KSI & Logan Paul Rewatch The First Boxing Fight - 40 Days

5. nov.. 2019
13 477 568 Ganger

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  • Look at Jake like he's going to do something..😂

    L CL C5 timer siden
  • F Shannon

    Fusion GamingFusion Gaming10 timer siden
  • I honestly think that the ref taking away those 2 points was absolute bullshit, Logan should have won

    AzekxΨAzekxΨ12 timer siden
    • He literally hook the back of his head and hit him when he was down, you obviously have never done boxing or looked into it. Your not allowed to punch the, groin, back of the head, kidney and the back.

      Bassist 224Bassist 22436 minutter siden
  • Shannon is so annoying. I know he’s a wel-known coach, but he’s so defensive over everything.

    Kevin CallensKevin Callens17 timer siden
  • The biggest fold in history

    Posting iOSPosting iOS22 timer siden
  • 6:30 “turns out I wasn’t fine.”

    Exclusive InfoExclusive Info23 timer siden
  • Bruh Jake dude how he talks man nah dude just stfu it doesnt mean u champ u are a prof boxer

    FrietenbakkerFrietenbakkerDag siden
  • Guys can we get together as Logan and Ksi fans and shit on Jake Paul now?

    Swiss fishing AdventuresSwiss fishing AdventuresDag siden
  • They need to stay on you tube they should not be boxing

    Allan KnightAllan KnightDag siden
  • Ksi is fighting like a kid

    Allan KnightAllan KnightDag siden
  • this is called an ego competition

    Ulysse BranchatUlysse BranchatDag siden

  • 15:00 Huh? Did I miss that part of the fight?

    The Cruise BrothersThe Cruise Brothers2 dager siden
  • This vid DID NOT feel like 16 minutes

    The Cruise BrothersThe Cruise Brothers2 dager siden
  • Logan still looked like a pro compared to ksi.

    Robert KarnickRobert Karnick2 dager siden
  • In fight 2 Logan should have won ksi missed half his punches

    Dustin HillDustin Hill2 dager siden
  • yall should rewatch the second one but this time be in same room or in a video chat

    #PgTrym91 Norwegian Sports fan, gamer & Guitarist#PgTrym91 Norwegian Sports fan, gamer & Guitarist2 dager siden
  • Logang more like shitgang.

    Monster GamingMonster Gaming2 dager siden
  • Logan should’ve kept that coach for the second fight instead of Shannon, at least he actually told Logan to stop showboating, the reason ksi won that fight was heart and he realised his mistakes from the first but Logan saw no mistakes and underestimated him had Logan not underestimated ksi and kept his cool it may have been a different outcome

    Stan TheNotSoManlyManStan TheNotSoManlyMan2 dager siden
  • 8:58 shanon predicts everything

    aakarshaakarsh2 dager siden
  • oi mate u use bandicam? Pretty shtewpid innit

    J3rryJ3rry2 dager siden
  • Logan:I'm bored of training Shannon:Let's go camp

    Arya pradiptaArya pradipta2 dager siden
  • 0:54 lololol you got dropped mate

    reekinn LADZ • 33 years agoreekinn LADZ • 33 years ago3 dager siden
  • I don’t know a lot about boxing but I know that ksi can mess up Logan anywhere anytime anything

    john johnjohn john3 dager siden
  • 4:25 i can watch porn and find better combo 👀

    krioz gamingkrioz gaming3 dager siden
  • Logan:being longest 3 min of my life everybody:your merchant is the longest 3 min in your life

    Vitaly BarajasVitaly Barajas3 dager siden
  • Reminded me of Kardashians lol

    GokuXDbigboi 13GokuXDbigboi 134 dager siden
  • How my man tell me that shannon has the audacity to keep calling Logan "champ"🤣🤣

    praise agudapraise aguda4 dager siden
  • ‘Im 10x better of a boxer and athlete than him’😂. Well... you lost

    Ben BentleyBen Bentley4 dager siden
  • I feel both of these NOworldrs are so cocky and talking bullshit man. Sure you can critizize your opponent, but for example Logan said his two hands are firearms, the heck is Logan talking about man. And KSI said one hit I’m taking down his carrier. Like what???

