KSI - Poppin (feat. Lil Pump & Smokepurpp) [Official Music Video]

3. april. 2020
13 886 230 Ganger

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Music Management: Mams Taylor - mams@premierleaguemusic.com

Director: TajvsTaj
Ex. Producer: Elijah Long
Producer: Kacee Devoe
Editor: Andre Jones
#KSI #LilPump #Smokepurpp

  • Ksi and Smoke purp verse was sheesh🔥💯 but idk wtf lil pump was doing😂😂

    Tristan GamingTristan Gaming19 minutter siden
  • My ears are poppin.

    Lucas BouchardLucas Bouchard6 timer siden
  • спиздили

    LUQMANLUQMAN7 timer siden
  • fire

  • This song is actually hella catchy

    Mr. DynamiteMr. Dynamite8 timer siden
  • Ksi made lil pump cool in this video

    Ayur shingzAyur shingz14 timer siden
  • What the fuck is happening

    Klemp León RaúlKlemp León Raúl18 timer siden
  • Listening to this with ur eyes closed is mad!!!!

    Lispy_ReggieLispy_Reggie19 timer siden
  • Is it me or the top of jj's hair look like a sea urchin

    Sugarloaf 0359Sugarloaf 035920 timer siden
  • Not a fan of smokepurp's music but damn he's sick on this type beat

    RevolzyRevolzy20 timer siden
  • The beat is from the suicide boya

    Joel Ernesto Salas RomeroJoel Ernesto Salas Romero22 timer siden
  • Jeez, lil pump and smokepurpp...

    BluBlu23 timer siden
  • TRUMP 2020🇺🇸

    Dylan SikesDylan SikesDag siden
  • Like so King Bach can buzz off

    Lucas BouchardLucas BouchardDag siden
  • Every single British singer there like: litttle little POP POP SKIDDDY POP POP POP

    TrooperTrooperDag siden
  • 3:00 there is a guy who look like neymar 100%

    Mqz7x _xMqz7x _xDag siden
  • is that king bach at 0.44 ??

    Meenakshi ChandnaMeenakshi ChandnaDag siden
  • If pump wasnt on this song, this shit would be an easy banger

    Its VoltsIts VoltsDag siden
  • Stealing $uicideboy$ beat? Really?... Pathetic

    Mr. WickMr. Wick2 dager siden
  • I thought it was lil pump

    The Tyler's mad house TylerThe Tyler's mad house Tyler2 dager siden
  • 1:28 lil pumps moaning

    가조쿠 • 17년전가조쿠 • 17년전2 dager siden
  • Wait lil pump got

    Naiyan KabirNaiyan Kabir2 dager siden
  • " look at my wrist corona " " my neck got ebola "

    Tipy topperTipy topper2 dager siden
  • Jooo Bailey sok dancing on every music videoo. Congrats both🤟

    David Somavilla HerreraDavid Somavilla Herrera3 dager siden
  • When are JJ, KSI, and the queen all gonna be in a song together?

    Quantum SladeQuantum Slade3 dager siden
  • Ksi thinks he's such a good artist and has such a big ego but can't even make original beats

    THAITHAI3 dager siden
  • To this day I never thought I would see ksi and lil pump on a song together

    BreezyBreezy3 dager siden
  • so whats her @ ?

    ThunderKidiThunderKidi3 dager siden
  • Lil pump is the type of guy to look up and down before crossing the road

    kung fukung fu4 dager siden
  • Best ksi song

    Caspian BaileyCaspian Bailey4 dager siden
  • Why a Smokepurpp and Lil Pump feature??? For that money you could get a better feature... AND LIL PUMP Hey man CORONA IS NOT A THING TO MAKE FUN OF! All Lil pump fan will hate me but idc good for you. I think Lil Pump and Smokepurpp there features is $300k? Idk bye peace Lil Pump fans.

