KSI - Down Like That feat. Rick Ross, Lil Baby & S-X (Official Video)

22. nov.. 2019
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Director: Nayip Ramos
Producer : Casey Schreffler


Hook (S-X)

You gotta go,
Go and let me down like that (ay)
Down like that
(Oh) Why,
Why you go and let down like that, (ay)
Down like

I was nothin but loyal to you right from the start
You changed up on me as soon as things start getting hard
I’ve only seen the light despite us being in the dark
And you let me down like that, yeah
Down like that (oh why)

Verse 1 (KSI)

Yeah, yeah,
I want that knockdown
Fuck up the system,
Make it shut down,
I’m cold with this, slow man down like Freezer
Wanna backstab like Frieza
Dictate death like Caesar
Always come through with a bee
Got to do a lot to trouble me
Visionary still won’t tunnel me
Me to you, now that will chuckle me
Devilish views when they’re aiming at the profit
Emitting pain till you’re nothing
Remember what I said when that pussy tried moving with the opps
Now he back with the blocks nigga

Hook (S-X)

You gotta go,
Go and let me down like that (ay)
Down like that
(Oh) Why,
Why you go and let down like that, (ay)
Down like

I was nothin but loyal to you right from the start
You changed up on me as soon as things start getting hard
I’ve only seen the light despite us being in the dark
And you let me down like that, yeah
Down like that (oh why)

Verse 2 (Rick Ross)

(It’s the biggest in the game!)

Phantoms in my yard
So ring around the Rolls (Skrr)
Hardest on the block
The biggest one, da boss
Helicopter pad the home of Sammy Sosa (Biggest)
Stealing all the bases I’m the ladies token (Wooo)

Bitches always bad, I’m known to blow the budgets
Meek was at the crib
So double M the subject (Ahh)
Condo got three levels, Postmate all the lunches
Flippin’ all the kilos, keepin’ all the grudges

Verse 3 (Lil Baby)

Ain’t no more let downs
Unless the top getting dropped
I love it at the top
My concierge don’t ever stop me
You know I fuck with Ross
I even went and bought da block
A hundred million dollars strong
I really came from sellin rocks
Championship belt
Them VVS they spark
Steal it hit the gas and get out on the narcs
Killas move for free
I just can’t pick a cost
Put the drip on market took it to the charts
Now I’m rocking with The Biggest
And I’m fucking with The Boss

Hook (S-X)

You gotta go,
Go and let me down like that (ay)
Down like that
(Oh) Why,
Why you go and let down like that, (ay)
Down like

I was nothin but loyal to you right from the start
You changed up on me as soon as things start getting hard
I’ve only seen the light despite us being in the dark
And you let me down like that, yeah
Down like that (oh why)
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    Smelly_chicken 69Smelly_chicken 69Time siden
  • I love this song ( not )

    Mahi’s good life 😃Mahi’s good life 😃2 timer siden
  • This is fire

    Ian HallIan Hall3 timer siden
  • this is honestly one of my all time best songs

    Archie HolmanArchie Holman5 timer siden
  • This song is sick

    OzzyOzzy7 timer siden
  • It's like imagine dragons but like a hip hop version that's awesome! I hope jj releases more songs like this or collabs with drake or Travis Scott that would be the best collabs

    Jelly Man GamezJelly Man Gamez13 timer siden
  • 1:34 Listen to Rick Ross goin in while the motorbike sound plays in the back SHIT GOES HARD AF JEEEEEZ. Great song dammit, hits like a truck. Creativity and melody is OP.

    The BinaryThe Binary14 timer siden
  • 0:40 skip button for KSI part

    sanchita controllersanchita controllerDag siden
  • Am i the only one who didnt think lil baby's verse was good?

    CanadianGuy34CanadianGuy34Dag siden
  • 0:53 was that a jojo reference cuz he said caeser and caeser got killed by a huge rock??

