꧂꧁xemid꧂5 dager siden
  • Lyrics: Lyrics.

    Mervin DocejoMervin Docejo5 dager siden
  • This and red alert are ksi best songs

    AstrxzAstrxz5 dager siden
  • KSI was the imposter

    The Lord Thor SinghThe Lord Thor Singh6 dager siden
  • this song still makes me feel like a badass

    Wouter 1Wouter 17 dager siden
  • i just noticed the newspaper in the back about dax saying still looking for causes not to fight

    water gangwater gang7 dager siden
  • The lyrics are actually really great. I think some people hate ksis music is because they don't read the lyrics.

    Brandonj21 -gamingBrandonj21 -gaming7 dager siden
    • I don't read the music but love it

      LukeyDukey07LukeyDukey077 dager siden
  • 0:35 No one told me G-Eazy was in this too

    PlontestPlontest7 dager siden
  • Can this be the best thing ksi have ever made😍

    Kratos ShashankKratos Shashank8 dager siden
  • this video is a freaking movie bruh

    TudioGamingTudioGaming8 dager siden
  • Lyrics Pull Up pull up in a gold dam leading but the mane feeling I don't wanna go bombeeed and imma know what I do from leaving leading the black and mo with the bag wassup with the phone and that wassup know with ta duster pull up and the drip and sit little buster ; ring ring that's. Thee only ammo ring ring I reply with anno call me Leno how to huh huh'. Wassup I drink mellow switch up the thing and my black and yellow so. Fresh clean sort the thing she pop like hellow drink from the puddle making it huddle call the star from the clean bubble she wanna sit with glorious now I'm the warriors holy moly thats holy Rollie dripping dripping I see skipn show and dipping like the motherfucker why she so annoying I know I messed a bit srry

    boiii team ,boiii team ,8 dager siden
  • From ameen

    ABDO FFABDO FF8 dager siden
  • This his in his top 8 songs

    Etontop YTEtontop YT9 dager siden
  • يو يوووو

    s ss s9 dager siden
  • I randomly remember this song lol

    idk 890iidk 890i9 dager siden
  • JME Absolutely Floated man

    Kaio ChrisKaio Chris9 dager siden
  • Pull up ,pull up🔥

    gerald moodleygerald moodley10 dager siden
  • pull up pull up god damn liln

    • angxlicxclouds •• angxlicxclouds •10 dager siden
  • jme screw the song

    Slim HammouSlim Hammou11 dager siden
  • Dis song make u feel like a GOD

    JA YYJA YY11 dager siden
  • wtf KSI.............huh i dont enen know what KSI is saying all i hear is mustapajvmfvcmr

    champion manchampion man11 dager siden
    • you either don't understand the accent, or you're just deaf mate

      4UELL34UELL34 dager siden
  • Jake100 stylie 🔥🔥🔥

    2Sik_BL2Sik_BL11 dager siden
  • The vibe of the beat and flow fits this music video like a madness

    romancer361romancer36112 dager siden
  • Ohh myyy gooood scene so funny

    super sonicsuper sonic14 dager siden
  • One of the most underrated ksi songs

    Rj playsRj plays14 dager siden
  • The music video and the song are soooooo good

    Tomás GonçalvesTomás Gonçalves15 dager siden

    YT_Incredibles_TVYT_Incredibles_TV16 dager siden
  • If this song came out 2020 it would pop off

    James ZikosJames Zikos16 dager siden
  • He do be looking MAD SUS!

    Midnight PurpleMidnight Purple17 dager siden
  • 1:25

    Jason BOOMJason BOOM17 dager siden
  • omg jme sounds so sick in the mic

    ihsan nabilihsan nabil18 dager siden
  • This is just a peaky blinders episode

    LLGLLG18 dager siden
  • JME ur insane fam 🙌🙌

    sami barkersami barker18 dager siden
  • KSI done song with Craig David,lil baby, Rick Ross and offset this still the best ft ever Big up JME

    Romit KunwarRomit Kunwar21 dag siden
  • W

    Andrew WidjajaAndrew Widjaja21 dag siden
  • When you’re the imposter in among us...

