30. mai. 2018
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  • I love how he saying football and not soccer 2020? Just me?

    Brayan FloresBrayan Flores15 timer siden
  • And then corona arrived

    younes sotoyounes soto19 timer siden
  • Gareth Bale is too good

    Andrei VarabeiAndrei VarabeiDag siden
  • Pain.

    Šikerica 25Šikerica 25Dag siden
  • Karius can't catch Corona if he tried

    Josué VillavicencioJosué Villavicencio2 dager siden
  • 4:24 everything started going down for Arsenal after this video😂😂😂😂

    Big DBig D4 dager siden
  • Imagine make fun of somebody but yourself was not even close to them.

    Lil LiszckLil Liszck4 dager siden
  • What goes around, comes back around. One day you will be at your lowest and everyone is gonna laugh at you. Including karius.

    WaleedWaleed5 dager siden
  • JJ talking about Bale: I mean f you want to join Arsenal Bale: *plays for Tottenham*

    raul davidraul david6 dager siden
  • I din't think it is that nice to laugh at someone for being concused in the champions lunge final have some respect

    Yusuf AyaksizYusuf Ayaksiz6 dager siden
  • The guy had a bad game. Ive more respect for him for at least trying than someone like you, who just sits at the side laughing. You think you are really cool. I have no respect for you whatsoever

    L HedgesL Hedges7 dager siden
  • So you’re not laughing at Adrian Liverpool conceded 7 goals

    PhyaoPhyao7 dager siden
  • I mean back in the days Karius was an epic GoalKeeper

    NightStar GagahNightStar Gagah8 dager siden
  • Dude Adrian is even a better keeper

    NightStar GagahNightStar Gagah8 dager siden
  • 2 years later, Bale joins Arsenal rivals Spurs😂😂

    jordan nigeljordan nigel8 dager siden
  • 6:17 my man looks like diego costa jeeezzzzz

    FSM TVFSM TV8 dager siden
  • Karius is good now

    E Laurent ArcillaE Laurent Arcilla9 dager siden
  • 4:20 ooof

    BoodiBoodi9 dager siden
  • this about making fun of Wenger the only man who deserves a statue outside the emirates aged really well since you are now a midtable club

    Omar Al KhaldiOmar Al Khaldi11 dager siden
  • 2:41 hickey

    Sully SeeksSully Seeks12 dager siden
  • People watching in 2020 when jj said we got a new manager (EMERY) be like ohnononononno jj

    Charlie VCharlie V13 dager siden
  • well Adrian: ayo KSI am i a joke to you? Where’s my video

    im clayim clay13 dager siden
  • Why because karius lost his mind. Ramos attack him

    Ruslan LokRuslan Lok13 dager siden
  • This year was when life peaked

    Joe FidellJoe Fidell14 dager siden
  • Would have been funny if your uncle had done that to you tho

    APG ExecutorAPG Executor14 dager siden
  • I see that Jj 2:41

    GayLordGayLord14 dager siden
  • imagine laughing at karius and thinking arsenal are getting better loool KSI

    Tengku Nazrin Shah Tengku Azelan ShahTengku Nazrin Shah Tengku Azelan Shah15 dager siden
  • Doctor: kid, creepy Ksi doesn't exist. Creepy Ksi: 6:50

    LegendLegend15 dager siden
  • 6:53 The monster that looks through my window in the middle of the night

    Ferhan AcrylicbotFerhan Acrylicbot15 dager siden
  • hes got a hickey

    WolfzeyWolfzey16 dager siden
  • He should do one on Kepa

    Vir BhutaniVir Bhutani17 dager siden
  • my man dying out here crying

    Yeasin ArianYeasin Arian17 dager siden
  • *laughing at: david luiz*

    Yeasin ArianYeasin Arian17 dager siden
  • Let’s move on to cringed then starts laughing at Adrian

    Steve UnwinSteve Unwin17 dager siden
  • 😔😔😔

    xuanbao Xb2103xuanbao Xb210318 dager siden
  • Should have been in top ksi videos

    Isher RanuIsher Ranu18 dager siden
  • Nothing was ever good.

    Adewumi AlabiAdewumi Alabi18 dager siden
  • 6:58 when karius actually saves

    fantastic_ fishyfantastic_ fishy19 dager siden
  • 5:44 your finished

    Daksh Froster123Daksh Froster12320 dager siden
  • Gay boy

    Daksh Froster123Daksh Froster12320 dager siden
  • I miss this ksi

    Ugh BroUgh Bro20 dager siden
  • 8:06 Thats worse than Karius' goalkeeping

    1 Bolt1 Bolt22 dager siden
  • I hate karius

    Aaron DoyleAaron Doyle22 dager siden
  • mom: demonski doesn't exist demonski: 6:58

    Arshia BehmaniArshia Behmani23 dager siden
  • 69k dislikes, from who?

    FoggyFNFoggyFN23 dager siden
  • Ngl i think every real madrid fan was laughing his head off when he saw karius's goalkeeping

    Grzegorz MachowiecGrzegorz Machowiec25 dager siden
  • 2:04 background music brings memories when he danced with his dad

    Sully SeeksSully Seeks25 dager siden
  • JJ- Arsène Wenger has gone new manger things looking good. God- Don’t think so mate

    2003 Ford2003 Ford25 dager siden
  • It’s mostly because he had a concussion by Sergio Ramos. I feel bad for Karius and Adrian receiving all this hate

    ツAsphyxiaツAsphyxia25 dager siden
  • Esakolkeber.

    Guðmundur Brynjar WehmeierGuðmundur Brynjar Wehmeier25 dager siden
  • Ve. Net. Kareus.

