20. aug.. 2018
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  • 1:02 for once jj did the face vik makes when he fails during sidemen football challenges haha

    Just_ KnivesJust_ Knives11 timer siden
  • Wait who is he fighting

    Stater 760Stater 7602 dager siden
  • I am from the past you won against Logan and your brother sadly lost

    C-XTRAC-XTRA6 dager siden
  • 0:33


    fut gamesfut gamesMåned siden
  • i noticed that this is the only style ksi used in the fight with joe weller

    Sebastian MarquezSebastian MarquezMåned siden
  • Yo he has the same shoes as me (late)

    Gega IlianGega IlianMåned siden
  • Can we all apreciate the locked up hooks JJ has :D

    Michael WijnsouwMichael WijnsouwMåned siden
  • I'm from the future and your about to fight Jake Paul after he fights retired nba player nate robinson and Logan Paul is about to fight Floyd mayweather

    Jeremy JohnsonJeremy JohnsonMåned siden
  • Song 1:08

    Maseeh ProMaseeh ProMåned siden
  • When he had good hair hahaha

    LAMSKIXS NawuLAMSKIXS Nawu2 måneder siden
  • 2017-diss tracks 2018-Boxing 2019-The last dance 2020-reddit memes and “BINOD BINOD BINOD BINOD BINODDDDD”

    ReacherGaming🎮ReacherGaming🎮2 måneder siden
  • 4:58 that didn't age well .

  • 6:01 noticed how he used the same technique in the fight

    A_M_I_N_ janssensA_M_I_N_ janssens2 måneder siden
  • You will never know why this comment has likes

    Źú øxŹú øx2 måneder siden
  • i hate to say this but on point is kind off decent

    AlfieReactsToKSIVidsAlfieReactsToKSIVids2 måneder siden
  • This shit motivated meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

    DOSSING FFDOSSING FF2 måneder siden
  • waiting for someone to make a peashooter compilation of when hes punching at 8:32

    Edgaras MaEdgaras Ma2 måneder siden
  • Just realised his right arms bigger than his left wonder why that is 😂🤷‍♂️😬

    Its MKIts MK2 måneder siden
  • Why is he so Good in training but swings like an animal in fights

    Brandon WebsterBrandon Webster2 måneder siden
  • I am from the future...You drew with Logan in your first fight...So you rematches and you.....WON!

    m_muj 1m_muj 12 måneder siden
  • Hi

    TheBananaPeelTheBananaPeel3 måneder siden
  • 9:00 why does this sound looks like fall guys 😂😂😂😂

    StefStef3 måneder siden
  • Ksi is the best boxer ever

    Bill WycherleyBill Wycherley3 måneder siden
  • Mvp vs adesanya would be epic

    Rayane OuazineRayane Ouazine3 måneder siden
  • Imagine his reaction after he saw ksi doing all those windmills at the fight when he trained him

    FK westFK west3 måneder siden
  • The only this is that Logan is just faster and jj is lazy punch’s but still has power and little bit slower

    braybray presentsbraybray presents3 måneder siden
    • braybray presents he’s shit 😂

      Bingus BongusBingus Bongus3 måneder siden
    • K never mind after watching jj is a god

      braybray presentsbraybray presents3 måneder siden
  • Steroids

    Tommy BobTommy Bob3 måneder siden
  • I am a random person from the future you will draw and then win the rematch you will then have a song with rick Ross and da baby AND SX then have a mad album with features like tion Wayne and offset you will also admit your not 6ft

    Afhbikm GhhbAfhbikm Ghhb3 måneder siden
  • I’d love to see an mma fight w logan and ksi

    Riddle DiddleRiddle Diddle3 måneder siden
  • I train at this boxing gym

    xXNinjaGodXx _YTxXNinjaGodXx _YT4 måneder siden
  • Micheal Paige is great

    J CooneyJ Cooney4 måneder siden
  • Michael page sick guy

    J CooneyJ Cooney4 måneder siden
  • Last

    ya dadya dad4 måneder siden
  • jj speed is key my coach always about power

    bobby mcnultybobby mcnulty4 måneder siden
  • I no that logen is mad

    fanaxsaciid saidfanaxsaciid said4 måneder siden
    • Spelling

      Mister DigpalMister Digpal4 måneder siden
  • 7:36 I actually thought JJ hit him in the face

