KSI - Really Love (feat. Craig David, Tinie Tempah & Yxng Bane) [Digital Farm Animals Remix]

20. nov.. 2020
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Stream KSI - Really Love (feat. Craig David, Tinie Tempah & Yxng Bane) [Digital Farm Animals Remix]: k-s-i.lnk.to/ReallyLoveRemixID
Stream KSI - Really Love (feat. Craig David & Digital Farm Animals): k-s-i.lnk.to/ReallyLoveID

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  • Trash Man ! (Fan BTW)

    Cold RXHBCold RXHB2 minutter siden
  • I’m so proud of our boy JJ he has come so far. From his minecraft and scary horror games and Fifa 15 , he has been working so hard up to this point and he’s stil growing the better and stronger ! Congratulations KSI!

    Ndotz #L’s Down 12ANdotz #L’s Down 12A10 minutter siden
  • I like the original but this remix makes the song even better!! Been listening to this on repeat for days now 🔥🔥🔥

    King DamiKing Dami24 minutter siden
  • They killed this tract

    GhxstLyoGhxstLyoTime siden
  • What vegetable should I turn you into?

    shawn estabrooksshawn estabrooksTime siden
  • You're not touching belle delphine I'm calling you out fight me

    shawn estabrooksshawn estabrooks2 timer siden
  • Should I post a clip of how racist you were on my Instagram feed?

    shawn estabrooksshawn estabrooks2 timer siden
  • I'm not scared to knock you out like Logan I'll turn you into a vegetable bruv

    shawn estabrooksshawn estabrooks2 timer siden
  • Also you're not touching belle delphine I'll fucking destroy you bud

    shawn estabrooksshawn estabrooks2 timer siden
  • At the end of your fight with Logan you spewed out the most public racist shot I've ever seen and you got away with it. Fight me

    shawn estabrooksshawn estabrooks2 timer siden
  • The sound system is damn lit 🔥

  • **having flashbacks of my crush flirts**

    Shark EmperixShark Emperix4 timer siden
  • tha hook thats all me😢😢😢

    Kenneth ArpuvelKenneth Arpuvel4 timer siden
  • My love for Tine temper has just gone up more

    opkingalex 123opkingalex 1234 timer siden
  • Idk why but I like this more than the original one

    Max YTMax YT5 timer siden
  • One word Epic.

    Toplok TaplikToplok Taplik6 timer siden
  • This shit banged jj

    DIONLBJDIONLBJ7 timer siden
  • Flop

    Andy DayAndy Day7 timer siden
  • This has a perfect London vibe to it.

    UserUser8 timer siden
  • Banger song mate, love it

    The Eternal TzarThe Eternal Tzar8 timer siden
  • Yess a Sirr

    cheater antoncheater anton8 timer siden
  • yall should giva a concert fr fr

    Eren TanyelEren Tanyel8 timer siden
  • i didnt know this slapped soooo hard

    Eren TanyelEren Tanyel8 timer siden
  • simp

    Ubzy BassUbzy Bass8 timer siden
  • This song is sooo good my god I love this

    Jayden Yann Horng LeeJayden Yann Horng Lee9 timer siden
  • is it just me or do you think this song would be one of the best outro songs?[especially tinie tempahs verse]

    undiscoveredxyt_undiscoveredxyt_9 timer siden
  • كل شخص جت عينه على تعليقي متشوف إلى الساعدة إدعمني 😢 😻😻 مزال قليل على 600 🙏🥺

    MOAD FFMOAD FF9 timer siden
  • This smacks bruh

    Fuego ZacharyFuego Zachary10 timer siden
  • Hey Olajide come to my house pls

    Bader AlrefaeiBader Alrefaei11 timer siden
  • KSI amazing song, would be amazing if you would make this into a music video [ AMAZING SONG I CAN'T DECIDE WHICH IS BETTER]

  • Ye this better than the original

    Khaya NgomaKhaya Ngoma11 timer siden
  • Did he say I have the juice give me the wrld

    Khalid Al AliKhalid Al Ali11 timer siden
  • Rahh even Yung Bxne

    Stackzoo 〽Stackzoo 〽12 timer siden
  • the first song: Intro, so hype the remix: : Outro, so chill

    TM AnaghTM Anagh13 timer siden
  • *uhm is it a sin if i say the remix is better than the original?*

    Farhan ._.Farhan ._.13 timer siden
  • This is really good🤩❤

    Hrishikesh NayakHrishikesh Nayak13 timer siden
  • Man- Made his own Lofi remix

    Raj PatilRaj Patil13 timer siden
  • how does this have less than a million views???

    Darkassassin 2009Darkassassin 200914 timer siden
  • Love this!

    Vinayak BurmanVinayak Burman14 timer siden
  • Sounds good! I prefer the original.

    Yonathan AsefawYonathan Asefaw14 timer siden
  • This has to be posted on his second channel

    Shane O MacShane O Mac15 timer siden
  • Tinie Tempah...that’s a throwback, at least to me

    Brian's Sports ZoneBrian's Sports Zone15 timer siden
  • This shit fire

    KieranKieran15 timer siden
  • Good song and all but like the art is kinda sus Pointy Tits??