    Timeless GrassTimeless Grass21 dag siden
  • 2:00 a little jab at dax

    Bradwin WonderlikBradwin Wonderlik21 dag siden
  • 3:05 What you see: "LEFT HANGING FOR CLUES" What I see: "BANDANNA SALES ON THE RISE"

    Shivain Roy ChoudhuriShivain Roy Choudhuri22 dager siden
  • 3:06 there’s Dax and Ethan No Payne No gain less go Ethan and pewdiepie

    King Bling67King Bling6722 dager siden
  • Man JME entrance was fire 🔥

    KARAN DA BOSSKARAN DA BOSS23 dager siden
  • this song is 𝓰𝓪𝓻𝓫𝓪𝓰𝓮

    Sellout _69Sellout _6924 dager siden
    • ok sellout

      4UELL34UELL34 dager siden
  • The 7 million ppl who still haven't seen it

    unlimited Productionsunlimited Productions24 dager siden
  • The song isn’t that good, but I love the video

    Gamer SupremeGamer Supreme25 dager siden
  • I love this song.

    Leon.S.KennedyLeon.S.Kennedy25 dager siden
  • Jme makes this song 10/10 ofc with the JJ part. Probably my favorite JJ and Jme song

    Nice BlokeNice Bloke25 dager siden
  • i listen to this when ever i get homework i just put on earphones and vibe hard with this

    Im ImposterIm Imposter26 dager siden
  • ngl JJ looks lile Chris Gayle

    aakarshaakarsh26 dager siden
  • This lyrics actually match up with the video

    Faze GarlicFaze Garlic26 dager siden
  • pulap pulap

    Ali de la ocult recordsAli de la ocult records26 dager siden
  • 420k likes nice

    LOLmack 55LOLmack 5527 dager siden
  • My favriote ksi song?

    i got ksi in a fifa packi got ksi in a fifa pack27 dager siden
  • الله الذي لا إله إلا هو 🕋 الرحمن 🕋 الرحيم 🕋 الملك 🕋 القدوس 🕋 السلام 🕋 المؤمن 🕋 المهيمن 🕋 العزيز 🕋 الجبار 🕋 المتكبر 🕋 الخالق 🕋 البارئ 🕋 المصور 🕋 الغفار 🕋 القهار 🕋 الوهاب 🕋 الرزاق 🕋 الفتاح 🕋 العليم 🕋 القابض 🕋 الباسط 🕋 الخافض 🕋 الرافع 🕋 المعز 🕋 المذل 🕋 السميع 🕋البصير 🕋 الحكم 🕋 العدل 🕋 اللطيف 🕋 الخبير 🕋 الحليم 🕋 العظيم 🕋 الغفور 🕋 الشكور 🕋 العلي 🕋 الكبير 🕋 الحفيظ 🕋 المقيت 🕋 الحسيب 🕋 الجليل 🕋 الكريم 🕋 الرقيب 🕋 المجيب 🕋 الواسع 🕋 الحكيم 🕋 الودود 🕋 المجيد 🕋 الباعث 🕋 الشهيد 🕋 الحق 🕋 الوكيل 🕋 القوي 🕋 المتين 🕋 الولي 🕋 الحميد 🕋 المحصي 🕋 المبدئ 🕋 المعيد 🕋 المحيي 🕋 المميت 🕋 الحي 🕋 القيوم 🕋 الواجد 🕋 الماجد 🕋 الواحد 🕋 الأحد 🕋 الصمد 🕋 القادر 🕋 المقتدر 🕋 المقدم 🕋 المؤخر 🕋 الأول 🕋 الآخر 🕋 الظاهر 🕋 الباطن 🕋 الوالي 🕋 المتعالي 🕋 البر 🕋 التواب 🕋 المنتقم 🕋 العفو 🕋 الرءوف 🕋 مالك الملك 🕋 ذو الجلال والإكرام 🕋 المقسط 🕋 الجامع 🕋 الغني 🕋 المغني 🕋 المانع 🕋 الضار 🕋 النافع 🕋 النور 🕋 الهادي 🕋 البديع 🕋 الباقي 🕋 الوارث 🕋 الرشيد 🕋 الصبور ❤

    saidi chadisaidi chadi27 dager siden
  • The best Ksi song ever 🔥

    kiko abdoukiko abdou27 dager siden
  • 0:14 only legends saw DAX in this clip

    Yahya Yaseen VlogsYahya Yaseen Vlogs28 dager siden
  • 0:00

    TheKiller 935TheKiller 93528 dager siden
  • I wonder if memeulous is in one of the newspapers

