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  • I love you so much ksi you are my idol you are the best at all thinks at boxing music youtube anything And i love you so so much i have watched you since i was 6 keep up with the good work i love you man❤️❤️❤️

    Fack This shitFack This shit2 måneder siden
  • In my opinion, KSI’s hair looked much better a year ago

    XanthicXanthic3 måneder siden
  • JJ I’m a fan but you look kinda clapped

    Mr.KMr.K4 måneder siden
  • All I remember about this fight is watching it on porn hub

    Gustav TandyGustav Tandy5 måneder siden
  • 2020?

    HazemorenoHazemoreno6 måneder siden
  • If you watch up to 1:29 without seeing the fight, you would think that he lost

    I Don't Know What My Name Should BeI Don't Know What My Name Should Be9 måneder siden
  • That thing is still on your eye

    Green ChipmunkGreen Chipmunk10 måneder siden
  • Who’s here after the KSI vs Logan Paul rematch

    RMCRMCÅr siden
  • well you did it now champ

    ben astarakiben astarakiÅr siden
  • Now Jj won and didn’t even look like he had a fight loool

    JHollandJHollandÅr siden
    • @Lucas the Goat nope

      WatchingWatching4 måneder siden
    • Lucas the Goat what?

      JosephTheGodJosephTheGod7 måneder siden
    • JHolland Logan to????

      Lucas the GoatLucas the Goat9 måneder siden
  • im from the future and you won the rematch jj. "lets go champ"

    Sh3arSh3arÅr siden
    • @Solomon Wilkins logan lost 3-4 points cant remember he would have been 1-2 points ahead if he wasnt stupid xD i still think he won considering he scarred ksis left eye forever

      TheShitman52TheShitman52Måned siden
    • Kevin Chavez not true if you look at the score card if two points were taken away it wouldve of been a draw and it you say that jjs knock down should of counted which wouldve of made ksi win by unaminous decision

      Solomon WilkinsSolomon Wilkins10 måneder siden
    • He only won cause logan lost 2 points .. if logan didnt got 2 points off he 100% wouldve won

      Kevin ChavezKevin Chavez11 måneder siden
  • Who’s here after jj won

  • Champion KSI

    PokePokeÅr siden
  • You say he's lucky to get the door all you can say the same thing about you you give him two and a half months the train when you had over a year of training and you barely got a draw and you're saying he's lucky he got to draw out of it not for sure about that one I think you may be f***** come November 9th

    lewis griffinlewis griffinÅr siden
    • lewis griffin don’t speed too soon 😂😂KSI THE CHAMP

      Ricardo 1369Ricardo 1369År siden
    • Hahahahahahaha

      BlankarBlankarÅr siden
  • Shit niga

    Slurpee CycloneSlurpee CycloneÅr siden
  • The real winners are junkin media

    luke nggluke nggÅr siden
  • Look at his eye vessel that got popped

    Legend_ PlaSmaLegend_ PlaSmaÅr siden
  • Better than Logan Paul

    Kebab [GD]Kebab [GD]År siden
  • Haaa they got ur ass up

    samiel ugly pls subsamiel ugly pls subÅr siden
  • Shut up remember u and u deji where going to beat the paul brothers so what happened they beated ur ass like me if ur a jake pauler

    samiel ugly pls subsamiel ugly pls subÅr siden
    • @jowys plays then why was he non stop throwing and Logan wasn’t?

      Top BananaTop BananaÅr siden
    • @Top Banana ksi may not looked tired but but he was

      samiel ugly pls subsamiel ugly pls subÅr siden
    • @jowys plays Ksi was smashing Logan in round 6. He didn’t even look tired. If there were more rounds then ksi would of won

      Top BananaTop BananaÅr siden
    • Thats what you think tough they both were tired and nobody know who would won

      samiel ugly pls subsamiel ugly pls subÅr siden
    • @jowys plays lol deji smashes jake even though he barely trained. And if there were more rounds then Ksi would of beat Logan

      Top BananaTop BananaÅr siden
  • I paid cuz i support this. These boys have put on a really entertaining spectacle with this.

    soimboredandtestingsoimboredandtestingÅr siden
  • 0:32 that’s what she said

    [._.] Davis[._.] DavisÅr siden
  • I don't know why but ksi looks good with the swollen eye

    Dudley 22Dudley 22År siden
  • The real winner of that fight is Logan Paul KSI is a bitch

    DitiDitiÅr siden
    • You know nothing about boxing then. It was a draw. If you had some knowledge about boxing you'd realise that

      Rhys LoxtonRhys LoxtonÅr siden
  • The real winner was the guy who streamed it on pornhub and got away with it

    Ebraheem RamadanEbraheem RamadanÅr siden
    • @W O A H B R O they cant copyright that😂

      SoundCloudBoy VEVOSoundCloudBoy VEVOÅr siden
    • Rhys J yea😂

      W O A H B R OW O A H B R OÅr siden
    • Did someone actually do that?😂

      Rhys LoxtonRhys LoxtonÅr siden
  • If Logan wasn’t a pussy and wouldn’t clinch every time he was under pressure, and there were 7-8 rounds, without a shadow of a doubt, 100% ksi would of won.