    Sneaky BoySneaky BoyDag siden
  • And S-X

    Bruh GuyBruh GuyDag siden
  • Bruh that guys changing voice

    Haris KhanHaris KhanDag siden
  • wait what is this i am with jake

    kyxnut YTkyxnut YTDag siden
  • Should've got rid of lil baby and ross like forreal like ruined a good beat so badly. Sitting there rapping about absolutely nothing like usual

    mellow spicolimellow spicoliDag siden
  • If this comment gets to 1k likes I’ll go bald. (Hahah me knowing this won’t even get 100 likes)

    OnlygekzOnlygekzDag siden
  • This is fucking lit!!!!

    Giorno GiovannaGiorno Giovanna2 dager siden
  • Wow this is Tuff!!! Luv it!!

    Ridge TV 2 SlikRidge TV 2 Slik2 dager siden
  • Yoooooooo he getting rappers

    Yousef YtYousef Yt2 dager siden
  • Yeah yeah I want that knockdownn😭

    2ukay2ukay2 dager siden
  • This song low key a bop

    Itsabosshere • 50 years agoItsabosshere • 50 years ago2 dager siden
  • What a fuc**** song

    Melim6Melim62 dager siden
  • Literally this aged well

    antony gamerantony gamer2 dager siden
  • Yo this a vibe

    Jujhar SinghJujhar Singh3 dager siden
  • You this song is so good

    Jujhar SinghJujhar Singh3 dager siden
  • Not gonna lie, I wanted Logan to win Bc he was an American, but I wasn’t too fond of him. And I initially thought he should have won, but I am so happy KSI Won because I wouldn’t have looked him up and started watching him.

    Jack MorganJack Morgan3 dager siden
  • Breh

    Dylan CooperDylan Cooper3 dager siden
  • ksi mustve dropped A BAG on lil baby

    XX3 dager siden
  • song about ksi getting voted of in among us

    Mike di manMike di man3 dager siden
  • A year since its been released!

    Elian HernandezElian Hernandez3 dager siden
  • the win made it all snap into reality

    thethe3 dager siden
  • Okay so what's your number so I can call you

    Matal malikMatal malik3 dager siden
    • Can you ask I

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  • Me and the boys to the beans at 3am because they ran out:

    itadori yujiitadori yuji3 dager siden
  • this is ksi not jj ollatunji

    mick dutthiniomick dutthinio4 dager siden
  • this song is so friking good

    Rayleen's LaboratoryRayleen's Laboratory4 dager siden
  • if jj did not win the fight he would have no fans

    12755-Ahmed Elsayed Hassan Elsayed Hassan Elshahawy12755-Ahmed Elsayed Hassan Elsayed Hassan Elshahawy4 dager siden
    • nope, we would still be supporting him. the true fans would stay supporting ✊

      GalileoGalileo3 dager siden
  • My mom: *Boxing match is so stupid as hell....* Me: *Why?* My mom: *Because there is two man doesn't even wear trouser's but fighting for a belt* Me: *HoLD uP*

  • This Song is now one year old, are you mad

    Sell OutSell Out4 dager siden
  • Still here

    Heezam RoslanHeezam Roslan4 dager siden
  • 👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👎👎👍👍😌

    Eh LoveEh Love4 dager siden
    • 👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍

      Eh LoveEh Love4 dager siden
  • Sad how this song never did super well compared to Lil Baby’s toets

    samir isaacyuhsamir isaacyuh5 dager siden
    • Others ***

      samir isaacyuhsamir isaacyuh5 dager siden
  • It’s been year since the music video officially came out

    FIFA Star HDFIFA Star HD5 dager siden
  • 1st fight against Logan Paul Money used on BEERUS chain Second fight W money used on this feature

    Mark DeMelo MusicMark DeMelo Music5 dager siden
  • This some Coldplay X Anime sh*t

    Mark DeMelo MusicMark DeMelo Music5 dager siden
  • Happy anniversary to this banger. I will be here in 2021 too

    Krrish SharmaKrrish Sharma5 dager siden
  • A Year ago today!!!

