Is the Rematch With Logan Paul Happening?

2. jan.. 2019
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  • Yes

    Pickle GeorgePickle George2 måneder siden
  • 2018 was KSI best year hands down !!

    Yung SlimzyYung Slimzy2 måneder siden
  • Comments: Who's here after Ksi won? Me: Here we go again... 🙄

    Fresh NFresh N2 måneder siden
  • I am from the future 2020 is shit

    Alex EstradaAlex Estrada2 måneder siden
  • From those music videos to his current album. What a graph 🙌🔥

    Aviman ShahAviman Shah2 måneder siden
  • Yes , it happened and it was insane

    Sidemen ChannelSidemen Channel3 måneder siden
  • hi

    DOT. JOTDOT. JOT3 måneder siden
  • August 2020 anyone?

    Rory DuffyRory Duffy3 måneder siden
  • I’m from the future you won against Logan and then beat Jake by TKO in the 4th of 9 rounds with 1:44 Left. On December 19 2019

    Road ShotRoad Shot3 måneder siden
  • this is in my opinion the best hair that he ever had

    Mackenzie Teh DogMackenzie Teh Dog3 måneder siden
  • You won

    Ollie HaywardOllie Hayward3 måneder siden
  • He predicted when

    Daniel CombiDaniel Combi3 måneder siden
  • 🇸🇽🇸🇾🇹🇫🇹🇩🇹🇨🖕

    Seth PacoraSeth Pacora4 måneder siden
  • He won the guy won 😅😅

    Panashe WaniwaPanashe Waniwa4 måneder siden
  • We all know KSI is scared

    Isaiah CollierIsaiah Collier4 måneder siden
    • I honestly hope you’re kidding

      This channel Is deadThis channel Is dead9 dager siden
    • you’re delusional

      DestroDestro3 måneder siden
  • whos here waiting for people to say who is here after logan lost

    The Tech KidsThe Tech Kids4 måneder siden
  • I wish this music would return. The old school beats

  • November 9

    Its MeIts Me4 måneder siden
  • He achieved everything but the relationship with his Family

    Pankaj ThakkarPankaj Thakkar4 måneder siden
  • 4:05 babatunde would be offended

    Fraser LFraser L5 måneder siden
  • i dont know man I want a logan vs ksi 3 more than ab vs logan

    Talha khalidTalha khalid5 måneder siden
  • Ksi finished logan...

    kananmirzkananmirz5 måneder siden
  • I’m from another dimension and I’m here to tell you that logan didn’t win in this dimension either, YOU WON MY G👏🏾

    Lxvijr JxviErLxvijr JxviEr5 måneder siden
  • I’m from the future, he fights jakepaul in 2021 and ksi wins, remember this comment

    C-gamingC-gaming5 måneder siden
  • pls give us a rematch we need a winner

    DarkWarrior7676DarkWarrior76765 måneder siden
  • I'm terrible at accents Houdini comes out

    Danny BlueDanny Blue5 måneder siden
  • It did happen November lol

    ZestZest6 måneder siden
  • this aged very well

    The WABAThe WABA6 måneder siden
  • Said he will fight in november and he did it.

  • Who’s here after KSI won?

    MarsBar4433MarsBar44337 måneder siden
  • Ya, I heard that the rematch is gonna happen soon.

    CommenterCommenter8 måneder siden
  • Noticed how it happened in November

    Aaron BickertonAaron Bickerton8 måneder siden
  • yes

    M3L0N B011iiiM3L0N B011iii8 måneder siden
  • I'm not in the log gang but you edit like Emma chamberlain

    Grabe NdakizeGrabe Ndakize8 måneder siden
  • I’m from the near future KSI trust me duck Jake he’s gonna beat you!!!!!

