KSI - Killa Killa (feat. Aiyana-Lee) [Official Lyric Video]

3. juli. 2020
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Baddie run the trap when I’m in these streets
You don’t wanna play no no
Got a target on your back standing next to me

Hell no
You don’t know who you’re (Ah!)

Bad gal with that look in her eye
That’ll make the devil smile
Papi tell me can you handle my type
Ballin on my level now

Cause mami’s a killa killa
Shoot like gorilla rilla
So papi tell me can you handle my type?

Hell no
You don’t know who you’re FUCKING with

Music punching or the internet, I kill all of that
20 million when I see the net, I made all of that
Even when I’m ill I see the vet, I’m an animal
They know I’m eating up the threat, Like I’m Hannibal
I got no reason to panic when all the money paid
Tailor made wearing Armani now that I’m feeling suede
Money May now I can choose the weather on any day
Anyway, King of the drama killing it everyday
Know you hurting Cos you always throwback
Rolling through the pieces on a Kodak
I’m the catch, saving like a goalie
Wishing but I know you fucking hate me

Bad gal with that look in her eye
That’ll make the devil smile
Papi tell me can you handle my type
Ballin on my level now

Cause mami’s a killa killa
Shoot like gorilla rilla
So papi tell me can you handle my type?

Hell no you don’t know who ya, Na
You don’t know who you’re fucking with
I know many come and go when I go to this (I know many)
Turn up in a killer mode, legacy fiddling
End another man and then I’m leaving them piddling
I’m a beast when I’m onnit
Hotter than your bonnet
I really want it like buffalo needing women
Shredding it
And then I’m deading it
Repeating me winning the figure like I’m Benedict
Got the money flowing proper like an ATM
Gotta see me glowing proper with that Alien
Taller than the Makkah when I gotta stack it up
Now she Sounding like Chewbacca when she back it up

Bad gal with that look in her eye
That’ll make the devil smile
Papi tell me can you handle my type
Ballin on my level now

Cause mami’s a killa killa
Shoot like gorilla rilla
So papi tell me can you handle my type?

Hell no
You don’t know who you’re FUCKING with
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  • Anyone else wish the whole song was done using the flow between 0:54 and 1:05? Just me?

    Benjamin ArnoldBenjamin Arnold18 timer siden
  • Killa hakan

    Emır OnerEmır Oner2 dager siden
  • If Aiyanna wasn't on the song , the song would be dead

    AceifyAceify3 dager siden
  • Aiyana caried this song sry jj

    Jens wisselinkJens wisselink3 dager siden
  • 👑 KSI 👑 >>>>> JJ Olatunji

    Ninja ANinja A3 dager siden
  • The bear is cute

    Goku GohanGoku Gohan3 dager siden
  • 0:39 bruh what in the sharingan of sasuke !!!! that's beerus sama yo!!

    Sambuja Al-YafeiSambuja Al-Yafei4 dager siden
  • Dude jake u are a complete loser in front of this king. " hell no you don't know you are fucking with" was for you jake :))

    Imran MasoodImran Masood4 dager siden
  • I just have a question. Who the fuck edited this. I’ve seen worse movies.

  • When I listen to this it automatically feels like May/June again

    emma o’brienemma o’brien8 dager siden
  • Petition to make a "Really Love" version of this!

    JRJR9 dager siden
  • HI

    Eli GamingEli Gaming13 dager siden
  • i wish babatunde rapped this entire song

    Intel X GamerIntel X Gamer14 dager siden
  • this part is fire!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 0:40 like if you agree

    dorsalvstormdorsalvstorm15 dager siden
  • ❤️

    DonnyBantsDonnyBants16 dager siden
  • But jj gave himself hair.

    Ahmed NasirAhmed Nasir18 dager siden
    • A fan drew it

      Pep GuardiolaPep Guardiola16 dager siden
  • Delusional, They forgot to feature Bearus.

    C0RPSEC0RPSE20 dager siden
  • Ksi:the only person in the world that would put lyrics in the description, In a lyric video...

