14. juli. 2018
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  • 6:44 my gyal 😉🤣🤣

    Xj P4ddXj P4dd4 timer siden
  • Oh my god Alex is so scary with that sushi on his shirt 😂😭😭

    Emma LoganEmma Logan6 dager siden
  • Fight him jj,make some money you know😂😂

    Jolly ManJolly Man8 dager siden
  • why would he wanna fright you that just be wasteing his time

    dealth shot leedealth shot lee18 dager siden
  • dont be mean to Alex wassbie why is this happening oh dear

    dealth shot leedealth shot lee18 dager siden
  • nefix:are you sill watching some-ones daugter 6:46

    drew robertsdrew roberts20 dager siden
  • Alex is doing this shit-

    Arlo eeeArlo eee25 dager siden
  • Pause at 7:07 you can see the fear in his eyes

    VetatronisnotfunnyVetatronisnotfunny29 dager siden
  • JJ's best bandana

    Jay KingJay KingMåned siden
    • And hair style

      BALDBALD22 dager siden
  • Alex look ksi will knock you 😂 you act like a kid your so childish guava is so much better

    Daisy JonesDaisy JonesMåned siden
  • Bro Alex thinks he can beat JJ, MY GUY ALEX BE LOOKIN LIKE A TWIG

    Uh hi.Uh hi.Måned siden
  • The best Alex wasabi the best

    Sienna BradleySienna BradleyMåned siden
    • @James Bvnds sorry i got a bit harsh there.

      Jack Talia SteinbergJack Talia Steinberg12 dager siden
    • @Jack Talia Steinberg you did not have to do the kid like that

      James BvndsJames Bvnds12 dager siden
    • 4 year old huh. Says the one that supports a dead channel that appeals to the youngest demographic

      Jack Talia SteinbergJack Talia Steinberg18 dager siden
    • @Jack Talia Steinberg 4 year old

      Sienna BradleySienna Bradley18 dager siden
    • @Jack Talia Steinberg yeah

      Sienna BradleySienna Bradley18 dager siden
  • Alex wassabi is a wuss.

    Winter BeedsWinter BeedsMåned siden
  • ew he covered up that he's a pussy by saying he won't profit from it. What's more important, your pride or profit? God... he's got no pride

    TaeJaeTaeJaeMåned siden
  • If you pause at 6:36 and look closely at the side, there is a dead body. Alex wasabi exposed.

    K sauceK sauceMåned siden
  • Jj, I'll fight Alex Wassabi for you

    DankSinisterDankSinisterMåned siden
  • Haahahahhahahahahahhhahahhhhhhahhahahahahhahaha

    jimmy bjimmy bMåned siden
  • I just saw the video . I am 16 and I would fuck him up... Imagine JJ

    Nik TsamNik TsamMåned siden
  • Who’s watching in 2020

    GH DywagsGH DywagsMåned siden
  • This is like the 4th time I’ve seen this video it never gets old lmao

    Oscar HungOscar HungMåned siden
    • I know lol

      Ameen•PowAmeen•PowMåned siden
  • JJ, I think you mean he relied on guava juice for good content and his girlfriend for views.

    Rushil MotamarriRushil MotamarriMåned siden
  • badboyhalo wallows patandjen blairewhite fails pbggameplay twerking

    holcomb tysonholcomb tysonMåned siden
  • DoNt MAkE iT GaY

    Carson LoweCarson LoweMåned siden
  • 2020?

    Fjorelo FeroFjorelo FeroMåned siden
  • Sum of the video Alex wasabi is a clown

    Youyeet1Youyeet1Måned siden
  • The guy that jumped JJ made a video on him “knocking him out”

    RedWingRedWing2 måneder siden
  • I hate you forever in a day

  • Last

    King GKing G2 måneder siden
  • Dude, you gave Logan waaaaay too much credit! Nobody would choke on that pecker that much! 😜

    Sean ShimamotoSean Shimamoto2 måneder siden
  • Alex: Ksi is slow I can run faster than him,no camera no people just me and you The next month Alex: Ksi I'm not coming,hahahahahaha it because of money all the whatever shit you say is all fake Me: then what's not fake? yourself your dumb girlfriend oh yeah

    Nur ImanNur Iman2 måneder siden
  • wtf what hell are you talk about wassabi you give the rights to you you going to .............:/÷:/

    sam eersam eer2 måneder siden
  • Title: laughing at alex waasabi Thumbnail: looks like he found a dead rat

    ikonix_ wavyy 99ikonix_ wavyy 992 måneder siden
  • who is after ksi wins against logan