    The Game EnthusiastThe Game Enthusiast4 dager siden
  • I thought that there were gonna actually watch it together

    The Game EnthusiastThe Game Enthusiast4 dager siden
  • I like how jj is accepting his mistakes

    IllusionIllusion4 dager siden
  • Is Kai a heavy wait Champion ???

    CoolSquad GamerCoolSquad Gamer4 dager siden
  • the way Jake paul came on the stage is cringe

    ಥ_ಥಥ_ಥ4 dager siden
  • Logan Paul calls KSI a kid when KSI is about 3/4 yrs older than him

    BxzeBxze4 dager siden
  • Ksi is a good guy he said that was a cheap move and I respect that

  • You can really see the difference between jj and Logan’s team. JJ is admitting his mistakes and learning from them and Logan is being cocky and thinking he’s too shit while talking shit about JJ. shows who the real man is and then jj proved who the man is in the last fight

    Tilly RoseTilly Rose4 dager siden
  • ok first of all their both trash XD idk their equal so id say its a draw everytime but idk

    kelvin martinkelvin martin4 dager siden
  • I like how he says jj is cheesy but like has he seen his own little brother who smoked a cigar to look cool and jumped up in the ring like he was gonna fight jj? And also why tf is logan calling jj kid?🤣

    Ronnie SætreRonnie Sætre5 dager siden
  • Y dey calling ksi a kid

    YNG INCYNG INC5 dager siden
  • Man i thought they chillin togheter and watching it like friends. I got goofed

    Lightfire LPLightfire LP5 dager siden
  • If u are a fan of Logan paul or a fan of JJ..you have a lot of respect for Logan and JJ

    Super sandwichSuper sandwich5 dager siden
  • Without the headgear JJ would have won this fight

    Ian jamesIan james5 dager siden
  • Logan Paul= mini trump not accepting his defeat

    Timour FrickTimour Frick5 dager siden
  • Why is jake on this

    HaydenHayden5 dager siden
  • Logan should of one that fight

    The ReaperThe Reaper5 dager siden
  • them during the fighting 😡🤬🤬😡🤬 them after the rematch 😀😇😀😇

    holy water Huynhholy water Huynh5 dager siden
  • After watching this video it’s easy to see why KSI won, look at the trainers, is Shannon even training him? He’s just a really shit hype man.

    A HorseA Horse5 dager siden
  • KSI can’t fight guys, fights like a headless chicken

    Xhovan KolaXhovan Kola5 dager siden
  • Spoilers ksi will win

    MrDarklyMrDarkly5 dager siden

    bear big dddbear big ddd6 dager siden
  • You can tell Shannon was a beast in his day.

    Mario AnthonyMario Anthony6 dager siden
  • i never liked boxing but this is intense jeeeeez

    Mary KuschMary Kusch6 dager siden
  • I thought they were watching together.

  • 1,2,4,5 logan 3,6 ksi resault: DRAW

    ybrawleyybrawley6 dager siden
  • “I hate Ksi with all my heart” don’t worry jake everyone hates you

    Ok PastOk Past6 dager siden
  • Last year at November 8 was my birthday and at November 9 I got best birthday gift from a big man ksi ❤️

    YMR8YMR86 dager siden
  • Well Logan Paul was stronger but ksi still won, what a legend

    cute girl noob • 100 Years agocute girl noob • 100 Years ago6 dager siden
  • wait, that's boxing????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

    DiamondDoesEverythingDiamondDoesEverything6 dager siden
  • Gg.

  • They dont know how powerful JJ s wild free punch is🙌

    Amadeus PeñalosaAmadeus Peñalosa6 dager siden
  • They dont know how powerful JJ s wild free punch is🙌

    Amadeus PeñalosaAmadeus Peñalosa6 dager siden
  • JJ throws the shittiest most wild punches. After all the training ? Lmao

    Zack YadrnakZack Yadrnak6 dager siden
  • well you lost so hmmm

    d dd d6 dager siden
  • Tbh no one wanted Logan to win

    Stivn :DStivn :D7 dager siden
  • How tf did shannon say logan won round 6

    Stephen ShippStephen Shipp7 dager siden
  • I'm not gonna lie Logan has the best form

    Unforgivable YTUnforgivable YT7 dager siden
  • Somebody 2020?