    NeverAimInnaKid NAIKNeverAimInnaKid NAIK4 dager siden
  • stole the beat from OG tint

    AndrewAndrew4 dager siden
  • damn i still can believe that jj was 7 when lil pump was born

    Adan MaldonadoAdan Maldonado4 dager siden
  • Damn he stole this from suicideboys what the fuck is happening

    Chris KingChris King4 dager siden
  • Smokepurpp lowkey carried the song.

    PyrosPyros4 dager siden
  • I just clocked thatcthe first line of lil pump is AK Red dot Hk Headshot

    CALEYCALEY4 dager siden
  • Ksi is best of them two

    BahozzBahozz5 dager siden
  • Ksi 🔥 sp🔥 lilpump trasssh

    YOMAX 97YOMAX 975 dager siden
  • 1:50 is that king bach

    Jordan PereriaJordan Pereria5 dager siden
  • Is it me or KSI's words isn't matching the flow of the song 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

    Ltcplx NyxoyLtcplx Nyxoy6 dager siden
    • It’s just you..

      Ok BoomerOk Boomer2 dager siden
  • Hey sup Ksi. This is my fav song by u

    Merc With A MouthMerc With A Mouth6 dager siden
  • Is it just me or is lil pump actually insane with this?

    Merc With A MouthMerc With A Mouth6 dager siden
  • ولله و نعم يا ksi انت و lil pump شاش راس يا القحاطين

    mo domo do6 dager siden
  • How you gonna give smoke a better verse than you

    Vince_ 702xVince_ 702x6 dager siden
  • Brings back old memories 🙂😝😝

    good for nothinggood for nothing6 dager siden
  • I hate lil pumps verse it’s just like a little girl screaming for help like if you agree!

    The KIDThe KID7 dager siden
  • who's the girl break dancing?

    2Divine2Divine7 dager siden
  • Poppin ft. JJ Olatunji.

    EnhancedPlayzEnhancedPlayz7 dager siden
  • Wait there king bach

    Naiyan KabirNaiyan Kabir7 dager siden
  • why tf did ksi and purp go hard for some reason, lil pump still sucks

    Sean ZwickSean Zwick7 dager siden
  • Where is the seizure and epilepsy warning 😶

    mcctyhelpmcctyhelp7 dager siden
  • It’s weird how jake gets so much hate but his music is so much better than ksi without features ksi would be trash

    Bradley CrispBradley Crisp7 dager siden
    • Good joke jake pauls music better best joke of 2020 jake pauls music is💩💩💩

  • Lil pump is the type of guy to climb over a glass wall to see what's over it

    TaheemTaheem7 dager siden
  • Lil pump endorsed trump Purp got memed and embarrassed from his freestyle Trippy beefing with jj Half of Disimulation features😭😭

    Lil BeefLil Beef7 dager siden
  • Little pump songs are always good

    collin bicecollin bice7 dager siden
  • lil pump said nigga ?? .

    Koussay AyKoussay Ay8 dager siden
  • Opening girl?

    Don MaeidDon Maeid8 dager siden
  • KSI: Keep your eyes and ears open and keep your mouth shut. Also KSI: Money be dripping like water

    Rita PatilRita Patil8 dager siden
  • What Lil pump’s lyrics should be: Look at my dirty hands, corona Look at my neck, ebloa Look at my nose, malaria Look at my stomach, cholera Look at my legs, pneumonia Look at my eyebrows, abasia 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 Classic Lil pump

    Rita PatilRita Patil8 dager siden
  • 3:23 Me probleming to my all modules!!!

    Frankie GanalFrankie Ganal8 dager siden
  • Kiss Suck In

    SAKUツSAKUツ8 dager siden
  • Yea he sold his soul wit the devil

    BD KBD K8 dager siden
  • Who cares about lil pump anymore 👇

    Alex GamerAlex Gamer9 dager siden

    Stojan AleksandrovStojan Aleksandrov9 dager siden

    Journey BarnesJourney Barnes9 dager siden
    • @PerFictionz zz Ignore him, hes talking shit

      Victor GreenwoodVictor Greenwood5 dager siden
    • @PerFictionz zz KSI stole the beat of this song from the song what the f**k is happening by $uicideboy$

      Journey BarnesJourney Barnes8 dager siden
    • What?

