10. juli. 2018
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Huge thank you to ITP Live and Dubai Summer Surprises for inviting me to the DSS Gaming Challenge:


    Sir. PotatoSir. Potato10 dager siden
  • The title rhymes

    Dr. CookiDr. Cooki12 dager siden
  • Ksi short list Lol

    Sceptical DraxSceptical Drax27 dager siden
  • Free robux

    Travis ScottTravis ScottMåned siden
  • black is the most powerful in the earth

    limuel balsamolimuel balsamoMåned siden
  • Ksi

    Emanuel alonso MarcellaEmanuel alonso Marcella2 måneder siden
  • *"£15,000 not even expensive"* My G you live in dubai..

    ohnowireohnowire2 måneder siden
    • bruh

      MrUAEMrUAE2 måneder siden
  • Logan’s meet and greet was better than ksi one

    Sulaiman ShahbazSulaiman Shahbaz2 måneder siden
  • Where is the goofball sitting on the chair laughing his ass out

    HRH jrHRH jr2 måneder siden
  • Sidemen watching this like dafuq-

    Abbie SucklingAbbie Suckling4 måneder siden
  • Logan got huge amount of fans

    Avez KAvez K4 måneder siden
  • It sounds like they are saying ksimon

    XqiusaŷXqiusaŷ4 måneder siden
  • Honestly I lived there for 17 years and I was there when this happned and I would not go there unless it on holiday be cuz after 10 years living there is too difficult

    A.G-A.G-4 måneder siden
  • 15.000 pounds didn't expensive, this guy just look the stack like nothing

    ladybug 24ladybug 245 måneder siden
  • Logan have more fans then ksi in Dubai😂🤣

    Skulboi BoiboiSkulboi Boiboi5 måneder siden
  • اكو عرب بالطيارة

    teeb sbahiteeb sbahi6 måneder siden
  • anyone here after he won

    فهد الدوسري٤٢٠فهد الدوسري٤٢٠6 måneder siden
  • Ksi you say this ashhado an La aellah ala Allah and ashhado an Mohamed aihbdah and rasullahh

    Eid MansyEid Mansy7 måneder siden
  • I was there everyone was shouting Walmart kinda embarrassing

    Jolene Ol'earyJolene Ol'eary7 måneder siden
  • This was the most elite time of ksi, idc🙅🏽‍♂️, nice hair, vlogging videos, training videos, sidemen videos were elite at this time as well...RIP, now Logan’s gonna overtake him in subs😔😪

    MJCMJC7 måneder siden
  • KSI now: phat

    FraistFraist7 måneder siden
  • Who else 2020 April ??

    Unity opUnity op7 måneder siden
  • Of course i find out that he came to dubai just now :/

    Bamgine AkneehowBamgine Akneehow8 måneder siden
  • Where my chammaks at?

    Moath AlkhatibMoath Alkhatib8 måneder siden
  • This is a room 😂😂😂😂😂😂😭

    Muhammad Yousaf SaeedMuhammad Yousaf Saeed11 måneder siden
  • U should come to Saudi Arabia bro

    scary mobscary mob11 måneder siden
  • Lol JJ was in Dubai on my birthday 🎁

    Aryaan PetiwallaAryaan Petiwalla11 måneder siden
  • Jj I think I saw you at the Dubai mall with Randolph

    tydelfntydelfnÅr siden
  • How only 1.7 million views

    ThaKidHamzaThaKidHamzaÅr siden
  • Last

    JackTSSJackTSSÅr siden
  • Any Tamil Ksi fans? If so reply to my comment

    Harshanth 07Harshanth 07År siden
  • Compare it to logan paul vlog in dubai.

    BaraaZrekatBaraaZrekatÅr siden
  • “I already know I’ve won this”

    Sam Bernald RossSam Bernald RossÅr siden
  • proud to see ksi visit dubai cos thats where im from and ksi is just a legend

    MOAZMOAZÅr siden
  • ksi u should be happy u even have arab fans cos arabs are just special people (not gonna explain how) btw im an arab too

    MOAZMOAZÅr siden
  • flex on the haters

    Idk my name 69Idk my name 69År siden
  • That place looked abandoned compared to Logan's visit....

    leroy jenkinsleroy jenkinsÅr siden
  • Why did Randolph have to speak in this video

    Benji XuBenji XuÅr siden
  • I want to that mall before

    Potato LoverPotato LoverÅr siden
  • Ohh yeah yeah

    Hansom EggHansom EggÅr siden
  • Oh yeah yeah

    Hansom EggHansom EggÅr siden
  • Oh yeah yeah

    Hansom EggHansom EggÅr siden
  • Oh yeah yeah

    Hansom EggHansom EggÅr siden
  • Oh yeah yeah

    Hansom EggHansom EggÅr siden
  • 8:43

    Fardeen HasanFardeen HasanÅr siden
  • 8:37 I'm there 3 times!

    Fardeen HasanFardeen HasanÅr siden
  • Logan is better.

    Miss AkiraMiss AkiraÅr siden
  • i ment amazing

    Elisa RodriguezElisa RodriguezÅr siden
  • that meet and great was lame

    Elisa RodriguezElisa RodriguezÅr siden
  • 2019 ksi vs logan draw

    Vinsky FernandesVinsky FernandesÅr siden
  • Category: sports

    SalmanSalmanÅr siden
  • But Still, Logan Won Cause The Fans Were Like 10,000 And They Closed The Dubai Mall

    DogeHorseDogeHorseÅr siden
  • Ksi sucks Logan rocks

    Gowtham VasudevanGowtham Vasudevan2 år siden
  • Logan Paul's stay in Dubai is waaayyyy more of a banger.