    Mrhealdcrown 7Mrhealdcrown 728 dager siden
  • 420k likes let's keep it that way

    taphatapha28 dager siden
  • this video got 420k likes

    SovietflydieSovietflydie28 dager siden
  • I thought jme was some white British rapper

    Umer The Clumsy TubeUmer The Clumsy Tube28 dager siden
  • 🇹🇳🇹🇳🇹🇳🇹🇳🇹🇳🇹🇳🇹🇳🇹🇳

    moadh benamormoadh benamor29 dager siden
  • My uncle and is in this video. He One that got electrocuted

    Bethan DunnetBethan Dunnet29 dager siden
  • What if he done a song with Skepta 🎶🎶

    OttoOtto29 dager siden
  • Just like the start of Captain America The first avenger

    BLOOD .exe.BLOOD .exe.29 dager siden
  • Most underrated KSI song. JME carries his damn weight too

    Jon CoxJon Cox29 dager siden
    • cap

      Melos KabashiMelos Kabashi21 dag siden
  • Pu🔫🔫 up

    Mariem AnasMariem Anas29 dager siden
  • 0:56 wait wth

    Abxils 14Abxils 14Måned siden
  • شكون جاي من امين الحمروني؟ ❤️😂

    sarra chaiebsarra chaiebMåned siden
    • Meeee🤚😂😂

      Bi BaBi Ba26 dager siden
    • Hhhh me to 😂

      sarra chaiebsarra chaieb27 dager siden
    • Me hhhhh

      Ines ZawamInes Zawam28 dager siden
  • This Ksi is lowkey more heat than the new ksi music

    BD.tK1BD.tK1Måned siden
  • Y'all who is here from Ameen's intro?

    Codename:M8971 :vCodename:M8971 :vMåned siden
  • Had to make this song my youtube outro, goes so hard. 🔥🔥

    TrapnisticTrapnisticMåned siden
  • Vvv

    Contrograll 67Contrograll 67Måned siden
  • This was ksi best verse proove me wrong idc if my spelling is bad lol

    narutodattabayo1 hakunarutodattabayo1 hakuMåned siden
  • That's how mafia works!

    Hunter47xHunter47xMåned siden
  • Tryna sound like drake

    • @TMƧ TM his type of rapping what you on?

      TROLL VLOGSTROLL VLOGS25 dager siden
    • this doesn't sound like drake tf

      TMƧ TMTMƧ TM27 dager siden
  • It's amazing how the bass drops in this. So solid

    Nemindu WeerasingheNemindu WeerasingheMåned siden
  • Can we talk about how FNaF songs have more views than ksi?

    mahdiroboticsmahdiroboticsMåned siden
  • No one: JME: Bonjour oui oui

    CrusaderCrusaderMåned siden
  • Peaky blinder vibes?

    Sambodhan ShresthaSambodhan ShresthaMåned siden
  • If I use this song will I get a copystrike?

    Shoam TomerShoam TomerMåned siden
    • No

      JustNothingnessJustNothingnessMåned siden
    • Thnx bruv

      Shoam TomerShoam TomerMåned siden
    • If a song is apart of Dissimulation or New Age, you will not be striked

      Rivzy RLRivzy RLMåned siden
  • sickkkkk!!!

    luka svaniluka svaniMåned siden
  • JME just embarrasses JJ, fan boys can suck his arse but he's not a rapper simple as that

    Connor AxonConnor AxonMåned siden

    Minwoo PARKMinwoo PARKMåned siden
  • Mafia definitive edition predicted in the music video wow lol😂

    18-Trinabh Pathak7-C18-Trinabh Pathak7-CMåned siden
  • This video is Voldemort if he took over the daily prophet

    SC Cr1ticSC Cr1ticMåned siden
  • Peaky JJ

    M2S 8000M2S 8000Måned siden
  • 3:06 dax🤣

  • ابوووووو عااااادددد

    mk asmk asMåned siden
  • tbh this is my favourite ksi song

    Hello fellow WeebsHello fellow WeebsMåned siden
  • 1:23

    Jason BOOMJason BOOMMåned siden
  • This is the best song he's made

    Èlodie SmallingÈlodie SmallingMåned siden
  • Why he put the ohmaaagoooohhhddd in the midle of the music tho

    killer_benfica 13killer_benfica 13Måned siden
  • gg was just mad at those men because they can grow facial hair

    chocolate milk manchocolate milk manMåned siden
  • hello amin tounsi

    إيماعيل قمريإيماعيل قمريMåned siden