    LightYagamiLightYagami2 måneder siden
  • Alex Wassabi: Professional Bitch Boy

    King of ShitpostKing of Shitpost2 måneder siden
  • It's so funny watching this now 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

    Issa KishlyIssa Kishly2 måneder siden
  • Been 2 years lol

    NBA OrangeNBA Orange2 måneder siden
  • if you are on the computer click the number 8 on the keyboard

    Cooper WilderCooper Wilder2 måneder siden
  • If this was an actual fight this would be child abuse

    I'm not AmbeI'm not Ambe2 måneder siden
  • Remember yourself when no one knew you until logan paul accepted your challenge.

    Himanshu Ganga JoshiHimanshu Ganga Joshi2 måneder siden
  • Hi

    TheBananaPeelTheBananaPeel2 måneder siden
  • But did he not say in june and its july a lying

    Red_ yt13Red_ yt132 måneder siden
  • Whos here in 2020??

    Ashay SubherwalAshay Subherwal2 måneder siden
  • Bruh don't abuse a child

    HRH jrHRH jr2 måneder siden
  • Who’s here in 2020

    DaBasicDaBasic2 måneder siden
  • This is old KSI vibes

    CommunismDoggoCommunismDoggo2 måneder siden
  • shut up ksi

    dj pacdj pac2 måneder siden
    • U mad bro

      whiteboythe5thwhiteboythe5th2 måneder siden
  • 1:13 anybody realised that the pillow behind Alex is ksi but backwards

    Goh ZhianGoh Zhian2 måneder siden
  • Bro calm down OMG

    Anton AntoodAnton Antood3 måneder siden
  • Alex seems like that teacher that everyon talks over

    MeTDG 2000MeTDG 20003 måneder siden
  • Alex ur my childhood hero but when u mess with deji or jj u messin' with me

    NeoShark_XTNeoShark_XT3 måneder siden
  • Imagine if Alex boxed KSI and Alex got knocked out in 5 seconds

    Shadow KnightShadow Knight3 måneder siden
  • Let's just remember that Alex called out Ksi not the other way around.

    JustAmazingJustAmazing3 måneder siden
  • In the beginning whats that song called

    Shano HamadShano Hamad3 måneder siden
  • Imagine if he got beat by a flower lmao Edit:Nvrm don’t have to imagine anymore

    Big BrainBig Brain3 måneder siden
  • hello

    Lucky DuckyLucky Ducky3 måneder siden
  • Kinda want Logan to agree with JJ by saying he wants clout

    TJC LightningTJC Lightning3 måneder siden
  • I know this video is old now... Just re-watching some of the older ones on the JJ and KSI channel... But I had absolutely NO IDEA that Alex was 28? 🤯🤯🤯 He literally looks and sound like a.... 20 year old at best... So now he's 30!? Bro, that's insane 😂

    Para TraxxPara Traxx3 måneder siden
  • Alex is better than you

    Marvin Sandoval-HernandezMarvin Sandoval-Hernandez3 måneder siden
    • 😂😂😂

      Foos3y_OWFoos3y_OW3 måneder siden
  • Alex Pussabbi.... ugh .....

    Womp WompWomp Womp3 måneder siden
  • 6:44

    Zeke _SergioZeke _Sergio3 måneder siden
  • Why does KSI in the first of the video looks like he is being controlled by someone

    TGM 823TGM 8233 måneder siden
  • "Flip flobbily piece of shit" had me dying

    cezzcezz3 måneder siden
  • Alex will beat you up

    Marvin Sandoval-HernandezMarvin Sandoval-Hernandez3 måneder siden
    • Foos3y_OW I’m out

      Marvin Sandoval-HernandezMarvin Sandoval-Hernandez3 måneder siden
    • You have to be joking

      Foos3y_OWFoos3y_OW3 måneder siden
    • @Kieran The Opossum fax

      oly eclipseoly eclipse3 måneder siden
    • You're ridiculously mindless

      Kieran The OpossumKieran The Opossum3 måneder siden
    • 🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤣🤣

      oly eclipseoly eclipse3 måneder siden
  • 2020?