    Gabriel GarciaGabriel Garcia2 år siden
  • You think you can get a lot of people to go to your dumb meet and greet like Logan nah bruh

    Roda mae PanganibanRoda mae Panganiban2 år siden
  • What is the of the song 0:12

    Mohamed TamerMohamed Tamer2 år siden
  • all dislikes are the logang

    nimco lovenimco love2 år siden
  • ksi should come to abu dhabi

    Ovin FernandesOvin Fernandes2 år siden
  • I wish I was there but I don’t live in Dubai

    0beyer0beyer2 år siden
  • Logan had straight triple the fans for real😂😂😂🤙🤙🤙🤙

    Nayan BhargavaNayan Bhargava2 år siden
    • Kids

      PhysePhyse2 år siden
  • I was in Dubai in my dream HAHAAHAHHA

    Marino ツMarino ツ2 år siden
  • this man said room to a Mansion damn 1 room is probably half of my flat

    Dann NochDann Noch2 år siden
  • Whatch Logan in Dubai

    Kirit ChavadaKirit Chavada2 år siden
  • DUBAI😍😍😍😍

    ahibar q8ahibar q82 år siden
  • Arkada Burak Balkan Şarkısı ! 🔥

    DeepDown! MusicDeepDown! Music2 år siden
  • His laugh hilarious and contagious 😂🤟🏽❤️

    Luh momoLuh momo2 år siden

    Layla Elkho-JoséLayla Elkho-José2 år siden
  • and I live in dubai wish I could see ksi

    Ovin FernandesOvin Fernandes2 år siden
  • lol its 25th augest

    Ovin FernandesOvin Fernandes2 år siden
  • I hate Dubai

    STC MAMBOSTC MAMBO2 år siden
  • 8:26 song?

    Callum ChukCallum Chuk2 år siden
  • Logan's meet and greet was bigger and you had people yelling Walmart at you (you would understand if you watched Logan's press conference)

    Alina DutraAlina Dutra2 år siden
  • I made a fan made trailer for ksi v logan paul

    Lara HewittLara Hewitt2 år siden
  • the 83k ppl who liked suck but u can un suck by disliking and joining the 4.6k

    jinniejinnie2 år siden
  • i gotta go die now thx to ksi:) i aint wanna live in a place he's been to! ima go book a ticket to go somewhere he never been to (or just die)

    jinniejinnie2 år siden
  • This is nothing in front of logan paul's meet n greet

    RISHI singhRISHI singh2 år siden

    Framtidatjej 4Framtidatjej 42 år siden
  • Am from Dubai 🇦🇪🇦🇪🇦🇪

    Shouq StarShouq Star2 år siden
  • You have bares of fans bro

    The GamerThe Gamer2 år siden
  • Did KSI meet Mo vlogs

    KamzzツKamzzツ2 år siden
  • حيوووو طارق الحربي 9:41

    BanjoBanjo2 år siden
  • You copied Logan and loans meet and greet was bigger

    Asa L.Asa L.2 år siden
  • Ksi i bet you dont even afored a mother fuckig car

    Jimmy CantosJimmy Cantos2 år siden

    Skyler BlueSkyler Blue2 år siden
  • We got ourselves an international legend Here

    Aileen GuillenAileen Guillen2 år siden
  • Not as big as Logan’s Meet and Greet in Dubai m8 😂

    The Super SiblingsThe Super Siblings2 år siden
  • السلام عليكم

    Mohammed AlassaadMohammed Alassaad2 år siden
  • Walmart

    Hunter PualersHunter Pualers2 år siden
  • i subscribed

    Vlogging Brothers!Vlogging Brothers!2 år siden
  • I’m streaming the fight mine won’t get taken down because it will be on subscriber mode only so the bots can’t take it down

    Tupac ShakurTupac Shakur2 år siden
  • Was ugly zerka behind the camera

    Yusuf NawazYusuf Nawaz2 år siden
  • Ksi the car that has three wheels is called rhe polaris slingshot

    AMD RyzenAMD Ryzen2 år siden
  • shit ksi was in dubai and i didint know that welp i am in dubai

    Hank the NinjaHank the Ninja2 år siden

    Squid PloSquid Plo2 år siden
    • the paulers are human trash

      Ibrahim AlAliIbrahim AlAli2 år siden
  • Your channel dead, you’re using Logan name to get views!

    Daily SRDaily SR2 år siden
  • Ksi is stoned

    l u k el u k e2 år siden
  • due, some random huge front teeth kid next to ksi and he doesn't give a shit. wtf man

    buk0.buk0.2 år siden
  • Buh the rolce Royce as a winner gift!

    Anders Møller KofoedAnders Møller Kofoed2 år siden
    • Buy*

      Anders Møller KofoedAnders Møller Kofoed2 år siden
  • FYI Elevators are for lazy non-wining fuckers

    EmqirxsEmqirxs2 år siden
  • Guyh

    yfhfhf jzzuududyfhfhf jzzuudud2 år siden