23. aug.. 2018
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  • I miss this 🥺

    Jude RichardsonJude RichardsonMåned siden
  • Back when Ksi used to post himself on this channel😂😂

    Ben TookeyBen Tookey4 måneder siden
  • When JJ’s hair actually looked good

    _officialta_officialta6 måneder siden
    • Yeh but it does look 🔥 now

      Tekz GhostTekz Ghost5 måneder siden
    • Ye

      PjesuPjesu5 måneder siden
  • Such a good vid better than deji

    Taahir GamerTaahir Gamer6 måneder siden
  • i bet everyone was staring at the lamp reflection in the beginning of the video

    Mr. LemonMr. Lemon6 måneder siden
  • 2:58 pause and look carefully you will see a logangster

    Lil MonsLil Mons7 måneder siden
  • Who is here during the corona virus👇

    David van DorpDavid van Dorp7 måneder siden
  • Who's here after ksi beat Logan in the rematch

    Anish Tariq234Anish Tariq2349 måneder siden
  • How come i’ve never seen this video, it’s 2020 and this is the first time i’ve seen this video

    AmDanishboyAmDanishboy9 måneder siden
  • 3:08 the girl in mavrick hoodie

    P0TpotP0Tpot10 måneder siden
    • 🤣

      Tanmay AdhikaryTanmay Adhikary10 måneder siden
  • Who’s here after ksi won the second time

    Abdul ButtAbdul Butt11 måneder siden
    • Yep

      boswergangboswergang11 måneder siden
  • Who here after JJ won?

    Placide Jr.Placide Jr.År siden
    • Me - he should’ve won by Majority Decision

      caksifjwoapodbfnwcaksifjwoapodbfnw6 måneder siden
  • I came back from the future. This upcoming fight is gonna be a draw and ksi wins the rematch

    Roy NelsonRoy NelsonÅr siden
    • Your name says it all

      Roy NelsonRoy NelsonÅr siden
    • Juancho The lizard “2 days ago”

      I’m a retard, butI’m a retard, butÅr siden
  • Who’s here after KSI won the rematch?

    Ishan G.Ishan G.År siden

    HdCrispHdCrispÅr siden
  • Idk why I’m here in 2019 November

    NickelbranNickelbranÅr siden
    • i'm here april 2020 during quarantine

      zX UzzizX Uzzi7 måneder siden
    • I am here in 2020 January

      Tanmay AdhikaryTanmay Adhikary10 måneder siden
  • Who is here after the 2019 public workout ?

    Moses FiliMoses FiliÅr siden
    • Moses Fili I am

      Solomon WilkinsSolomon WilkinsÅr siden
  • Who is here after the 2019 public workout

    LylzLylzÅr siden
    • Anyone here idiot

      crying in a cool waycrying in a cool wayMåned siden
    • Does anyone no what the song is in this video

    • Lylz Im here for absolutely no reason🤣🤣

      Vonny 10Vonny 10År siden
    • Lylz me. he’s improved tremendously

      Julio GomezJulio GomezÅr siden
  • Who's here before ksi vs logan 2

    Joshua SatnooJoshua SatnooÅr siden
    • Yessir

      HardheadedBryanHardheadedBryanÅr siden
  • 3:04 kid on the left in the back with Maverick hoodie

    APersonAPersonÅr siden
  • Whats the music called in this vid love it

    Taahir GamerTaahir GamerÅr siden
  • Here’s what’s going to happen I think Logan is going to beat ksi in the rematch but I think KSI well knockout jake Paul in round to when they fight

    HSMHSMÅr siden
  • 2019 anyone?

    CazyPlayz c cCazyPlayz c cÅr siden
  • Thats a lie I watched it without paying

    ljay josephljay josephÅr siden
  • Bro get back in shape, get back to training and take a break from music. Boxing allowed you to not only get into good physical shape, but it allowed you to do something different than you normally did, and you got pretty good when you were training hard. Hopefully you can get back into training and work more on ur form, because it slipped a lot when you fought logan

    Jack FinnJack FinnÅr siden
  • My friend saw it for free on twitch

    Noodles N top a.k.a Lethal GripNoodles N top a.k.a Lethal GripÅr siden
  • I doubted Deji and how well prepared he’d be but he turned out looking sick and gave lil jakey Paul a fight

    Jack FinnJack FinnÅr siden
    • He didnt..let's b real

      The Real Trending PageThe Real Trending PageÅr siden
  • Thank you so much for putting me at the end of your video your the best you legend 👌🤜🤛🔥!!!!!!

    TheEverythingGamer 71TheEverythingGamer 71År siden
  • Who is here after “bye”. And “i am gonna end it all of it.

    IIIIIIÅr siden
  • Song name???????

    TMG10TMG10År siden
  • Song name??????

    TMG10TMG10År siden
  • Song name?????

    TMG10TMG10År siden
  • Song name????

    TMG10TMG10År siden
  • Song name???

    TMG10TMG10År siden
  • Song name??

    TMG10TMG10År siden
  • Song name?

    TMG10TMG10År siden
  • What is the song in the training montage? Does anyone know?

    Burger Stands NetworkBurger Stands NetworkÅr siden
  • Twitch streamed your fight, lol you must be pissed

    KashaGaming PREMIUMKashaGaming PREMIUMÅr siden
  • DRAW

    H2O BLUEH2O BLUEÅr siden
  • Oh yea yea

    Danny JacintoDanny JacintoÅr siden

    Matt DawsonMatt DawsonÅr siden
    • Mr Potato plays fireflies city ox

      Thegamesss TThegamesss TÅr siden
  • what’s the song

    zaamuzaamuÅr siden
  • Name of the song??