    David Palm SvenssonDavid Palm Svensson7 dager siden
  • idk why but i lowkey want to see one of them go against manny pacquiao

    Geronimo VelardeGeronimo Velarde7 dager siden
  • " Lat Year i was just Alright, Next fight i'm ending his carrier" Man that got me gassed up

    Yashvir Singh ChawdharyYashvir Singh Chawdhary7 dager siden
  • Its ironic hearing logan call jj dirty

    Little BrickedLittle Bricked7 dager siden
    • Ini 😂

      Ciaran DonovanCiaran Donovan7 dager siden
  • I think they were both pretty honest about this.

    Yuki GEKYUMEYuki GEKYUME7 dager siden
  • A serious question tho. Who is the ultimate bigger prick?! Shannon or Jake?! 🌝

    Siraj Ul HaqSiraj Ul Haq7 dager siden
  • Even i can do better punch's then that 😂

    Baldeep SinghBaldeep Singh8 dager siden
  • they should do a mma match

    Montenegro GamesZSMontenegro GamesZS8 dager siden
  • Ksi booooo

    Zion AndrulotZion Andrulot9 dager siden
  • Jj sounds like he’s being interrogated in the beginning

    OnDaDot OfficialOnDaDot Official9 dager siden
  • Thank god ksi won

    all updateall update9 dager siden
  • Every logan Paul fan :*before the fight* lOgAn WiLl WiN , kSi Is A bItCh . **after the fight** is it just me **sad vikstar noises**

    fat_gregfat_greg9 dager siden
  • Two egotistic dudes watching their fights, should be the title of this video.

    J DJ D9 dager siden
  • Hahahaha this is real no way

  • "Jake is jake is yah next question" lmao

    Johnser Prakash KatesJohnser Prakash Kates9 dager siden
  • ksi makes fun of his own boxing and says joe weller has a better technique while logan just making fun of ksi and thinks he is the best boxer.Thank God there was a reddit to put ksi's ego down otherwise he would be an a hole but ksi is way better in personality than logan

    Johnser Prakash KatesJohnser Prakash Kates9 dager siden
  • logan paul calling ksi a kid while being 2 years younger than him is hypocritic

    Johnser Prakash KatesJohnser Prakash Kates9 dager siden
  • ksi boxing feels like when you swipe instead of tap in a video game

    Johnser Prakash KatesJohnser Prakash Kates9 dager siden
  • Their Trainers are more toxic than the Ytbers themselves

    KYFEEliteKYFEElite9 dager siden
  • At least Logan Paul recognized he’s not a real boxer

    Cameron kupkaCameron kupka9 dager siden
  • When’s this fight on?

    Kyan DasKyan Das10 dager siden
  • Lets go champ !

    Dipti SinghDipti Singh10 dager siden
  • drop another

    Kingson SKingson S10 dager siden
  • Me to I hate you ksi

    MJ7rockstar PGMJ7rockstar PG10 dager siden
  • 1st fight I thought Logan was going to win 2nd fight I thought KSI was going to win

  • Spoiler Alert: He wasn’t prepared for it 12:41

    ayochrrisayochrris11 dager siden
  • Logan was giving so many excuses

    Loyiso ZotwaneLoyiso Zotwane11 dager siden
  • Jake is such a little bishh

    Evan HallEvan Hall11 dager siden
  • KSI actually gave some credit when he rewatched this and Logan Paul was cocky all the time. And paul said he's a dirty boxer but then paul hits his backhead when ksi falls

    ShawnShawn11 dager siden
  • Can't y'all just be friends

    Adarsh BobbiliAdarsh Bobbili12 dager siden
  • Every time logan and jake paul talk why do i feel like im about to freeking barf

    benjamin caleb piadbenjamin caleb piad12 dager siden
  • You see Logan was focused on the spotlight behind it. “The biggest event in NOworld history” JJ was focused on actually winning. Logan just wanted the attention again

    Conar KuhnConar Kuhn12 dager siden
  • Logan with that kind of braces or i dunno in the fight *I feel Uncomfortable*

    DifernoDiferno12 dager siden