    AJredwoodAJredwood8 måneder siden
  • 3:16 it’s funny co the fight ended up win in the west coast

    6hush6hush9 måneder siden
  • JJ: we are working on streaming protection Guy: streams the fight illegally through his glasses

    Fierce Eagle officialFierce Eagle official9 måneder siden
  • Now make one in KSI vs Jake Paul

    Marco TMMMarco TMM9 måneder siden
  • Why am I watching this at 2 am in 2020

    YoungGordooYoungGordoo10 måneder siden
  • KSI destroyed Logan paul and took the W 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧

    LSD-Rick B-172LSD-Rick B-17210 måneder siden
    • He didn't destroy logan it ended up in a split dission dumb nut ksi was throwing hay makers dummy

      Logan McIsaacLogan McIsaac9 måneder siden
  • 4:55 well you certainly did us well jj

    André MeyerAndré Meyer10 måneder siden
  • he actually predicted when the fight would happen

    Michael WanjaraMichael Wanjara11 måneder siden
  • lmao this was literally a year ago

    Yasmina GallYasmina Gall11 måneder siden
  • Everything He Said was fax

    ABC Bilal HD 2704ABC Bilal HD 270411 måneder siden
  • It would be sick if they fought on madison sqaure garden

    ABC Bilal HD 2704ABC Bilal HD 270411 måneder siden
  • Who is here in December 23rd 2019 👇 👇 👇 👌

    Bobalob SquadBobalob Squad11 måneder siden
  • Who’s here after ksi won the rematch 🇬🇧❤️

  • Who's here after ksi ruined logan paul career

    ofek kreimerofek kreimer11 måneder siden
  • ksi: I want to let u guys know facts Me:IT'S DAX

    ThePixelKniightThePixelKniight11 måneder siden
  • This video was filmed 2 January! Logan’s suicide video was posted 2 January! So this video is actually a 1 year anniversary😨

    Armin KasperArmin Kasper11 måneder siden
  • He was right

    Wil O'sheaWil O'shea11 måneder siden
  • I'm from 10 years in the future and I just wanna say you beat the shit out of Logan so congratulations👏👏👏

    Nabu TGSNabu TGSÅr siden
  • Did he have the belt the whole time under the Frame.

    Nick ZaraNick ZaraÅr siden
  • 4:42 😂😂

    Lil GereldLil GereldÅr siden
  • It’s funny how every time I tap on an old video of KSI that has something to do with fighting Logan I can already predict the comment section. If you know, you know.

    Star PlatinumStar PlatinumÅr siden
  • It Happened And You Won!

    King SanKing SanÅr siden
  • ayeee ksi actually knows my hometown boston:)

    im legit your fatherim legit your fatherÅr siden
  • FACTS !

    R R2R R2År siden
  • *won*

    Gucci KilloGucci KilloÅr siden
  • I know u won and you beat the shit out off him

    Carmel MullaneyCarmel MullaneyÅr siden
  • he predicted it

    Jack McConnellJack McConnellÅr siden
  • Yes...and you win

    Logan AllenLogan AllenÅr siden

    RapLeaksRapLeaksÅr siden
  • Just woke up from a coma. Did it happen?

    MjstirrupMjstirrupÅr siden
  • Yes

    iR ToastyyiR ToastyyÅr siden
  • here after the rematch, huh 👇🏾

    bethelbethelÅr siden

    BungeeGum 12215BungeeGum 12215År siden
  • Who's here expecting to see "who's here bc Logan lost" comments

    Modern - LegendModern - LegendÅr siden
  • He did it boys. He did it.

    Rhys LoxtonRhys LoxtonÅr siden
  • Ksi won

    Khadra AliKhadra AliÅr siden
  • First I thought this was a new video but then I saw 10 months ago💀

    Joonas MannilaJoonas MannilaÅr siden
    • Same it came on recommended

      100K with no videos100K with no videosÅr siden
  • Yu win

    WaterWaterÅr siden
  • What should you do If ksi lost

    Abdi_586btAbdi_586btÅr siden
  • Spoiler alert Logan's a meme now

    Talha RazaTalha RazaÅr siden
  • This was predicted 10 months ago... KSI are you a psychic or fortune teller as well???

