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  • Shut up shutter

    Poke BGPoke BG8 timer siden
  • have you ever searched in google why did logan pool cried and left

    Ali Yousef Alsayed Al HashemiAli Yousef Alsayed Al HashemiDag siden
  • He deserves the wig for his forehead 😂😂

    Fusion GamingFusion Gaming2 dager siden
  • I can't lie this part got me good😂 3:36

    Dakori Lilly-WestDakori Lilly-West2 dager siden
  • When Ksi was in America and the crowd was on Logan’s side he stayed even tho it was hard the second Logan was in ksi territory he bitched it in minuets lmao

  • this is just sometimes tooken way to much disrespect well no ofencse i like ksi but dont you guys think this is too much disrepect

    ligma dadligma dad4 dager siden
  • After seeing all the press conferences this was the most dominant one.

    Mr PoindexterMr Poindexter5 dager siden
  • Who's here after Logan's protest for black people

    RISHEE is7RISHEE is75 dager siden
  • All the dislikes are from Logan Paul fans.

    taco gamertaco gamer5 dager siden
  • You got it Trump was awesome

    jack Wisejack Wise6 dager siden
    • Trump and pewdiepie 2020

      jack Wisejack Wise6 dager siden
  • Logan Paul over here moving his sunglasses and looking at the table while KSI is saying

    jack Wisejack Wise6 dager siden

    Elijah MillerElijah Miller6 dager siden

    9xmii_119xmii_118 dager siden
  • i mean ....ksi is called the nightmare for a reason 🤷‍♀️

    Diya Roll no 5Diya Roll no 58 dager siden
  • When you the bobbies get you In unlondon: 0:37

    Gavin MerastyGavin Merasty9 dager siden
  • This was actually disgusting. I know this was a while ago but it popped up on my recommendations and I watched it again. The way that KSI acted was completely out of line. I gained some respect for Logan. he took the high road. No matter how angry you are you don't attack someone's family, and objectify their girlfriends. the crowd was even more gross. cheering along with KSI is sickening's.

    laura dufresnelaura dufresne11 dager siden
  • I'm a fan of JJ, but insulting his family was not cool, you don't see boxers do that shit in press conferences.

    Carl JohnsonCarl Johnson12 dager siden
  • At the point where he said "Welcome to London motherfu*ker!" It was all over for Logan

    Lego_SquidwardLego_Squidward13 dager siden
  • You can tell it was getting to him

    William NguyenWilliam Nguyen14 dager siden
  • 0:51 ahahahaha

    Konstantin MiltenovKonstantin Miltenov14 dager siden
  • 0:58 lmfao

    Konstantin MiltenovKonstantin Miltenov14 dager siden
  • Dude he took it too personally

    Lego freak AzlanLego freak Azlan15 dager siden
  • Actually, from this press conference i actually feel sorry for logan even though he is a scumbag at least logan didn't call Marzia a hoe

    Adithyan VinodAdithyan Vinod15 dager siden
  • Logan disconectef from lobby what your with his 15%

    SakshyamSakshyam15 dager siden
  • Ksi was so mean on Logan's parent's

    Trying-to-get 100SubTrying-to-get 100Sub15 dager siden

    Ferhan AcrylicbotFerhan Acrylicbot17 dager siden
  • Yo, someone shut dejji up, as soon as he got on the mic.

    John BellicJohn Bellic17 dager siden
  • last

    ShoshoShosho18 dager siden
  • He so should white faced up aswell

    J PhillipsJ Phillips18 dager siden
  • JJ enjoys this too much....