    Ruth CaseyRuth Casey5 dager siden
  • A 1yr anniversary

    Ëřîń ĆåşţäņøńËřîń Ćåşţäņøń5 dager siden
  • this song is one year old now, damnnn

    ItzRayenItzRayen5 dager siden
  • S-x were the best out of all of them

    Zaidaan CassimZaidaan Cassim5 dager siden
  • happy one anniversary to down like that

    drug zilladrug zilla5 dager siden
  • Happy birthday down like that 🥳

    Unknown -Unknown -5 dager siden
  • A year ago today

    Rodney KingRodney King5 dager siden
  • Pls no help me from this FIRE SONG

    Implacable T vImplacable T v5 dager siden
  • Everybody else: Ksi great job on beating Logan Paul Ksi fans: This song will spark many memes on Redit

    Man with a PlanMan with a Plan6 dager siden
  • just wow all i have to say

    Elijah HardingElijah Harding6 dager siden
  • One year anniversary!

    JMSJMS6 dager siden
  • Biggest

    Rohan NairRohan Nair6 dager siden
  • from 0:00 to 0:52 is just S-X rapping and JJ getting ejected for being sus

    ThatLittleNoobThatLittleNoob6 dager siden
  • lets go

    Amen AmanuelAmen Amanuel6 dager siden
  • I think we all know who made the song

    WaterBottleWaterBottle6 dager siden
  • Justin Y. What u at

    IlluminatiIlluminati6 dager siden
  • Idk why but, this song gives me an adrenaline rush 💀

    Diavolo SantoDiavolo Santo6 dager siden
  • This Song wouldn't be the same without S-X

    Who SmileWho Smile6 dager siden
    • He wrote the song so, yeah it is😂

      Muhammad HidayatMuhammad Hidayat5 dager siden
  • 0:41 Yeah, yeah, we dont want that lockdown.😭😭😭

    - ArsaLan -- ArsaLan -6 dager siden
  • If he learned any thing good I bet it was how to cook crak the us hood style real whipping

    Ali HussainAli Hussain6 dager siden
  • I cant beleive I discovered KSI from that one FAN ART by pewds. These songs are actually dope. I have listening to them on repeat for like days

    Dev SinghDev Singh7 dager siden
  • Ross smith

    RoleplayRoleplay7 dager siden
  • Houdini and down like that are his best songs

    İzel Alvonİzel Alvon7 dager siden
  • Cool

    Dariuss BikavnieksDariuss Bikavnieks7 dager siden
  • Yo this song would be in the ground without the win and S-X

    Asef HaqueAsef Haque7 dager siden
  • ngl i feel like rick ross ruined this song

    Devilish RecoilDevilish Recoil7 dager siden
  • KSI is famous and rich

    VaSeT0VaSeT08 dager siden
  • Where is lil baby in this?

    reyh9850 reyh9850reyh9850 reyh98508 dager siden
    • If u listened to the full song then u would hear him

      Zain HussainZain Hussain7 dager siden
    • At the end?

      okodookodo7 dager siden
  • I want that knockdown Dejis dog it got put down I mean James marriot knew

    ADH easyADH easy8 dager siden
  • The chorus is straight up Fire🔥🔥

    Kevin AKevin A8 dager siden
  • I swear the only reason I keep listening to this song because of s-x

    AmeenAmeen8 dager siden
  • This is fire

    Blossm TypicalBlossm Typical8 dager siden
  • Ranking everyone’s part on this track: 1. S-X 2.KSI/Rick Ross 3.lil baby

    ElincytElincyt8 dager siden
    • @4UELL3 na you’re trippin he snaps on almost every song he’s featured but here he let me down big time frfr

      MasonMason3 dager siden
    • @Ramon Perez Flaquer lil baby is a hit or miss in features, the only good features by him are 24 remix and Don't need friends by NAV and Flewed Out by city girls

      4UELL34UELL34 dager siden
    • nah...replace rick ross with lil baby.

      john tuckerjohn tucker7 dager siden
    • Lil Baby was a big let down. Idk what happened to him here.