      PerFictionz zzPerFictionz zz9 dager siden
  • This should’ve been in nfs heat

    Krishal KumarKrishal Kumar9 dager siden
  • $uicideboy$

    TooThrowedTooThrowed9 dager siden
  • $b beat btw

    Osama Bin LadenOsama Bin Laden9 dager siden
  • Lil Pump is the type of guy to cut his hair to make it longer

    7R Minty7R Minty9 dager siden
  • Whoa this is way better than I thought

    FadedReconFadedRecon10 dager siden
  • Why do put Lil pump on this song he just speaks random words and just making sex sounds

    Lil bombLil bomb10 dager siden
  • Everyine ghetto until lil pump starts his verse. And is anybody gonna talk about how zach kid is in this song0:44

    Caleb DragonCaleb Dragon10 dager siden
  • i swear i saw king batch

    Lucifer WalkerLucifer Walker11 dager siden
  • Pause and click 0:44

    Kelvin LigoyaKelvin Ligoya11 dager siden
  • Wait..did I just saw King Bach?

    MarkoMarko11 dager siden
  • I thought he would be on em's side and not lil pump and smokepurpp

  • fireeee

    josiah rojasjosiah rojas11 dager siden
  • This is fire

    Shreak 420Shreak 42011 dager siden
  • Pump was good jj was great and purpp was amazing

    saitamasaitama11 dager siden
  • People hating on this song but *it's Poppin*

    Jediael NongrumJediael Nongrum12 dager siden
  • So no one gonna talk about kingbach being in this video

    OmAr PaRrAOmAr PaRrA12 dager siden
  • That music sounds a lot like the music in wtf is happening by $uicideboy$

    TAC0TAC012 dager siden
    • Prolly cuz they sampled it

      TOPIɅSTOPIɅS11 dager siden
  • pump has shit lyrics but you cant lie this shit bangs

    memes Poppersmemes Poppers12 dager siden
  • No fucking way this was all the way in April

    Eli ZerpaEli Zerpa12 dager siden
    • Lmao

      sid2006sid200611 dager siden
  • White people from the U.S be like:

    El FrogEl Frog12 dager siden
  • This is actually the only ksi song that I come back to listen sometimes. Idc what people say, it's fire. Imo the best ksi song.

    FRIXFRIX13 dager siden
  • I’m gonna tell my kids this is how corona started

    oh yeah yeahoh yeah yeah13 dager siden
  • I count even tell who was smokepurpp and who was lil pump in the lyrics

    Zus TriXZus TriX13 dager siden
  • Wtf where is crypt

    Dylan HarrisDylan Harris13 dager siden
    • This was before the remix with Crypt

      Victor GreenwoodVictor Greenwood11 dager siden
  • Ha king bach is in there

    A CA C13 dager siden
  • This song is so underrated

    Okay BuddyOkay Buddy13 dager siden
  • Wait i saw king bach 1:34

    Desmond NgDesmond Ng14 dager siden
  • I’m here for Little Pimp 😂😂😂

    Minority ReportMinority Report14 dager siden
  • 0:42 OOOO000ooo°°°°

    YT_Incredibles_TVYT_Incredibles_TV14 dager siden
  • why kingbach in there?

    UncensoredUncensored15 dager siden
  • actually i am disappionted when i knew that KSI is a raper i liked him JJ cahnnel but this channel made me dissappointed soo i just wanna ay that this song sucks man

    hassan fareshassan fares15 dager siden
  • The Asian lady was completely pointless in this

    Patrick GrievesPatrick Grieves15 dager siden
  • Finally pump slaps

    D3XTR the kidD3XTR the kid15 dager siden
    • Yes finally someone sees his talent

      flaming dragon gbsflaming dragon gbs15 dager siden
  • damn u got more views on this than on stupid again by tory lanez

    Eric RoweEric Rowe15 dager siden
  • And Deji's version is called Boppin' because he can't do that in Fortnite

    M - Malachi S - SealyM - Malachi S - Sealy15 dager siden