    Joshua MyersJoshua Myers15 timer siden
  • Top1 ❤

    DaFox MTDaFox MT16 timer siden
  • anime women

    suplynx Is alonesuplynx Is alone16 timer siden
  • This is my fav song of yours yet, amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Nathan GreenNathan Green17 timer siden
  • Had to come pree this when I saw Bane in the title👀👀

    Nathan LhoniNathan Lhoni17 timer siden
  • FIREEE!!!!!!!!!!!! luv it

    TYT APEX GTTYT APEX GT17 timer siden
  • Best REMIX KSI Made

    GreyAlphaGreyAlpha17 timer siden
  • This is fire

    Ghost RayanGhost Rayan18 timer siden
  • U should play a horror game again

    ShinobuuShinobuu19 timer siden
  • when his second channel gets more likes and views on his main :/

    ClxszeyClxszey19 timer siden
  • Remember pass out? Banger

    The Derpy DrummerThe Derpy Drummer19 timer siden
  • Yo this one is calming...

    NightStar GagahNightStar Gagah20 timer siden
  • 🔥

    Stylewolf ツStylewolf ツ20 timer siden
  • the anime ting tho 👀

    JsmuniiJsmunii20 timer siden
  • JJ bringing back Kings Craig and Tinie. This is the redemption of 2020.

    Joe PatelJoe Patel21 time siden
  • Who remembers when this was called *finally love*

    Sinister CloudsSinister Clouds21 time siden
  • That hook really is something

    Ostoja StojanovicOstoja Stojanovic21 time siden
  • Nice twist JJ!

    Edward HallEdward Hall21 time siden
  • How can you take someone serious when he done a song with the chucklebrothers 😂

    anonymous personanonymous person21 time siden
  • Tinie's typical yeah gives me chills

    Dominik RitterDominik Ritter21 time siden
  • chill shit

    mrwan mrwanmrwan mrwan22 timer siden
  • Decent

    SMZ cookieSMZ cookie23 timer siden
  • This version is MUCH better than the original. The original was too pop. Hated it.

    Le BrotakuLe Brotaku23 timer siden
  • I kinda like it, but kinda dont

    1jonen1jonen23 timer siden
  • It's 2020. Kobe died, global pandemic happened, Maradona died and this guy is still trying to make music for what? 5 years? Quit already for god's sake, can't you see you have no talent?

    Lil PuhiLil Puhi23 timer siden
  • in love with this really 😍❤️

    Aiden DennyAiden Denny23 timer siden
  • Trash song. Jake Paul is better.

    RonaldoRonaldoDag siden
  • Legend says he still hasn't activated Windows.

    Ashley CurtisAshley CurtisDag siden
  • just broken up with my GF, but this song made the pain go away 💗

    BonBonBonBonDag siden
  • Need the instrumental version of this! So chill

    Joel MathewJoel MathewDag siden
  • This is better than the original in my opinion.

    DJDJDag siden
  • This is so much better than the original

    TrentjdTrentjdDag siden
  • This song is catchy

  • Lit 🔥 AF

    ShaketupatShaketupatDag siden
  • Lit

    SlotGamerSlotGamerDag siden
  • I liked this better then the original lmao

    Dj JeffcenaDj JeffcenaDag siden
  • The original is more than good but personally i like this one better.

    H- zIH- zIDag siden
  • 2:20 did i hear that right?

    Noot nOOTNoot nOOTDag siden
  • Why is this so underrated?

    AceAceDag siden
    • @Jboi2tekker What I'm trying to say is why doesn't it have a lot of views

      AceAceDag siden
    • Ace it isn’t

      Jboi2tekkerJboi2tekkerDag siden
  • Ksi if you see this I love you bro you killed it and don’t give a fuck what the haters say they jealous of you this song is the best and your undefeated forever

    Brothers for lifeBrothers for lifeDag siden
  • this makes me wanna eat milk with sticks

    Toxicbot86Toxicbot86Dag siden
  • ksi is ok but Craig David is unbeatable

    Alfie BembridgeAlfie BembridgeDag siden
  • fam this has levels

    Shea RolfeShea RolfeDag siden
  • Wtf this is fire

    HiznHiznDag siden
  • last guy sounds like sx

    DekuDekuDag siden
  • Trash

    TayEUTayEUDag siden
  • sooooo good

    Rayan Ben RejebRayan Ben RejebDag siden
  • bro this hit's i love this music

    Tj JorlaninTj JorlaninDag siden
  • 🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮

    Shahin DolamariShahin DolamariDag siden
  • This HITS HARD!

    yusuf mohyusuf mohDag siden
  • Both the original and remix are great but the remix is much better. Who's with me?🙋🏾‍♀️😍

    PrismaPrismaDag siden
  • Keep bringing banger music

    Epic KillerEpic KillerDag siden
  • im just tryna see that ass move the camera down

    ShadyShadyDag siden
  • great song man keep it up

    Tristan EdwardsTristan EdwardsDag siden
  • Love this .... so chill ❄❄

    Joshua BridgmohanJoshua BridgmohanDag siden
  • To be fair, you kinda have to respect trash music like Jake Paul’s, It makes songs like this stand out

    Nicholas BukvicNicholas BukvicDag siden
  • pov you came here from the reddit video without full watching it

    denegall charlesdenegall charlesDag siden