    MUZZ GUYMUZZ GUY20 dager siden
    • its because the lyrics in the vid are written in weird fonts

      GrumpyBoomerGrumpyBoomer11 dager siden

    rüzgar ökselrüzgar öksel23 dager siden
  • killa killa

    salwa jawadsalwa jawad25 dager siden
  • aiyana as bearus also ksi: hugging bearus what if aiyana is ksi’s girlfriend

    Mitch_ -Mitch_ -25 dager siden
  • Kol 5ara

    FIRE ON FIREFIRE ON FIRE26 dager siden
  • Actually mt favourite ksi song

    Naaku AlloteyNaaku Allotey26 dager siden
  • Soooooooo when are the boxing gloves coming on stop avoiding it man it's like you won once and dont wanna lose

    Kid Sh3lbyKid Sh3lby27 dager siden
    • @Kid Sh3lby he gonna take jake soon enough fam

      BakiBaki7 dager siden
    • @GrumpyBoomer no you but jokes aside sir boomer I'm sure you dont like it either when people dont back up their talk he said he'd take the Paul's only took one and now hes playing Osama's game of hiding

      Kid Sh3lbyKid Sh3lby10 dager siden
    • y u mad lol

      GrumpyBoomerGrumpyBoomer11 dager siden
    • @noobmaster130 lol that's not an answer that's an excuse everyone's making moves during the pandemic even him so go do your h.w and go to sleep you gotta wake up at 7am and dont forget your homework

      Kid Sh3lbyKid Sh3lby21 dag siden
    • he can't fight cause a whole pandemic happening right now...just use a little logic and you knew you answer

      noobmaster130noobmaster13022 dager siden
  • In the reddit it says baldski

    Carl Francis GarciaCarl Francis Garcia27 dager siden
  • I think this is better than the official music video tbh

    SuperGamer BroSuperGamer Bro27 dager siden
  • This is the best song hands down if you disagree with we gonna have problems

    Imraan MughalImraan Mughal29 dager siden
    • btw we not gonna have problems if u think this song is in the top 5

      Imraan MughalImraan Mughal29 dager siden
  • 1:05 the beat just flows too good here

    vRose AnimationsvRose AnimationsMåned siden
  • Lol the thumbnail is funny

    Mohammed AYZAAZMohammed AYZAAZMåned siden
  • Racist u said taller than makkah

    R P RULESR P RULESMåned siden

    Musa MohammadiMusa MohammadiMåned siden
  • Lyrics: It's on the screen!

    PinguGamer89 _PinguGamer89 _Måned siden
  • not the biggest rap fan but this is pretty good!

  • The beat tho

    Alex KurasAlex KurasMåned siden
  • What do you know. A British rapper that doesn’t sound ridiculous. lol

    L&EL&EMåned siden
  • leng song

    Nathuchaa KopalamoorthyNathuchaa KopalamoorthyMåned siden

    Musa MohammadiMusa MohammadiMåned siden
  • i loved that OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO in the song

    ZeefanPlayzZeefanPlayzMåned siden
  • I love how he put the hair

    Mnsnyc Family :3 GuerbiMnsnyc Family :3 GuerbiMåned siden
  • This is Fire no cap

    Ruffles TVRuffles TVMåned siden
  • اول تعليق عربي

    الورد الوردالورد الوردMåned siden
  • this is how good this song is 👇

    mohammad taher rasekhmohammad taher rasekhMåned siden
  • wow this bad I love jake and ksi not killer

    colt Hainescolt HainesMåned siden
  • wtf was that thumbnail

    HN WVHN WVMåned siden

    W key AmarW key AmarMåned siden
  • Dude, Ksi is fucking crazy with the lyrics, this is 🔥

    Control - FireControl - FireMåned siden
  • 0:40 Beerus

  • Just heard this on the radio

    WillianWillianMåned siden
  • Love it!!!!?

    Jayzon TorresJayzon TorresMåned siden
  • He's so much better than Jake Paul and there are people even discussing about it?

    delbrooxdelbrooxMåned siden
  • Fire. Blazing!

    Midnight LunaMidnight LunaMåned siden
  • skrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr thats the killa

    Shivam ShuklaShivam ShuklaMåned siden
  • Rip bearus

    sidemen simpsidemen simpMåned siden
  • This put the live action shoot of the vevo look like the trash

    WispyEmperorWispyEmperorMåned siden
  • JJ should do a heavy metal style song with Scarlxrd

    NightmareNightmareMåned siden
  • This just shows jj is the best youtuber out there.

    Obama CareObama CareMåned siden
  • 1:53 did he just use the word Makkah can any one explain

    Zahid KhanZahid KhanMåned siden
  • RIP Bearus

    John AppleseedJohn AppleseedMåned siden
  • Watch in 1.25 speed way better

    Jahanara BegumJahanara BegumMåned siden
  • KSI didn't actually make this

    saima zubairsaima zubairMåned siden
  • Ha

    Amanda PinningtonAmanda PinningtonMåned siden
  • Try not a a rrrr r r I don’t have a problem coming coming on rrrrr try not not you can you go live live with with me me me so so I’m

    DjsjjsjsjsjdjdkDjsjjsjsjsjdjdkMåned siden
  • This needs to have 100m views this is a banger

    UnknownUnknownMåned siden
    • hard

      Micah Tai'iMicah Tai'iMåned siden
  • Pubg tedyy

    AG NOTALYTAG NOTALYT2 måneder siden
  • Who prefers this over the music vid?

