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KSI: Can't Lose available worldwide -
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  • Who came from his new video

    Mzwakhe LaSeanMzwakhe LaSean12 dager siden
  • it shoudent have been a draw beacuse in 2018 jj beated logan and the ksi vs. jake paul fight would happend in 2019....

    AlfieReactsToKSIVidsAlfieReactsToKSIVids2 måneder siden
  • Ksi gf?

    Serei3GSerei3G2 måneder siden
  • Last

    The BocajThe Bocaj5 måneder siden
  • I kind of miss this period where JJ would upload a variety of videos just of whatever he's doing as much as I like his second channel and understand that the main channel is for like music and high production stuff I feel like these type videos are also very entertaining

    Pasha NamirPasha Namir6 måneder siden
  • I wanna buy it cause I love boxing so it's gonna be sick

    Tejalkera_Msp loveTejalkera_Msp love7 måneder siden
  • So its basicly a movie about Ksi vs Joe weller

    Eashaan JeerEashaan Jeer7 måneder siden
  • After he won against Logan?in KSI vs Logan Paul 2?

    KSIKSI10 måneder siden
  • That girl he is with is his bird

    Jack MadingoJack Madingo11 måneder siden
  • Will there be another can’t lose movie?

    ChinChinÅr siden
  • the next ksi movie better be called can’t draw

    xd pungenxd pungenÅr siden
  • Class

    waffles altwaffles altÅr siden
  • Fan girling

    Anya FrancisAnya Francis2 år siden
  • KSI: Can‘t lose but make a draw with logan pool

    HammHamm2 år siden
  • Who is the girl with jj

    Hasonth 9Hasonth 92 år siden
  • Do it for America and the uk

    Myah StevensMyah Stevens2 år siden
  • *wins one boxing match* can't lose, but can DRAW MONSTER CARDO!

    Noaxy HaxyNoaxy Haxy2 år siden
  • Is This Next Documentary gonna be called "Can't Win"

    Alex 21Alex 212 år siden
  • Also can’t win ...

    nana Nananana Nana2 år siden
  • props to JJ. I seen this movie in the sky store, so I thought I would buy it to show my support to JJ and the crew

    troy singhtroy singh2 år siden
  • Why is ksi dessed up as pepsi 😂

    Ivy the elemental heartIvy the elemental heart2 år siden
  • i didnt realise ksi was that tall

    kaananberry7kaananberry72 år siden
  • You bicth

    coolits Boycoolits Boy2 år siden
  • He can't lose, but he can't win either! XD

    Ziyan BalochZiyan Baloch2 år siden
  • Eve dv DVDs bed every dad five de ,ly

    Kevin LautKevin Laut2 år siden
  • what brand t-shirt is u wearing ? looks freshh

    SeffSeff2 år siden
  • kekekekekw

    O ConnorO Connor2 år siden
  • Isaiah vs ksi

    Ghost hunting famous YouTuberGhost hunting famous YouTuber2 år siden
  • he cant lose but he can tie

    DubcakesDubcakes2 år siden
  • You can't lose but you can't win either

    John LathamJohn Latham2 år siden
  • Wow I though he would have won that fight instead you fix the fight I've lost all respect for now

    Gez TecGez Tec2 år siden
  • KSI calls it "Can't Lose." On August 25th, he couldn't win either!

    hia 17hia 172 år siden
  • How win

    Alexis ValenciaAlexis Valencia2 år siden
  • You are week logan is better

    Lori MontoyaLori Montoya2 år siden
    • You are incompetent at spelling

      Louis HarrisonLouis Harrison2 år siden
  • well he can't lose. But he can't win either.

    BloxyAxelBloxyAxel2 år siden
  • 😑😑😑😑😑😒😒😒😒☹️☹️☹️☹️😠😠😠😠😡😾👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎🏼👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎 Logan Paul' better

    Angel CatwomanAngel Catwoman2 år siden
  • Who’s diss track is better? SUB - KSI REPLY - LOGAN

    AddyAddy2 år siden
    • KSI

      Elay ClickElay Click2 år siden
  • I was sorta right with my Rocky prediction sayin they' both get knocked out at the same time and end up s draw draw happend double KO not so muxh cant have everything tho

    PSW1980 XPSW1980 X2 år siden
  • Ye ya can’t win either

    Olly FennOlly Fenn2 år siden
  • Miniminter!

    NazNaz2 år siden
  • Is he going to recall the video for a rename..... KSI CAN’T WIN? Maybe KSI CAN’T KEEP HIS COMPOSURE? Or KSI KING OF WILD SWINGS AND HOW TO FIGHT AFTER THE 🛎RINGS!!!!! Haha lmao

    B MolinaB Molina2 år siden
  • Logan Paul is better Logan Paul will win you will lose


    Lint HookLint Hook2 år siden
  • I live you you can win the fight because lagan is stupid

    Andrea FenechAndrea Fenech2 år siden

    Rowan PerryRowan Perry2 år siden
  • Logang pauler 4 life

    LT_bot LT_botsLT_bot LT_bots2 år siden
  • Oh man if you lose you will be huge meme for years

    CGI FutureCGI Future2 år siden
  • Is anyone else streaming?