    FuzzyFuzzy4 måneder siden
  • Kis tho

    uncle Crackeruncle Cracker4 måneder siden
  • Your gonna kick logans but 🥊

    john brosnanjohn brosnan5 måneder siden
    • It already happened buddy

      Mr CMr C5 måneder siden
  • This is the best ksi hair lets all agree

    MACUTO RMACUTO R5 måneder siden
  • Next muhamind Ali

    Sandra AguilarSandra Aguilar5 måneder siden
  • 3:31 G fuel is punching the air rn

    Bootleg PewdiepieBootleg Pewdiepie5 måneder siden
  • Just observed that KSI did do many of these techniques in the fight!! WOW!! Mad respect bro!!

    Pranav ManojPranav Manoj5 måneder siden
  • Who is here after jj won the rematch.

    Julie WindsorJulie Windsor5 måneder siden
  • I'm looking at this now like where the fuck did this technique go in the fight🤣

    Nathan O'NeillNathan O'Neill6 måneder siden
  • MVP is hilarious 😆😂😂

    SkeppyJrSkeppyJr6 måneder siden
  • Not fully extending 🥵

    Morne CombrinkMorne Combrink6 måneder siden
  • I counted the speed test witch is near this time 1:43 it was 35 not 40

    KezyyKezyy6 måneder siden
  • Hi 2020

    BluedragonBluedragon6 måneder siden
  • What song was used in the beginning?

    Chris MChris M6 måneder siden
  • 9:02 when the dog has been chasing me for the past two hour’s

    Rayane OuazineRayane Ouazine6 måneder siden
  • This was the peak of his hair

    Jack AJack A6 måneder siden
  • wtf is he doing lmaoooo

    SarsySarsy6 måneder siden
    • Sarsy he’s bad isn’t he

      Bingus BongusBingus Bongus3 måneder siden
  • Those sound effects are insane

    Ahmed AzazyAhmed Azazy6 måneder siden
  • When ksi says yeah yeah thay means he dont care

    gamer guygamer guy7 måneder siden
  • What’s that song at the beginning?

    ReaperMcReapsReaperMcReaps7 måneder siden
    • ReaperMcReaps do you know the song at 6:15

      Thomas sharremThomas sharrem4 måneder siden
  • 7:35 anyone else think it hit em

    Mark KilkennyMark Kilkenny7 måneder siden
  • 4:56 the part were JJ actually listened

    Unlucky Ball10Unlucky Ball107 måneder siden
  • Where tf was this technique in the fight. He would’ve killed Logan.

    _Raz__Raz_7 måneder siden
    • Also no that's his style he even swang with Joe and was sloppy with sensei in 3rd sparing

      Mono The MonkeyMono The Monkey4 måneder siden
    • @_Raz_.... Jake is actually better than jj... And Logan so um

      Mono The MonkeyMono The Monkey4 måneder siden
    • brayden witte I agree, that’s why he will kill Jake cause he has no reach advantage

      _Raz__Raz_5 måneder siden
    • I think bcs Logan is taller and leans back it's hard to hit him straight so he had to swing. At least jake is the opposite, he runs into shots and is the same height. Rip jake

      Ameer DahbourAmeer Dahbour5 måneder siden
    • Razie Ahmed I know aye, I think it was the occasion and being in an actual fight, and that Logan is taller

      brayden wittebrayden witte7 måneder siden
  • Isn’t the lodge where cowboy trains

    James OkeefeJames Okeefe7 måneder siden
  • Oh well we all know how this ended

    HONG GUIHONG GUI7 måneder siden
  • MVP has worst martial arts skills 💪💪💪💀💀💀

    Pranjal Dutta _ MMAPranjal Dutta _ MMA7 måneder siden
  • Yo ksi Jake Paul is going to beat your a**

  • Yo ksi Jake Paul is going to Baet y

    • Can't even spell

      oi9oi97 måneder siden
  • He’s the same guy that got nocked out for dancing 😂😂

    Vincent ZhaoVincent Zhao7 måneder siden
  • oh so that explains why he was doing that

    Sky TaSky Ta7 måneder siden
  • Song from 0:56 To like 1:10?