    CC 11CC 11År siden
  • Little girl GO LOGAN PAUL😡

    Parker WadeParker WadeÅr siden
  • His face looks much stronger

    NojusTVNojusTVÅr siden
    • NojusTV ☪️

      W O A H B R OW O A H B R OÅr siden
  • August meh birthday month

    ii_GxoldenIceii_GxoldenIceÅr siden
  • Your a legend bro

    Legend of NibbaheemLegend of NibbaheemÅr siden
  • Are you ok

    Seb SwindellSeb SwindellÅr siden
  • I will fight in the next one

    Hellish LolzHellish LolzÅr siden
  • Who won

    skduxuosoakzhxydyeujaksnsbdhhcycufifidjdjndvgdgdusskduxuosoakzhxydyeujaksnsbdhhcycufifidjdjndvgdgdusÅr siden
  • Bro u didn’t land a hook a jab or uppercut !! You were fighting like a chick scratching at him !

    James MassoneJames MassoneÅr siden
  • Ksi ksi ksi ksi ksi ksi ksi ksi ksi ksi ksi ksi ksi ksi ksi ksi ksi ksi ksi ksi ksi ksi ksi ksi ksi ksi ksi ksi ksi ksi ksi ksi ksi ksi ksi ksi ksi ksi ksi ksi ksi

    Evil UnlieashEvil UnlieashÅr siden
  • And also your a poor sport and you hit him after bell

    VOLT YTVOLT YTÅr siden
  • Honestly because he felt good in the 1st rounds then but he didnt know what happened

    VOLT YTVOLT YTÅr siden
  • All he wanted was a hug

    Replace09Replace09År siden
  • is ksi and logan are good now?? or...

    John Benedict DA. PenasoJohn Benedict DA. PenasoÅr siden
  • Let's be honest we all know Logan won you didn't even knew how to punch him

    Deepnil VasavaDeepnil VasavaÅr siden
  • honest opinion: Logan won because he won more rounds then ksi ksi only won the last round everyone said that and love you @loganpaul

    Nayla Al jaberNayla Al jaberÅr siden
    • @Dr D haha والله كل خاراك يا بلشتي

      Nayla Al jaberNayla Al jaberÅr siden
    • Nayla Al jaber honest opinion lol piss off hahahahha

      Dr DDr DÅr siden
  • Big it home in America

    FDS TekkerzFDS TekkerzÅr siden
  • Logan gets tired way quicker and stays clinching and now that jj actually knows how he fights it’s going to be a easy win

    Dustin PaidDustin PaidÅr siden
  • Ksi you are dead

    whodiss gachawhodiss gachaÅr siden
  • Logan is best

    Maria ErdozainMaria ErdozainÅr siden
  • Come on....this was fixed

    Aayush SinghAayush SinghÅr siden
  • No ksi his just toying with you he even said that

    RedDeath5653RedDeath5653År siden
  • Black eye the right one

    Lah MyintLah MyintÅr siden
    • @RainyHOF can't tell either way xD

      Cuzzy NuggetCuzzy NuggetÅr siden
    • left*

      RainyHOFRainyHOFÅr siden
  • 2019؟؟؟؟؟

    monster gamingmonster gamingÅr siden
  • Hahahaha he got a black eye

    Keino Aziz AlvarezKeino Aziz AlvarezÅr siden
  • *2019?*

    Manav PlaysManav PlaysÅr siden
  • 2019 - I am waiting for the rematch

    • Felipe Borunda really? He filmed a dead body fam.

      JosephTheGodJosephTheGod7 måneder siden
    • You suck ski Logang Logang Logang Logang!!!!!

      Felipe BorundaFelipe BorundaÅr siden
  • Nice Eye lol

    Jay CatanzaroJay CatanzaroÅr siden
  • Lonte kk

    Christo DemenaChristo DemenaÅr siden
  • Logan is better than you

    Victor mirchiVictor mirchiÅr siden
  • hate u

    cata leybucata leybuÅr siden
  • Hey don’t judge but I just watch this and I watch every aspect, either way, I can see how Logan won, I could see how KSI won. I am on the fence, I haven’t heard of KSI until this fight (sorry) and haven’t heard Logan until the whole dead body fiasco. But good investigation and aspect on this!

    Jackery HaundersJackery HaundersÅr siden
  • I miss THIS KSI

    Dmoter 666Dmoter 666År siden
  • First time I heard about KSI, it was in some random youtuber's video talking about KSI vs LP, KSI being "the bad guy". But I watched a couple of videos on his channel and even subbed, he's totally cool!