    It’s PinkIt’s Pink2 år siden
  • *Attention!!!!!!!!!!!* Can Someone please tell me the beat starting on 2:08....Please Its *URGENT*

    Akkash JoseAkkash Jose2 år siden
  • Ksi watch logan channel ZOOSH when he was kid lol

  • I think your taking this fight vs Logan a bit to far I like your channel but you made fun of every person he loves and cares about when they are taking it like it's entertainment when it is

    Greer simmonsGreer simmons2 år siden
  • Wait what’s his name

    KnoxKnox2 år siden
  • u being a bully and i know that u bullies bully beacuse u have somthing deep down that happend to u and bulling is NOT THE WAY TO GO! So if u want to keep on going and bully then go but ur mom would not like u calling a nother mom that she dose stuff so ya stop the bully

    Melanie MenchacaMelanie Menchaca2 år siden
  • is it on vue cinema?

    DiegoDiego2 år siden
  • Logan Paul is going to beat your ass

    Sweatz _XDSweatz _XD2 år siden
  • If you like this comment you will have a biger chanc ksi will make login bleed

    Grandayy 'Grandayy '2 år siden
  • Zㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㄷㄷㄷ

    이태규이태규2 år siden
  • KSI PUNCHED HARDER check Brad's new vid

    Glickgon 1stHitEmGlickgon 1stHitEm2 år siden
  • is the blonde woman his assistant??

    HannaHanna2 år siden
  • If Ksi can’t loose then why is he going to lose to Logan on Saturday

    ScytheScythe2 år siden
  • Fuck KSI

    Sumaiya ZamanSumaiya Zaman2 år siden
  • I'm streaming the KSI vs Logan fight on mixer My mixer is TescoMobile I'll really appreciate the support also I can't get stricked because mixer does not support the fight haha so enjoy guys!

    UnkownKidUnkownKid2 år siden
    • Fortnite Clips/Gaming what’s mixer?? Is that a website

      CoolnavCoolnav2 år siden
  • @Gooner_Pady

  • Who's GONNA GET KNOCKED OUT!?? LIKE= KSI COMMENT= LOGAN PAUL Also I will try to stream the fight and name it after Gta 5, so turn on notifications! 🔥🔥

    FortnitestersFortnitesters2 år siden
  • is its in public cinemas

    Chris De BhálChris De Bhál2 år siden
  • I wanna see them killing each other IDGAF WHO WINS 😂

    Lunatic GamerLunatic Gamer2 år siden
  • You look like poop

    Tyler Oliver AlookTyler Oliver Alook2 år siden
  • Fuck. Ksi

    wolf Boywolf Boy2 år siden
  • You will loose

    Sophia PlayzSophia Playz2 år siden
  • Bitch

    Manu SantosManu Santos2 år siden
  • 👊👌

    Zaqueo LopezZaqueo Lopez2 år siden
  • ksi lose please

    Zaqueo LopezZaqueo Lopez2 år siden
  • poop Hend

    Zaqueo LopezZaqueo Lopez2 år siden
  • Hi

    Tylerlag2007Tylerlag20072 år siden
  • Ksi CAN lose.

    Izzy HammerleIzzy Hammerle2 år siden
  • Love that top

    Verbon TVerbon T2 år siden
  • I hate you

    Toni MillerToni Miller2 år siden
  • Streaming the Logan Paul vs KSI and the Deji vs Jake Paul fights Subscribe and turn notifications to not miss it!!!

    iSeemV.2iSeemV.22 år siden
  • Lol I love how ksi and Logan fans are just being loyal to their favorite youtube even though they don’t know jack shit about boxing (Most of them)

    RiptideRiptide2 år siden
  • *ok*

    Ali DaimasoumAli Daimasoum2 år siden
  • its out ther all gayyy

    Natalia GomezNatalia Gomez2 år siden
  • Yeah

    Noobical CuriosityNoobical Curiosity2 år siden
  • I hate isinglass I hate ksi logang for life

    Vibxz. KelzyVibxz. Kelzy2 år siden
  • Fuck oyu

    Mahdi ZeineddineMahdi Zeineddine2 år siden
  • Streaming the fight on my channel must be subscribed its gonna be private

    1Tips1Tips2 år siden
  • Obviously KSI would knock Logan out.

    ameliaamelia2 år siden
  • Bro i hope ksi will beat the crap out of logan but.. idk i have a bad feeling that he will lose.

    Alex MarinAlex Marin2 år siden
  • Who is that Girl

    king Hassanking Hassan2 år siden
  • No one curious as to who the blonde is?

    AA2 år siden
  • I honestly love watching their videos when it’s not about each other, I miss the old both of them. Logan, before the forest and Ksi, before he called them out

    Avery GraceAvery Grace2 år siden
  • Who gonna win. Team) ksi and deji: sub to me Team) logan and jake: like

    t-geit-gei2 år siden
  • Dum bick

    AG Family VlogssAG Family Vlogss2 år siden
  • Omg take your bandanna off it smells so bad please take it off smells like ass 🖕🏻

    Framtidatjej 4Framtidatjej 42 år siden
  • I listened to it on Capital this morning

    Tiffany SweetsTiffany Sweets2 år siden
  • Booo 👎👎👎

    Kevin QuinteroKevin Quintero2 år siden
  • Like=ksi kills Logan Reply=Logan wins Btw I will stream the fight to turn on my notifications🥊

    Kiko DabsKiko Dabs2 år siden
  • KSI, please destroy Logan Paul for us.

    MockaMocka2 år siden
  • Logan doesn’t stand a chance

    Nuggy 14Nuggy 142 år siden
  • And KSi you are going to knock tf out of Logan🤟🏽🤟🏽

    Dyoni _Dyoni _2 år siden
  • That dude in the red and blue coat that you took a selfie with he does parkor

    Dyoni _Dyoni _2 år siden