    Jacob KnockJacob Knock19 dager siden
  • He’s literally crying 😂 lol

    3K subs before 20213K subs before 202119 dager siden
  • Logan trying very hard not to cry when jj roasting the fuck out of him and people saying he’s gonna get shanked 💀

    Daniel WylieDaniel Wylie19 dager siden
  • 4:16 and 2:46 Japan To Logan Paul: 4:27 I feel like Logan is listening to “You about to lose yo job” 4:52 his laugh 😂

    Xavier AllenLovesNikkiBentley&OTown2002Xavier AllenLovesNikkiBentley&OTown200222 dager siden
  • 2:47 Me when my friend trash talks me but still lose the game

    Fried HoneyFried Honey24 dager siden
  • Ksi is sweating

    Fried HoneyFried Honey24 dager siden
  • Who came back to see ksi roast logans dad

    Jesus MartinezJesus Martinez25 dager siden
  • 1:55 well i love ksi but, what about the clapped beard 😂

    Siddhant BhardwajSiddhant Bhardwaj26 dager siden
  • It's 2020 and I still watch this entertaining conference 😂

    Rashid AbtahyRashid Abtahy28 dager siden
  • Y r wi hear?

    REKM 1003REKM 100329 dager siden
  • logan was talking poop in he’s vid and was being *oh ksi is such a p*%*# im beet him up* but he is crying🤣🤣

    Erlis The gamer 15Erlis The gamer 1529 dager siden
  • 5:31 DEJI 😭😂😂

    MolatedMolated29 dager siden
  • 0:37 When you land in the London airport

    Jose 99Jose 9929 dager siden
  • I’m American and I’m team UK. Ashamed to have Logan representing us

    Silvermoon StarSilvermoon StarMåned siden
  • What's funny is JJ said shut the fuck up to Logan and he was literally incapable of speaking 😂

    Tss_ NightTss_ NightMåned siden
  • i am sorry i need to be defending logan and jake can we all be sorry taht ksi is being mean to logan and just bullying him : SORRY JJ i have dont ur back introuduceing dads and mums its not fair to logan

    Anna BaldygaAnna BaldygaMåned siden
  • Logan Paul got cocky when KSI came to his country for the first press conference. But when Logan Paul came to KSI's country he is dead!

    MarkoMarkoMåned siden
  • Stfu

    Egg plantEgg plantMåned siden
  • logan has left the chat

    Ariana MilczynAriana MilczynMåned siden
  • Perfect revenge they were talking so much shit

    oh yeahyeahoh yeahyeahMåned siden
  • loveliveserve

    Soraia ReisSoraia ReisMåned siden
  • When my best friend dosent comes to school but when I go to school next day Me: 5:18

    Deadly KillerDeadly KillerMåned siden
  • I am American and hate Logan Paul and Jake Paul

    Duffy 209Duffy 209Måned siden
  • Was that beat called in the beginning

    IPumpYuw _IPumpYuw _Måned siden
  • Ksi savage

    Vaibhav TVaibhav TMåned siden
  • When it randomly comes in your reccomended page

    Dara AkinpeluDara AkinpeluMåned siden
  • Kindergarden when someone steals your sweeties:

    J&A GamingJ&A GamingMåned siden
  • My guy Greg Paul really threw the "Your Mom" line

    Marcus TalensMarcus TalensMåned siden
  • British fans or ksi fans were such a pussy attacking their team,throwing things. Grow up kiddos. Funny how deji told to attack or do whatever they want when they come to uk. Haha.. Such a pussy move.

    APE Suit9APE Suit9Måned siden
    • @romerto Camerto not all are I aint

      Vaibhav TVaibhav TMåned siden
    • Ksi fans are not deji fans

      Vaibhav TVaibhav TMåned siden
  • I miss the old KSI, his comebacks were just so lit

    Jack GudoJack GudoMåned siden
  • Logan really thought: "ok im gonna be serious, thats a good trick"

    Boi BoiBoi BoiMåned siden
  • I’m British and all but that was a bit mean and rude when they disrespected Logan’s girlfriend like that like at least have respect for him

    Daisy JonesDaisy JonesMåned siden
  • Ksi schooled Logan lol Logan deserved to lose

    Vaibhav TVaibhav TMåned siden
  • dominating press conference

    God TrollGod TrollMåned siden
  • Having Logan Paul represent the US made me sad to be American

    MewMewMåned siden
  • I’m American and I was on KSI side

    Mr. PoolMr. PoolMåned siden
  • 2 years ago i thought this was sick i was like fuck Logan and everything but now i am looking back at it this is some street level of conversation bringing up mom ,girlfriend jokes its just so stupid tbh