      Ramon Perez FlaquerRamon Perez Flaquer8 dager siden
  • *girl bends down* Me: 0:13

    NickerNicker8 dager siden
  • Looks like juice wrld kinda

    Fest artFest art8 dager siden
  • This song is fire

    Josh RoyJosh Roy8 dager siden
  • This guy went to private school just remember that

    FlxnnFlxnn9 dager siden
    • So?

      Laurence EssienLaurence Essien8 dager siden
  • 2019"I want that knockdown 2020"I don’t want that lockdown

    Subhaan MehrbanSubhaan Mehrban9 dager siden
  • Pls anyone include XXXTENTACION in this song it would be fire pls

    Mudassir KhanMudassir Khan9 dager siden
    • @Jack R I know, but i just wanted like a mashup, like you know, search on youtube "if XXXTENTACION was on" So i just wanted anyone to make a video of if XXXTENTACION was on Down Like That

      Mudassir KhanMudassir Khan8 dager siden
    • you do know mans dead right?

      Jack RJack R9 dager siden
  • At 2:43 I’ll baby just doing the Noah Beck dice roll

    TRexET6TRexET69 dager siden
  • LMAO!!!!KSI fans don't want to admit SX carried the song 😂

    Pierre e' CartaePierre e' Cartae9 dager siden
    • They all did well

      Laurence EssienLaurence Essien8 dager siden
  • This is fireeeeeee 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

    Ethan fotoEthan foto9 dager siden
  • the start of an era

    Spicy ThotSpicy Thot9 dager siden
  • This will be the only normal comment with no likes

    Thomas BrooksThomas Brooks9 dager siden
  • Crazy how I feel like ksi rapped the best. Or at least personally, I like his flow best

    fitnessjourney23fitnessjourney239 dager siden
  • ngl i hated ksi at first but i grow up cough unlike the pauls fanss

    Jakeyy HillerJakeyy Hiller9 dager siden
    • @WIFIBUSH54 xD

      Jakeyy HillerJakeyy Hiller9 dager siden
    • i had an entire argument with my friends because they kept saying that logan was better

      WIFIBUSH54WIFIBUSH549 dager siden
    • Same

      Mahendra Barakah Webster 2Mahendra Barakah Webster 29 dager siden
  • Lyrics: Brooooo, Slap me in the face with your ginor-mous D, Then go, Down on me, Yeah I know, Logan likes to hang with dead bodies, And Jake’s a neek-

    Weaponxfan YTWeaponxfan YT9 dager siden
  • lil baby killed his verse

    Jeremy MJeremy M9 dager siden
  • s-x is so bad it actually pisses me off

    Snasa CobraaaSnasa Cobraaa10 dager siden
  • lil baby ruins it

    natenate10 dager siden
    • Cap

      okodookodo7 dager siden
    • His verse hard tho

      Jeremy MJeremy M9 dager siden
  • who else only came here for the lil baby part

    Michael RodriguezMichael Rodriguez10 dager siden
  • Me getting kick out of heaven after telling god his place is nice as hell 0:10

    FobipFobip10 dager siden
    • its taken my guy

      Zwang我Zwang我10 dager siden
  • goat

    I need my waterI need my water10 dager siden
  • How did he go from this style of music to “really love” lol

    Meme Master 06Meme Master 0611 dager siden
    • @scout This is funny cuz Really Love and Sunflower both slap.

      True NorthTrue NorthDag siden
    • same goes with post malone dude was sing about fuking super stars to a fuking spiderman movie

      scoutscout9 dager siden
    • To be honest i think ksi was getting better and better but now hes going down cause his music is aimed more at the mainstream

      DiartDiart9 dager siden
  • Ksi and S-x is everything on this🔥

    Salman BoiSalman Boi11 dager siden
  • This song is class

    loui .r6loui .r611 dager siden