    T MT M2 måneder siden
  • This is deadass the end credit music of a spy movie

    thebigbazthebigbaz2 måneder siden
  • All the dislikes r 8 year old Jake Paul fans

    Liam BujimansLiam Bujimans2 måneder siden
  • From Reddit to million views

    Nikko Andrei C. GepayoNikko Andrei C. Gepayo2 måneder siden
  • nice

    Matteo TropianoMatteo Tropiano2 måneder siden
  • Did I just saw beerus

    Demon vickyDemon vicky2 måneder siden
  • Fu*king lit my brruh

    Yeet BoiiYeet Boii2 måneder siden
  • bearus

    SteamySteamy2 måneder siden

    MD IMTIAZMD IMTIAZ2 måneder siden
  • Addiction one time watching it all the time

    Mariyam AhmedMariyam Ahmed2 måneder siden
    • Hey did he just say: i am higher than makkah

      no lolno lol2 måneder siden
  • Yay am still here why did he get rid of that balding

    Roger slick LolRoger slick Lol2 måneder siden
  • Jj :puts up a lyruc video Also jj : Puts the lyrics in the description too

    SeawrdSeawrd2 måneder siden
  • This beats the music video

  • Dam your getting better

    Cole TubbsCole Tubbs2 måneder siden
    • No

      Karen JohnsonKaren Johnson2 måneder siden
  • My g was that a dragon ball z god I see in the video 🤯🤯 my g

    Mr Tyler 12 & RE88 T2Mr Tyler 12 & RE88 T22 måneder siden
  • This song is dope

    Munchie LunchieMunchie Lunchie2 måneder siden
    • Yeah but ksi ruined it

      Karen JohnsonKaren Johnson2 måneder siden
  • Omg this sounds so much better than his to New singles...no CAP

    Z!RoZ!Ro2 måneder siden
  • Great song. Question: was anyone else also hugely surprised finding out Aiyana Lee is only 16? 😂

    Alex Le MemeAlex Le Meme2 måneder siden
    • ჯსსჯ oh ok Google is a liar 😂

      Alex Le MemeAlex Le MemeMåned siden
    • No she isn't she is 19.

      ჯსსჯჯსსჯMåned siden
  • 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

    Gerardo Rodriguez HernandezGerardo Rodriguez Hernandez2 måneder siden
  • First KSI song I have every heard. Am a big fan now.

    Simrah QureshiSimrah Qureshi2 måneder siden
  • Bearus made it

    Ok_boom _erOk_boom _er2 måneder siden
  • He actually used it 😀

    Ok_boom _erOk_boom _er2 måneder siden
  • dude i want JJ's songs to reach 1m likes cmon

    oblixxxoblixxx2 måneder siden
  • Logan Paul fans disliked this

    Lucas 46Lucas 462 måneder siden
  • "shoot like Gorilla" ... Too soon mate. 2020 Dix still out 🖤

    aAáÁAAaAáÁAA2 måneder siden
  • Lol

    EKTHAWEKTHAW2 måneder siden

    GHOST OPERATIONS with Cheuk Guan TingGHOST OPERATIONS with Cheuk Guan Ting2 måneder siden
  • Wow this guy KSI really has true talent man! Who this JJ tryna copy KSI hmmmmmmmmmm

    PltyPlty2 måneder siden
  • 😍😍😍😍

    Feriel OulidkalaiFeriel Oulidkalai2 måneder siden
  • Who the killer???

    Bossfun_1Bossfun_12 måneder siden
  • This is the best thing jj has done he hasn’t done a lot of that

    UserUser2 måneder siden
  • wow 👏

    Sama- RobloxSama- Roblox2 måneder siden
  • Banger

    Rosie HewittRosie Hewitt2 måneder siden
  • Dude beat all Grime artists ever Eski boy, Dizzy, Kano and Devlin never got this big.

    Nolan ZuchiniNolan Zuchini2 måneder siden
  • No offense to KSI but Aiyana carried him in this song

    Fineas AndFerbFineas AndFerb2 måneder siden
  • Absolute banger

    DrenDren2 måneder siden