    Mendyzaa AIMendyzaa AIMåned siden
  • radbrad

    Jorge Luis SanchezJorge Luis SanchezMåned siden
  • KSI I miss you I miss you won one I’ve been logging can be unified one more time and are such a poor LOL he likes you LOL can you say LOLK say LOLK is a killer

    Gustavo BaezGustavo BaezMåned siden
  • You love to see it

    Omair BendOmair BendMåned siden
  • im surprised no one whipped out a shank and ran at the stage

    tristan smithtristan smithMåned siden
  • Y is ben Philips not on the UK side qtf

    Will freemanWill freemanMåned siden
  • KSI is crossing the line

    jawad bhuiyan 34jawad bhuiyan 34Måned siden
    • @Vaibhav Thalanki u are wrong KSI is talking about their parents and also talking bad at his girlfriend. I am not a logangster. Logan was roasting him But KSI is talking very personal like his parents and also GF

      jawad bhuiyan 34jawad bhuiyan 34Måned siden
    • Hear other conferences Logan crossed the line too

      Vaibhav ThalankiVaibhav ThalankiMåned siden
  • Ksi the greatest showman ever!!

    Yamen FarragYamen FarragMåned siden
  • crazy frog

    Reymond OnchariReymond OnchariMåned siden
  • Presidential debate 2020

    Colin 1027Colin 1027Måned siden
  • Why is Logan's dad trying to act like he 20 years old? Even Logan told him F off

    Andres EsquivelAndres EsquivelMåned siden
  • he went HAM holy shi

    laptevlaptevMåned siden
  • For once I am proud to be British

    Evie FarnsworthEvie FarnsworthMåned siden
  • so much shit for a draw like hahahahaha+

    Lidl KiddyLidl KiddyMåned siden
  • Man got mudered so hard I felt bad for him😂

    FavFavMåned siden
  • Canadians are confused if they should be proud of the British crowd or American one lmao

    Triston LTriston LMåned siden
  • Logan after this: *Emergency meeting*

    Sell OutSell OutMåned siden
  • I love how these NOworld fighters don’t talk about each other, but rather girlfriends and mom and dads. Lol it’s not professional but I love it.

    RoyallRoyallMåned siden
  • This has the be the funniest shit ive ever seen, KSI's roast was too much

    RIP MambaRIP MambaMåned siden
  • Title: JJ uses tipex to erase mistakes

    Weird WatchWeird WatchMåned siden
  • Watching the LA video made me feel sad for KSI and Deji but watching this makes me feel sad for Logan!

    Saniya FereiraSaniya FereiraMåned siden
  • I love how Logan talks so much shit when he is with his 12 year old fans but when he is in London he cries and runs away

    Monjed SobohMonjed SobohMåned siden
  • Damn logans mum nasty

    Jonas JanuškaJonas JanuškaMåned siden
  • Ksi cute

    oh yeahyeahoh yeahyeahMåned siden
  • THE WIG 💀

    emmemmMåned siden
  • still a banger

    umomumomMåned siden
  • I love u Ksi but u are SOOO DISRESPECTFUL

    Khalfan KKhalfan KMåned siden
    • but like thats the point

      Hassan AkhtarHassan AkhtarMåned siden
  • Logan is better

    xstevie08xstevie08Måned siden
    • 8 year old😂

      Lukas AlonzoLukas AlonzoMåned siden
  • I actually feel bad for logan here😕

    Elijah Gabriel YuElijah Gabriel YuMåned siden
  • This how you murder someone verbally.

    Cen TauriCen TauriMåned siden
  • animation

  • I actually wanted ksi to fight the Paul dad just to see ksi knock him out in probably the first round 🤣😂🤣

    Ella xxElla xxMåned siden
  • We gonna ignore that KSI basically said Logan has 85 % bigger balls than he does

    Nugget NuggetNugget NuggetMåned siden
  • I'm watching this now and I'm now releasing how fucking ham jj went on Logan wow :/...

    Copop1283Copop1283Måned siden
  • there's that little part of me that feels bad for Logan

    Tafreed AhmadTafreed AhmadMåned siden