    Dom LonettiDom Lonetti8 måneder siden
    • Nowhere by S-X.

      zanikzanik2 måneder siden
  • It's a shame how things turned out

    Asgard NinjaAsgard Ninja8 måneder siden
  • Does anyone know what that song called 1:13

    DayyaanDayyaan8 måneder siden
    • Dayyaan do you know what the song is called at 6:30

      Thomas sharremThomas sharrem4 måneder siden
  • What's the song

    General AlbanGeneral Alban8 måneder siden
  • Who else is here after KSI won the rematch

    upda boyzupda boyz8 måneder siden
  • Like: Logan Comment : Ksi I don’t like Logan I just want to see

    Syed M RahmanSyed M Rahman9 måneder siden
  • 4:05 that’s how he tied

  • Feb 2020 anyone

    Gamer OLEVSGamer OLEVS9 måneder siden
  • Isn’t he the dude who was dancing and got ko hard

    BoneLess 14BoneLess 1410 måneder siden
  • I hit harder then ksi in this video on the machine😂

    Callum PotterCallum Potter10 måneder siden
    • He only got 606

      Callum PotterCallum Potter9 måneder siden
    • As if

      Josh RajJosh Raj10 måneder siden
  • Gfuel dies inside a little everytime JJ says my protein.

    Mohammad AhmedMohammad Ahmed10 måneder siden
  • 7:20 That’s what he does best. Hit and run

    DuckDuck10 måneder siden
  • Mans sneezing every punch

    Nathan RobboNathan Robbo10 måneder siden
  • I was confused If That was him making the Sounds are the Punching bag Lmao(like If u Was confused as Well)

    EmoSukie GangEmoSukie Gang10 måneder siden
  • Every time he hits he be like PUFF

    Emanuel DincaEmanuel Dinca10 måneder siden
  • Wat song 1:05

    Isaac MuzzaIsaac Muzza10 måneder siden
    • S-X ft. JME-Nowhere

      Marko MaricMarko Maric10 måneder siden

    alexandertrattneralexandertrattner10 måneder siden
  • his trainer is frozone

    Unknown GamerUnknown Gamer10 måneder siden
  • struggle on 4

    Anna GilliganAnna Gilligan10 måneder siden
  • I can hit harder and I’m 15

    Andrew winterAndrew winter11 måneder siden
    • Sure dude

      Sabirrin FSabirrin F10 måneder siden
  • Who is here after KSI won? 👇🏻

    The DestroyerThe Destroyer11 måneder siden
  • When my dog is hungry he makes that sound 9:01

    Yeee EYeee E11 måneder siden
  • 2019 anyone

    Luke DitchfieldLuke Ditchfield11 måneder siden
  • if you see in the match he atcul does all of thiss

    Derek AllenDerek Allen11 måneder siden
  • Listen u good but ur left hand is not stronge as ur right

    MTM borbaMTM borba11 måneder siden
  • I didn’t know ksi had an older brother

    Diego GutierrezDiego Gutierrez11 måneder siden
  • 1:12 song?

    wannaplay 420wannaplay 42011 måneder siden
  • Who’s here after Ksi beat Logan paul in the rematch

    thebulwark1thebulwark1År siden
  • 5:52 this is what jj actually does to logan in the first fight

    G MG MÅr siden
    • Obnix its a pretty normal move

      Aqeel Ahmed // AqeelTheBoyAqeel Ahmed // AqeelTheBoy3 måneder siden
  • He reminds me of frozone

    channel that has more subs than pewdiepiechannel that has more subs than pewdiepieÅr siden
  • 4:56 this man predicted jj’s punching motion

    J OJ OÅr siden
  • What is the song called 0:59

    Amarion CaglerAmarion CaglerÅr siden
    • Amarion Cagler whats the song at 6:30

      Thomas sharremThomas sharrem4 måneder siden
  • Ksi beat logan

    WestSideNationWestSideNationÅr siden
  • I Use To Love Logan But Now I Like Ksi More Then Him

    حمادي سعدحمادي سعدÅr siden