My First Adult Movie ft Celestia Vega

4. april. 2018
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  • Who else is watching this today?

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  • cringe

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  • This is Trollz 😭😂

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  • I love u girl

    Lau DaLau Da8 timer siden
  • im 13

    Scary VidzzScary Vidzz8 timer siden
  • You can tell it is fake because jj isn’t laughing his bit of (pun intended) lmao

    KillerCrocKillerCroc11 timer siden
  • I feel like she was probably really smooth when filming this and JJ was her during filming

    PhnxSteve7up MTNdewPhnxSteve7up MTNdew12 timer siden
  • why tf did I got this in my recommended

    axzzio川axzzio川14 timer siden
  • Omg.

    Noi TungNoi Tung14 timer siden
  • No one can watch this without wanting to tear there eyes out

    RIP harryRIP harry14 timer siden
  • Who here after finding out ksi is doing a tape with belle delphine

    Ty blueTy blue18 timer siden
  • if you want God to forgive you dont commet here just go to the church and pray.

    Thu ThuThu Thu18 timer siden
  • 1:40 dog: help my please

    Bai DeBai De22 timer siden
  • Yang pilih allah like.

    Em DoiEm Doi23 timer siden
  • So awkward bro

    Colin BrewerColin BrewerDag siden

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  • Who is here after Bell delphine

    • me dude omg haha

      litlmuslitlmus23 timer siden
  • 0:22 my love video :X.

    Tho ChanTho ChanDag siden
  • this was awkward

    darko durdeskidarko durdeskiDag siden
  • still waiting

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  • Who's here after he may doing with belle

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  • This is the amount of times JJ clapped his hands 👇🏼

    Plix 25Plix 25Dag siden
  • Where is it

    Angelito GodAngelito GodDag siden
  • on Christmas? with Belle Delphine?

    Žeki ŽeljkoŽeki ŽeljkoDag siden
  • Big F's in the chat for those random yt scrollers who got this in suggestions and thought JJ actually gonna do that 😂😂😂😂

    Mihir SinghMihir SinghDag siden
  • JJ wtf..

    eneskeneskDag siden
  • 1mil likes where is the video?

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  • 8:17 8:30 8:42

    InshiroDowMiInshiroDowMiDag siden
  • Omg.

    Ra ThaRa ThaDag siden
  • I'm going to laugh until I die

    Isaac VazIsaac VazDag siden
  • Ksi we did it!

    mate3425mate3425Dag siden
  • Plot twist, this has been his girlfriend all along. They met for the first time in this video...

    Ari SmárasonAri SmárasonDag siden
  • Im only who watch this video after 2years?

    DavisDavis2 dager siden
  • Who else just got this in their recommended

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  • Still waiting

    Boba FettBoba Fett2 dager siden
  • The amount of cringe i feel tho

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  • Yang sayang aku like yang cinta allah coment.

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  • Who else randomly got this recommended in November 2020

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  • i just puked

    Arin AgarwalArin Agarwal2 dager siden
  • why do i feel like i got rickrolled

    sarp yusufsarp yusuf2 dager siden
  • 'Im feeling loose' - part of Jj's lyrics Loose

    psalm solispsalm solis2 dager siden
  • Where’s the full video there’s 1mil likes now!”

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  • Instead of just clapping, you make this? Why?

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  • JJ there is 1M likes

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  • Hello 2020 November

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  • this has to be a meme

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  • They definitely banged

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  • Bruh

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  • The clickbait be real though

    Eric LangiEric Langi3 dager siden
  • The inspiration for loose with s1mba

    Ethan fernandesEthan fernandes3 dager siden
  • Where is it ksi?

    THE FINESTTHE FINEST3 dager siden
  • Wth i didn't know this existed

    THE FINESTTHE FINEST3 dager siden
  • I don’t think they actually did this 😂 also the end was so cringy 😂😂😂😂

    CrizpyCrizpy3 dager siden
  • waching this a million times

    Raf irlandaRaf irlanda3 dager siden
  • JJ: say I'm a big strong man" vega: "hmm not so much"

    Armani JerniganArmani Jernigan3 dager siden
  • Why did this barely pop up in my recommendations 💀

    Alex ViFloAlex ViFlo3 dager siden
  • Yo why hasn’t he released it man

    Jandy PlaysJandy Plays4 dager siden
  • Ew

    Ben bushBen bush4 dager siden
  • this shit made me fail NNN oh yeah HOW THE HELL IS HE SO CLAM IN A SITUATION LIKE THAT???!!!!

    VenkatVenkat4 dager siden

    Nutter BoiNutter Boi4 dager siden
  • Why does ksi come across like somebody who has more experience in the porn industry than an actual pron star???

    Mahmoud AhmedMahmoud Ahmed4 dager siden
  • Who else cringed

    Petersince97Petersince974 dager siden
  • Why must you lie

    TiresomeTiresome4 dager siden
  • Liarrrrrr

    Mike GatzasMike Gatzas4 dager siden

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  • Me: *raises hand* Teachers: 10:32

    A PuppyA Puppy4 dager siden
  • Approved by a puppy in 2020.

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  • It’s time boys 😂😂😂😂

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  • I got dis vid in meh recommended 10 mins ago lol its very awkward

    KIRU FetereKIRU Fetere5 dager siden
  • Still cringe in 2020

    Carmelo SaccoCarmelo Sacco5 dager siden
  • The cringe level is over 9000 😂😂😂👌👌👌😭😭😢😢😭😭😭😂😂😂😂

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  • Why Am I Just Getting This In My Recommended At 5:48 In The Morning 🤦‍♂️

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  • We should spam this all over his Reddit and remind him that he STILL needs to make that video w/ Celestia Vega

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  • Still waiting JJ....

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  • Dafaq did I just watch😂

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  • Me lol 😂

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  • KSI in a nutshell

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  • Mee

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  • if ur here in 2020 rn ur a goat

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  • ayyyyyy its a one million we neeed to spam this in his reddit ASAP

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  • Who got this recommend in 2nd week of November

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  • After she said “show me de way” I realised how this vid is staged

    Ghostyy ClipzzGhostyy Clipzz6 dager siden

    Aldo SiAldo Si7 dager siden
  • Soo 1M likes... KSI??

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  • Wait Is It Just Me Or Were Those Massage Knock So Soft

    Itz Dwayne1234Itz Dwayne12347 dager siden
  • Why

    Frog TakFrog Tak7 dager siden
  • It's no nut november and I need an excuse to fail

    Marcus M8Marcus M87 dager siden
  • I want an unfailed video. 😁😁😁😁

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  • Who else saw nikko omilana viewers also viewed this

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  • I am fifteen dude!

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  • the people shreiking in the background at the sax part

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  • Who got recommended?

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  • Well he got 1M likes soo...

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  • This is how many Times JJ clapped in hands... 👇

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  • He never released it

    Monopoly guyMonopoly guy8 dager siden
  • This was some fucking wack as shit 😂😂😂

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  • you could tell she started purposefully messing up but it's still lmfao

    CqptainbearCqptainbear8 dager siden