    Javier CaroJavier Caro3 måneder siden
  • 6:28 Netflix are you still watching some ones Daughter

    123 ABC123 ABC3 måneder siden
  • Alex wassabi crying after logan lost

    Alex RamsamyAlex Ramsamy3 måneder siden
  • I’m 13 and would still beat his ass

    Pedro 8952Pedro 89523 måneder siden
    • Fax

      Plush StudiosPlush Studios3 måneder siden
  • Dude JJ In The Future You Dye Your Hair Red We Bullied U And Then You Mostly Swear

    MrSonic 98MrSonic 983 måneder siden
  • 6:26 that shit was funny as hell

    Kevin Sanchez RiveraKevin Sanchez Rivera3 måneder siden
  • what was the song in the intro

    Rifqi AdaniRifqi Adani3 måneder siden
  • He's just a clown and a weirdo

    Sumiya BegumSumiya Begum3 måneder siden
    • yo do you know whats the song in the intro

      Rifqi AdaniRifqi Adani3 måneder siden
  • Imagine how Alex Wassabi feels now he said that Logan would beat him now but KSI just smashed him Edit: 1:08 I just realised that Alex Wassabi talks so much crap about KSI but has "KSI" written on his pillow

    RuddRudd3 måneder siden
  • Ksi is kinda bullying

    LiL ShrimpLiL Shrimp3 måneder siden
  • 6:48 love me Logan 🤣🤣🤣

    Xd BlazeXd Blaze3 måneder siden
  • Alex and roi was the first youtubers to make me laugh

    Fran Jo ReynosoFran Jo Reynoso3 måneder siden
  • Its funny now after jj won😂

    Dede TadasDede Tadas3 måneder siden
  • Alex:juuuuuuune Ksi:-responds in july- Alex:am i a joke to you Ksi:pull up bitch Alex:no no i dont think i will

    Phantom SansPhantom Sans3 måneder siden
  • Alex w is a clown

    Tensa ZangetsuTensa Zangetsu3 måneder siden
  • Who else is here in 2020 missing the old ksi

    Snazzy GrandmaSnazzy Grandma3 måneder siden
  • Alex is 30 now

    General SkywalkerGeneral Skywalker3 måneder siden
  • The weird thing is Jj didn’t even laugh in this video, only in the other clips :0

    Skeli22Skeli223 måneder siden
  • 1:28 lmao the laugh

    Bryan GonzalezBryan Gonzalez3 måneder siden
  • You are just mean so shut up man those words at the start so shhh

    Elianne McFaddenElianne McFadden3 måneder siden
  • My guy doesn’t want cameras in a spar and still pussied out 🤣😂

    TB0N3TB0N34 måneder siden
  • Ngl jj shouldve offered him 10k or something if he won so atleast he has no reason to refuse it unless hes a pussy

    English_Drifts69 (GTx-RED)English_Drifts69 (GTx-RED)4 måneder siden
  • quarantine got me to watch drama 2 years ago

    lilniglazzzlilniglazzz4 måneder siden
  • Netflix: Are You Still Watching? Somebody’s Daughter: 6:27

    Invade GokuInvade Goku4 måneder siden
    • Sftu

      YXV 14YXV 142 måneder siden
  • I love how he calls him Guava Juice’s shadow 😂

    Farina KhanFarina Khan4 måneder siden
  • JJ destroy everybody on his way😂😂

    ʍ.の.Я ?ʍ.の.Я ?4 måneder siden
  • who is here after he beat jake paul??

    Sabina EasminSabina Easmin4 måneder siden
  • Damn two years feels like yesterday

    Derek BabcockDerek Babcock4 måneder siden
    • Good ol days

      シMåned siden
  • i mean its true all his vids that did good is because of guava juice

    Penguinboy888Penguinboy8884 måneder siden
  • 2020 anyone

    • No 2009 m8

      Plush StudiosPlush Studios3 måneder siden
    • No.

      PocoLocoPepsiPocoLocoPepsi3 måneder siden
  • Who else came here to say you came here from something

    Abdullah GamesAbdullah Games4 måneder siden
  • Now I’m fucking bruehsugsisi

    himmat singhhimmat singh4 måneder siden
  • I love how this video has aged.

    A AA A4 måneder siden
  • 6:45 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣😂 i’m deadddddddd

    SMHSMH4 måneder siden
  • 1:14 This man really saying that he could beat him coz he walks slow? Washed up

    CharlieCharlie4 måneder siden
  • Exactly 2 years old

    Asian BoiAsian Boi4 måneder siden
  • Recommended to me exactly 2 years later :)) anyone else??

    Aiman HakimAiman Hakim4 måneder siden