    Giovanni BintouGiovanni BintouÅr siden
  • 0:50 oh really (Twitch)

    TheOnlyStenZzzTheOnlyStenZzzÅr siden
  • At 2:39 did I just see a girl in a Logang jumper What ever they call it

    NR 5NR 5År siden
  • Sad to see this clip :( 4:21

    RealA4TVRealA4TVÅr siden
  • Anybody else see maverick merch at 3:05

    Savage ShilohSavage Shiloh2 år siden
  • Is he saying LGBT or nah idk brah

    OMG DixxiOMG Dixxi2 år siden
    • @jeffeats jeff I don't hear it

      OMG DixxiOMG DixxiÅr siden
  • Really wish I could meet ksi in real life

    Venomous SpyroVenomous Spyro2 år siden
  • Hi

    SG FRAGSSG FRAGS2 år siden
  • Nonce

    Hurzt 27Hurzt 272 år siden
  • Didn't u see the kid wearing maverick merch

    Matthew FisherMatthew Fisher2 år siden
  • This fight was rigged KSI was beating logan up so hard

    RevFN ’RevFN ’2 år siden
  • You won my man

    Vinnie Percival999Vinnie Percival9992 år siden
  • Who's here after the fight

    Maria DiasMaria Dias2 år siden
  • 1:59 BRADLEY

    Jonathan Cardona FeboJonathan Cardona Febo2 år siden
  • What dis music called

    Just Some Guy Without A MustacheJust Some Guy Without A Mustache2 år siden
  • Ks I won hate logan love jj

    Harry GillardHarry Gillard2 år siden
  • Song name 1:58?

    Luca OgnibeneLuca Ognibene2 år siden
  • What’s the song name

    WalkerGoneHuntin 96WalkerGoneHuntin 962 år siden
  • What's the music playing during the training?

    Blue Shirt GuyBlue Shirt Guy2 år siden
  • Why is that girl on the left wearing a maverick hoodie at 2:45...lmao

    Walking DogWalking Dog2 år siden
  • Did anyone notice the girl with maverick merch in 3:05

  • Can you kick it yes you can

    HecydecHecydec2 år siden
  • Y'all ksi fans don't know that ksi sexually harassed a woman a few years ago. And now he doing the same shit again to Chloe Bennet.

    Jewel BlueJewel Blue2 år siden
  • Watched it free on twitch

    Dr. Gaz MaticDr. Gaz Matic2 år siden
  • I miss old KSI

    Tea MirkovićTea Mirković2 år siden
  • This video is about me when I die in tilted

    FlashPlayzFlashPlayz2 år siden
  • Logan would of knocked JJ out in the 2nd round if they weren’t wearing head gears. You little fan boys might disagree as ur biased but it’s the truth; peace out.

    BvnkerzBvnkerz2 år siden
  • 3:57 justin bieber wannabe

    ʟʏѧһʟʏѧһ2 år siden
  • Song name?

    Luca OgnibeneLuca Ognibene2 år siden
  • i watched it on twitch saved my £15.00 sweet

    eon _____eon _____2 år siden
  • Interior tool resist beef move horizon even regularly appropriate survival heat.

    Mille MathisenMille Mathisen2 år siden
  • KSI didn’t need to punch Logan after bell

    Parker CoxParker Cox2 år siden
  • Is it just me or does Deji look scary when he's serious?

    Eemeli PoutiainenEemeli Poutiainen2 år siden
  • Notice me @KSI

    JamGamingJamGaming2 år siden
  • Song?

    Stephen KcStephen Kc2 år siden
  • Who's gonna win Sub- KSI Like- Logan Comment- My dog

    xYOUNGGxYOUNGG2 år siden
  • WOW😮

    nasir ibrahimnasir ibrahim2 år siden
  • 0:45 whats the background music anyone??

    B2B22 år siden
    • bemvRD nah sorry bruv

      B2B22 år siden
    • B2 did you find it??

      bemvRDbemvRD2 år siden
  • This workout instrumental is bangin

    Mosi My CreationsMosi My Creations2 år siden
  • another one

    KennyDAKennyDA2 år siden
  • "You won’t be able to watch it anywhere else". I had a really evil grin on my face when he said that.

    FoxTrotFoxTrot2 år siden
  • its rigged they rematched to keep their channels up and getting views and money.

    Dotnt0Dotnt02 år siden
  • can you bring the funny ksi back like if you agree

    RxRx2 år siden
  • kış😧😢😢

    aq oçaq oç2 år siden
  • oğul paul jake paul😎😎

    aq oçaq oç2 år siden
  • come fight with youtuber french ibratv the best 🇫🇷

    Kalash moucheKalash mouche2 år siden
  • twitch m8

    Sebastian RoszkoSebastian Roszko2 år siden
  • You sack poop

  • Kid you nood you fight me lag

    boon hai limboon hai lim2 år siden
  • Next time give faze sensei more time and rounds and make him co main event

    Joaquin CouvertierJoaquin Couvertier2 år siden
  • You the man JJ bless yourself

    Jantje21 DroJantje21 Dro2 år siden
  • Like if the fight was rigged

    James AlarconJames Alarcon2 år siden
  • The fight was rigged like if you want to

    Mike.politicsMike.politics2 år siden
  • Ksi sucks

    cendrine bukenzacendrine bukenza2 år siden
  • türkler burdamı acaba

    Play ArdaPlay Arda2 år siden
  • ayyy my boy Bradley Martyn

    Shane LeclaireShane Leclaire2 år siden
  • 🏆🏆🏆🏆🥇🏅🎖🏵🎗 logan❤️jack

    Eleştirisel AnsiklopediEleştirisel Ansiklopedi2 år siden
  • What make r ksi gloves?

    Stephen KcStephen Kc2 år siden