    Jordan Di NataleJordan Di NataleÅr siden
  • yes

    Manna leveyManna leveyÅr siden
  • well ksi won

    Setino LolSetino LolÅr siden
  • *spoiler alert* u win

    Seif ZogheibiSeif ZogheibiÅr siden
  • Watching now around the 4:22 point in the video. He literally did every thing he said he wanted to do this year. Congrats on the big win man You keep raising the bar Keep doing your thing cus your a fucken legend

    Byron HollingtonByron HollingtonÅr siden
  • Notice that he said this time I’ll finish you cut to now 😂

    Rossi CawkillRossi CawkillÅr siden
    • Rossi Cawkill yea but if it was till round 12 logan will be knocked out 💯

      VisarVisarÅr siden
  • Who here after KSI won

    uzaiix8uzaiix8År siden
  • For people watching in 2018, ksi actually wins the fight in November by a split decision

    OracleOracleÅr siden
    • Yeah ok cause it was 2019 but now were time traveling jeez comments are full of rimlickers and repeated shit like like if you like ksi or whos watching this is 2020 guys

      JJJJ4 måneder siden
  • Who’s here after KSI won? 👇🏽

    HaltingBryanHaltingBryanÅr siden
    • Me too😂😂😂😂😂👍👍👍👍👍.

      Henry PenaHenry Pena8 dager siden
    • @SilversidesInc wow we are alike then

      munazza hussainmunazza hussain3 måneder siden
    • No I'm not

      SilversidesIncSilversidesInc9 måneder siden
  • November 9th KSI VS LOGAN PAUL 2 56-55 KSI WIN🥊🥊

    ZdravkoZdravkoÅr siden
  • You won

    Kyyyle 22Kyyyle 22År siden
  • Who he after ksi beat logan

    Christian RomeroChristian RomeroÅr siden
  • Who's here after KSi won the rematch lol

    lee yehwanlee yehwanÅr siden
  • And finally the saga is over! Congrats JJ!

    Aaswin DhakalAaswin DhakalÅr siden
  • Who here after the big W!!!

    Christopher DonjuanChristopher DonjuanÅr siden
  • Yup and your going to win it

    sam wilsonsam wilsonÅr siden
  • These recommended videos are getting me excited by making me think KSI has already reacted to him v Logan 2

    Jack FinlayJack FinlayÅr siden
  • You won my man !!!

    Aaryaveer ChibAaryaveer ChibÅr siden
  • Who's here after JJ beat logan

    Hui JunHui JunÅr siden
  • Who's here after the rematch victory?

    Mohammad GhaziMohammad GhaziÅr siden
  • W 🏆🏆

    Nostalgia BaitNostalgia BaitÅr siden
  • Who s here after he won with logan?

    Buda PaulBuda PaulÅr siden
  • Whos here after he won

    Biqsy LFBiqsy LFÅr siden

    ChackChackÅr siden
    • Lollollololoololooliilinrrbfjrjejejfi

      Sean ConnellSean Connell5 måneder siden
    • No

      SilversidesIncSilversidesInc9 måneder siden
    • Idk why

      Salman AqeelSalman AqeelÅr siden
    • Me

  • Who is here after Logan lost in the rematch 👇🏻

    BOBBOBÅr siden
    • me too 😂😂😂😂👍👍👍👍.

      Henry PenaHenry Pena8 dager siden
    • @BOB I hope KSI wins

      Ryan TurnerRyan Turner2 måneder siden
    • me

      Kurti1008Kurti10089 måneder siden
    • Ffs.... yes

      SilversidesIncSilversidesInc9 måneder siden
    • That’s how time works

      Jake NewinJake Newin11 måneder siden

    Leon RetrowalkerLeon RetrowalkerÅr siden