KSI - Killa Killa [Thrilla Thrilla] feat. Aiyana-Lee Official Music Video

17. juli. 2020
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Baddie run the trap when I’m in these streets
You don’t wanna play no no
Got a target on your back standing next to me

Hell no
You don’t know who you’re (Ah!)

Bad gal with that look in her eye
That’ll make the devil smile
Papi tell me can you handle my type
Ballin on my level now

Cause mami’s a killa killa
Shoot like gorilla rilla
So papi tell me can you handle my type?

Hell no
You don’t know who you’re FUCKING with

Music punching or the internet, I kill all of that
20 million when I see the net, I made all of that
Even when I’m ill I see the vet, I’m an animal
They know I’m eating up the threat, Like I’m Hannibal
I got no reason to panic when all the money paid
Tailor made wearing Armani now that I’m feeling suede
Money May now I can choose the weather on any day
Anyway, King of the drama killing it everyday
Know you hurting Cos you always throwback
Rolling through the pieces on a Kodak
I’m the catch, saving like a goalie
Wishing but I know you fucking hate me

Bad gal with that look in her eye
That’ll make the devil smile
Papi tell me can you handle my type
Ballin on my level now

Cause mami’s a killa killa
Shoot like gorilla rilla
So papi tell me can you handle my type?

Hell no you don’t know who ya, Na
You don’t know who you’re fucking with
I know many come and go when I go to this (I know many)
Turn up in a killer mode, legacy fiddling
End another man and then I’m leaving them piddling
I’m a beast when I’m onnit
Hotter than your bonnet
I really want it like buffalo needing women
Shredding it
And then I’m deading it
Repeating me winning the figure like I’m Benedict
Got the money flowing proper like an ATM
Gotta see me glowing proper with that Alien
Taller than the Makkah when I gotta stack it up
Now she Sounding like Chewbacca when she back it up

Bad gal with that look in her eye
That’ll make the devil smile
Papi tell me can you handle my type
Ballin on my level now

Cause mami’s a killa killa
Shoot like gorilla rilla
So papi tell me can you handle my type?

Hell no
You don’t know who you’re FUCKING with
Directed By Troy Roscoe: instagram.com/troyroscoe_/?hl=en
Co-directed by: Nayip Ramos
Music Management: Mams Taylor -
RBC Records
#KillaKilla #KSI #AiyanaLee #HipHop

  • babatunde is hungry for the watah thats why he is stealing money he could buy all the watah in the entire wold

    darko durdeskidarko durdeski20 minutter siden
  • 1:19 Yo Calfreezy made it in!

    DinoFieldDinoFieldTime siden
  • This could be a PUBG radio song

    Red LineRed Line17 timer siden
  • Plot twist:he trynna stop google from saying he 5’9

    MR. BlueMR. BlueDag siden
  • He teleport he attac he protec but most important: he can't download a windows crac [i know it is old, stolen and not funny but respect the work bruh=]]]]]]]]] ]

    Radu-Dumitru BurcaRadu-Dumitru BurcaDag siden
  • so thats why jj is so rich

    darko durdeskidarko durdeskiDag siden
  • Only good thing is da video now this hits different on mute

    Maree 4xMaree 4x2 dager siden
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    Fathimath Ibrahim DidiFathimath Ibrahim Didi2 dager siden
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  • This is so Underated

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    Verlang GamietteVerlang Gamiette3 dager siden
  • somebody notice the typing 0:07

    insaaf imthiyasinsaaf imthiyas4 dager siden
  • JJ has Za warudo now

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    • Okay.

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  • This must have been the song Jake Paul was talking about. Bad song, amazing music vid

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  • Am I the only one who thinks that this sounds like Man Down by Rihanna?

  • jj still didnt continue this video im pissed

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  • I saw ksi venting at admin at 1:22

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  • Man in some Goku Instant Teleportation shit ....