    I know you are reading my usernameI know you are reading my usernameÅr siden
    • @Soul D Koggz Nah. I forgot the guy's name but it was before that boxing match

      I know you are reading my usernameI know you are reading my usernameÅr siden
  • He was clinching to secure his higher score, and wins dont go by who has more energy at the end

    GabrielMGabrielMÅr siden
  • Ovelously won

    Joanna DepencierJoanna DepencierÅr siden
  • Logan Paul oveously ksi should of got there dislafication he threw a punch after the bell 🛎 rang

    Joanna DepencierJoanna DepencierÅr siden
  • “He never supports me”

    JswoleJswole2 år siden
    • Lol

      another individualanother individual3 måneder siden
  • You should have lost he was about to knock you out

    Stacy WeaverStacy Weaver2 år siden
    • ew

      Mollie ThomasMollie ThomasÅr siden
  • I don't really bother to know who are the real winners I am only damn sure that those people who are just acting salty about the fight are sore idiotic losers

    ZameGamingZameGaming2 år siden
  • Logan shud of won

    LucasLucas2 år siden
  • I think KIS won too

    Daniel zhouDaniel zhou2 år siden
  • KSI boxing schedule

    Lila ByberiLila Byberi2 år siden
  • JJ no offense ma man but you need to throw straight punches not hooks all the time instead of punching you *swing* your arm towards the opponent , please fix this , im no boxing expert but those punches are not thrown like how they are supposed to be thrown

    AlChileAlChile2 år siden
  • old ksi was better

    Azorex -Azorex -2 år siden
  • ksi with his black eye doe xD

    Rachel DaviesRachel Davies2 år siden
  • id say refund but i didnt even watch the fight, I didnt care about it, and if I did even want to I'd just do like the thousands and thousands of other people and watch it free on twitch lol both of you are cancer

    First Name Last NameFirst Name Last Name2 år siden

    Xyieon WillisXyieon Willis2 år siden
  • i love logon paul

  • I'm a Jake Paul fan and Logan Paul ffffffffffffffffffffuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu

    jayme mcquillanjayme mcquillan2 år siden
  • Hey KSI love the vids

    Twisted VibesTwisted Vibes2 år siden
  • Omg ksi!

    Hariz MalagicHariz Malagic2 år siden
  • Please Chang your NOworld name to jj please

    nono2 år siden
  • Thats ma boy

    Cherlin RodriguezCherlin Rodriguez2 år siden
  • I think joe weller vs gib, joe weller vs deji or jake vs logan

    Owen ThompsonOwen Thompson2 år siden
  • KSI won by a lot of punches.

    Moe HeintzMoe Heintz2 år siden
  • Logan got tired

    Dr HoodbeastDr Hoodbeast2 år siden
  • Bullshit that was full draw you were so sloppy at 3rd round and he go really tired at the 4th so both of you need to not be cocky it was a draw deal with it

    SkyBgtSkyBgt2 år siden
  • Rematch maybe??

    Luc HudsonLuc Hudson2 år siden
  • Im a ksi and logan fan But tbh logan won you did good tho

    The Green GamerThe Green Gamer2 år siden
  • Bruh get this guy off of yt

    Jessica GalarzaJessica Galarza2 år siden
  • ow your eye is purple

    yeet yahyeet yah2 år siden
  • You won

    Archie Skate VideosArchie Skate Videos2 år siden
  • Wow really nice move to insult Logan's lived one you took it wayyy to hard I mean like really that's a dumb ass move right there really. plus did he insult your loved ones like that . I'm team Logan because no one messes with the Logang.

    Laici LongLaici Long2 år siden
  • As a Logan paul fan I think u won

    kevin heckerkevin hecker2 år siden
  • OOOOOOOOoooo He got punched in the eye!!! xD

    Grace CastleStarGrace CastleStar2 år siden
  • KSi what happen to your eye???

    ZalluxZallux2 år siden
  • Fight Mc gregor I bet ur gonna win

    SamSam2 år siden
  • MMA next?😂

    Luke 2C76Luke 2C762 år siden
  • This guy is more annoying than the Paul brothers

    NangkiewNangkiew2 år siden
  • He needs a hair cut

    Destiny JacksonDestiny Jackson2 år siden
  • My grandma can beat you with the Sandle

    aesthetic goth rileyaesthetic goth riley2 år siden
  • 🥞🥞🥞🥞🥞🥞 uiu ⛪

    yfhfhf jzzuududyfhfhf jzzuudud2 år siden
  • The winners are the people who bought the fight for the people who couldn’t watched and streamed it on twitch.

    BlueLinesCollideBlueLinesCollide2 år siden
  • The real winners are the ones who knows it’s FAKE 🙄

    Ems ChannelEms Channel2 år siden