    Guðmundur Brynjar WehmeierGuðmundur Brynjar Wehmeier25 dager siden
  • Atean. Vr. Karius. Betur. Kareus. Æ. Misu. Karius. Kom. Bek. If. Alisu. Braks. Is. Hnt. Kareus. Atrean. Kill. Jú

    Guðmundur Brynjar WehmeierGuðmundur Brynjar Wehmeier25 dager siden
  • JJ’s tangled earrings is the most mildly infuriating thing in the world to me

    Bob RossBob Ross27 dager siden
  • After 2 years Still funny

    Hossein EskandariHossein Eskandari29 dager siden
  • This is sooo funny

    mini master786mini master786Måned siden
  • The 69k dislikes is all karius with fake accounts

    Hamish Gordon-StewartHamish Gordon-StewartMåned siden
  • Don't worry I'm african

    Klenam TorkornooKlenam TorkornooMåned siden
  • did this preist say nigga

    Klenam TorkornooKlenam TorkornooMåned siden
  • Where’s the laughing at Kepa??

    Just for the lolzJust for the lolzMåned siden
  • Yuo are not even a real goalkeeper

    Jona BGJona BGMåned siden
  • Half of the time I’m not laughing at the meme I’m laughing at JJ laughing

    Infinite Army KC KingdomInfinite Army KC KingdomMåned siden
  • 4:15 well that aged well

    Johan 8.3Johan 8.3Måned siden
    • Lmao

      Bob RossBob Ross27 dager siden
  • You wouldn’t save

    Ethan NicholsEthan NicholsMåned siden
  • Maybe he threw on purpose maybe he was being hunted by the mafia or something

  • I remember when this was new: now days we laughing at van djk and Adrian

  • I have a joke Why doesn't Karius get jokes? He can't *catch* the humour

    Leo Bro65Leo Bro65Måned siden
  • It's just sad

    Alo shikhuplAlo shikhuplMåned siden
  • This was my first video of KSI back in like 2018 and oh boy for this video i hated him so much and disliked But i decided to watch a few more and instantly i came back to this and removed the dislike and liked instead idk what magic potion ksi uses but im a big fan now

    QaharNeticQaharNeticMåned siden
  • To be fair to the guy he did get a concussion from ramos

    Operation BababooeyOperation BababooeyMåned siden
  • People who just realised he has a hickey on the left of his neck

    Max ArmstrongMax ArmstrongMåned siden
  • JJs elbows man it looks like the black hole to the obis

    Stan /jimbobbro213Stan /jimbobbro213Måned siden
  • Jo deutsche lol😂

    elastic flexerelastic flexerMåned siden
  • The time when memes were evolving.

    K sauceK sauceMåned siden
  • So uh im 2 3 years into the future and uh that new manager was uhh dreadful to say the least. To be fully honest... Wenger was better.

    Yassin MansyYassin MansyMåned siden
  • 69k dislikes that's nice

    the running manthe running manMåned siden
  • New manager coming in... Pictures taken moments before disaster

    Joseph BridgeJoseph BridgeMåned siden
  • Next vid laughing at kepa

    Lil_Sn1pZLil_Sn1pZMåned siden
  • Who is watching this when bale joined spurs 😂

    Tika CraneTika CraneMåned siden
  • Was I the only person that thought JJ said in the start unboxing

    Styli _48Styli _48Måned siden
  • Do a laugh at Adrian we need Alison to recover quick

    Dank FlamerDank FlamerMåned siden
  • U know Karius had a concussion in that match

    ElgoradoElgoradoMåned siden
  • Who watching in 2020

    TG_SavageTG_SavageMåned siden
  • can I just say the only reason karius was so bad was because he was concussed by Sergio Ramos after dislocating salah's shoulder

  • Adrian v tobi

    Charlie ClellandCharlie ClellandMåned siden
  • Ok let’s talk about 1st goal it was karius fault but then mane was able to score a goal so let’s say it is now 0 - 0 for both... then bale scored an insane goal and there’s no way he could’ve saved that... so that is 1 - 0 for Real Madrid... now karius fucked up again so it’s 2-0 for real so that’s why it’s not his fault...if Liverpool scored then it will be his fault

    Ram On EURam On EUMåned siden
  • Who Else Saw JJ'S Hickey 2:39

    Lamelo3xLamelo3xMåned siden
  • Editor as always : how much swearing do ya want me to unbleep Jj : yes

    Jamesydude 95Jamesydude 95Måned siden
  • 69k dislikes, nice

    Yousof ZaidYousof ZaidMåned siden
  • Damn Bruh Your Laugh

    Yolanda SequeiraYolanda SequeiraMåned siden
  • This is funniest jj's video 🤣🤣🤣🤣

    Ankit Singh BishtAnkit Singh BishtMåned siden
  • Who is watching 2020

    Sam DavisonSam DavisonMåned siden
  • "Hes too good for Real Madrid" Well that didn't age well

    Jade ChetJade ChetMåned siden

    Yusuf QutubYusuf QutubMåned siden
  • Whos here after adrian masterclass vs aston villa lol

    eadeadMåned siden
  • adrian

    RowanRowanMåned siden
  • His laugh seems forced but its still funny

    Caise789Caise789Måned siden
  • 8:54

    Lewis PlaysLewis PlaysMåned siden
  • thanks for ruining the game for me, I had it recorded

    Bobby BraveheartBobby BraveheartMåned siden
  • Lol he said Bale is too good for Real Madrid.. No one is too good for Real Madrid

    لاا تتنمنلاا تتنمنMåned siden
  • ksi about bale "if you wanna join arsenal mate..." he just joined tottenham lmao

    gabigabiMåned siden