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  • Missing the Times when comments are about the song Btw great song and a very nice Feature

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  • This is so underrated

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  • A iyana did so good

    {Itz_Fearless}{Itz_Fearless}23 dager siden
  • Don’t get tricked it’s about him trying to activate windows

    ImZachhImZachh23 dager siden
  • I love ksi , but in my oppinion this song was not as good as others that he made

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  • i wanna be abile to do the same

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  • like if this should a movie

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  • When you were in the vent it reminded me of the hunger games and I thought it would be so cool if you were in a hunger games type movie or series.

    Cockler DopplerCockler Doppler24 dager siden
  • Why did this song die down so quickly

    ta_dull_9519 Jabaarta_dull_9519 Jabaar25 dager siden
  • lol you complaining about how the edits of you make a earth quake and in your music video you jump out of the vent and you make the earth shake

    Aaron lemleyAaron lemley25 dager siden
  • I had to come here to get Jake Paul’s stupid songs out of my head

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  • Everything about this epitomises what is wrong with modern life. KSI is not an American rapper, he's a nobody from England who got famous for whoring himself out videoing himself to get famous. There is no good in his intentions unless they add to his fame, popularity and money. And don't give it "oh he's given to charity", if you have 100 million and you give some away you're not a charitable person...you've just got enough money to donate some. Charity is putting yourself out. The fact this bredda has gone into pro boxing and sold huge numbers having never had a fight, gets millions of NOworld views cos he's now an American auto tuned rapper.....he's making a mockery of authenticity and talent. He's not a good boxer, he's not a good MC, he's not a good bloke......he has the integrity of a balloon. Hot air. Fuck this shit I hate you all anyway you self absorbed spiritless leeches. When I make it, I ain't giving out autographs...not cos I'm a cunt but I'm just a bredda. If you want an autograph go ask someone who makes a difference. Supporting this commercial rape is killing the need to be talented, hard working, moral - it's teaching kids "why write bars margin to margin every night, why get up cracking eggs and running up the steps in the snow.....instead I'll just get famous for tubing and then I can pick whatever career I want whenever I want". KSI for President. Anyway I'm gonna go now, frankly the journey I've been on in my life is too divine to waste my time explaining to you tadpoles why this is bad for your soul. Don't confuse commercial ability with credibility - that in mind, I'd stop KSI within 4 rounds and body bag him in a clash in 3. And I still won't give you my autograph. Thank you or fuck you, you can choose. Mr.P

    Mr. PMr. P27 dager siden
    • Ayo stfu

      SlimmThiccLegend _SlimmThiccLegend _25 dager siden
    • Nobody, actually nobody asked

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  • I’m fat

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  • Idk if I missed it but it's been 3 months and no part 2 yet

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    SolidGold RobotSolidGold Robot28 dager siden
  • 😆Guys, I downloaded a video of a warehouse, I hope to see like you, and subscribe to a channel

    Iraqi And proudIraqi And proud29 dager siden
  • 😆Guys, I downloaded a video of a warehouse, I hope to see like you, and subscribe to a channel

    Iraqi And proudIraqi And proud29 dager siden
  • BEARUS!!!

    ItzTrollzItzTrollz29 dager siden
  • bro his views in this is like the views in hes second channel and he just getting bullied there and get 4 to 8 mil views

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  • So this is the guy who made Lamborghini lmaooooo

    ML34XML34X29 dager siden
  • I thought the singer was a guy who didn't hit puberty properly before I watched the video...

    Reazar87Reazar87Måned siden
  • Well it Kinda 🥇🥇

  • Logan Pohl and Jake Poul has better music better mates and a better boxer than you

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      Aiden MoeAiden Moe22 dager siden
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  • i just don’t understand why she has to hack in a bra

    Roman FrazerRoman FrazerMåned siden
    • Why not 🙂

      Speo _Speo _28 dager siden

    NizNizNizNizMåned siden
  • ksi's ruining the music

    Kirbey TecsonKirbey TecsonMåned siden
    • How

      Laurence EssienLaurence EssienMåned siden
  • um, it hasnt been continued, jj giving us the uploads he promised once again

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  • KSI, a guy who can quantum phase through space and time and, has a thermal x-ray vision, but crawls through a vent in order to sneak into a safe

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