Face to Face: KSI VS LOGAN PAUL 2

11. okt.. 2019
3 617 105 Ganger

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  • Hey you know the first part of the video is a better than the champion song of jake paul of the intro.

    Dainy JoseDainy Jose2 dager siden
  • Why does the interviewer look like KSI and Logan Paul had a baby

    Jaime LedezmaJaime Ledezma13 dager siden
  • When did Logan become John cena ?

    Rohith RajanRohith Rajan26 dager siden
  • Face to face but it’s not a face to face sick👏

    Roman McdonaldRoman McdonaldMåned siden

    Mpilo DubeMpilo DubeMåned siden
  • Gig V Jake Paul - BORINGGGGG KSI V Logan Paul - Good Fight Shannon Briggs V Niko And NDL trollers 😂😂

    Josh12andJosh12and2 måneder siden
  • Scared much

    Riley CosgroveRiley Cosgrove2 måneder siden
  • Logan taking a page out of Ethan’s dads book

    Foos3y_OWFoos3y_OW2 måneder siden
  • First comment in a month

    AJGamingAJGaming3 måneder siden
  • That intro was so cringe 😬

    Huu GhhHuu Ghh4 måneder siden
  • JJ met ethan’s dad

    Ghetto.Ghetto.5 måneder siden
  • its not even face to face, its just face.

    DonovanDonovan5 måneder siden
  • 3:42 predicted the future

    Harry FilsonHarry Filson5 måneder siden
  • Here after Ksi and Logan has sorted the beef

    mia jacksonmia jackson5 måneder siden
  • Anyone 2020?

    Jürgen VunkJürgen Vunk6 måneder siden
  • Ksi before the fight I've found a new teknique he's going to sleep Ksi at the fight swinging his arms and almost has another draw

    Je3zzJe3zz6 måneder siden
    • Still won

      FangiezFangiez6 måneder siden
  • I think ksi is a great u tuber

    Howa HassanHowa Hassan6 måneder siden
  • Me lol

    Howa HassanHowa Hassan6 måneder siden
  • Let the man talk jj jeez

    Zetino2XZetino2X6 måneder siden
  • He didn't even let Logan talk

    EriEri6 måneder siden

    Abid MiahAbid Miah6 måneder siden
  • 3:37 ksi predict Logan post fight

    CaptainCaptain7 måneder siden
  • JJ : I wanna make him a meme... 3 month’s later where are the memes

    Tyson FranckeyTyson Franckey7 måneder siden
  • Everyone is being rude to Logan here, I thought his Ethans dad impression was quite good😤

    Ejeh JejeehEjeh Jejeeh7 måneder siden
  • nice clickbait

    Pranav VangariPranav Vangari7 måneder siden
  • 6:00 to 6:11 that's pretty gay

    King DdKing Dd7 måneder siden
  • clickbait? why bro?

    76 7676 768 måneder siden
  • Yo don't be to harsh on Logan because he didn't show, he almost sneezed like 2 times the day before that.

    BTM zeroBTM zero8 måneder siden
  • When Logan said “ “ I felt that...

    Daniel FlynnDaniel Flynn9 måneder siden
  • Why did they edit Logan Paul in the thumbnail gay ksi

    RomeloHarrisonHD V2 FRIEZARomeloHarrisonHD V2 FRIEZA10 måneder siden
    • Romelo Harrison you gay 😂😂 bro why you mad it’s a thumbnail

      the demon slayer 1058the demon slayer 10589 måneder siden
    • the demon slayer 1058 I’m gay what. Why u talking u mad 😡 and gay

      RomeloHarrisonHD V2 FRIEZARomeloHarrisonHD V2 FRIEZA9 måneder siden
    • Romelo Harrison your gay 😂😂you mad cause Logan Paul lost

      the demon slayer 1058the demon slayer 105810 måneder siden
  • 8:52

    RossefRossef10 måneder siden
  • face to fade

    Lukas bynckLukas bynck10 måneder siden
  • Love jj but can I just say... that’s josh from love island😂😂 (the interviewer)

    Vishva BakhaiVishva Bakhai10 måneder siden
  • **THE REAL REASON HE DIDNT COME** Logan: I sneezed three times

    Jade DavisonJade Davison10 måneder siden
  • Is he gonna make an excuse when he loses? JJ: He’s probably gonna say he’s ill Logan: I sneezed 3 times this morning

    Pablo PabloPablo Pablo11 måneder siden
    • @toomanyjohns bruh-

      EriEriMåned siden
    • @Eri go away logang fan

      toomanyjohnstoomanyjohnsMåned siden
    • He got sick ya really can't blame him

      EriEri6 måneder siden
    • Do- Nathan :my chains dead but it has 1mill sub

      HashimHashim8 måneder siden
    • Dank_Dorrito Gamer damn JJ was right

      Do NathanDo Nathan8 måneder siden
  • Face to face More like face to space

    Rahim AsedRahim Ased11 måneder siden
  • Damn 2019 was the best year fo jj

    Steve StarkSteve Stark11 måneder siden
  • I hate you ksi so that is why I dislike all of your videos and you is a scaredy 🐈 so that is why you wanted a another fight biscuit Boy

    CALIA QUALLSCALIA QUALLS11 måneder siden
  • Where is logan

    Ninja SamNinja SamÅr siden
  • The funny thing is this is actually clickbait because in the thumbnail Logan is there but he’s not in the video wait is Logan a ghost and showed up on the thumbnail but not in the actual video.

    The real KrunkThe real KrunkÅr siden
  • jj: "he has to at least have an excuse" logan after the fight: "i sneezed 3 times"

    Sam JPSam JPÅr siden
  • Oh don't worry Logan sneased 3 time he will be ok

    McfarlandLTDMcfarlandLTDÅr siden
  • Why didn’t Logan come face to face against KSI. Man ksi ur the best!

  • Who’s here after ksi won the fight 👇👇

    Joa's Bat ReviewsJoa's Bat ReviewsÅr siden
    • Poke Boy7 no

      CapezzyCapezzyÅr siden
    • Poke Boy7 nope

      ShuuushShuuushÅr siden
  • well now we know what happened

    Ahmed HassanAhmed HassanÅr siden
  • Yey u win lol

    BanlvarBanlvarÅr siden
  • Well it's not that he was sick when he showed up because he used that excuse for after the fight lol

    Jimmy MazzeiJimmy MazzeiÅr siden
  • Clickbait

    JosephTheGodJosephTheGodÅr siden
  • Help me fight jake !!

    PSRT TyGuyPSRT TyGuyÅr siden
  • He called the “sick” excuse lmaooo

    CruncCruncÅr siden
    • Wait he did

      izzy n fionn ytizzy n fionn yt10 måneder siden
  • "I'm going to make him a meme." And that's exactly what happened.

    S.R.A.S.R.A.År siden
  • The intro cringed me out

    ACE-AhmedACE-AhmedÅr siden
  • i literally love your laugh it cracks me up every time

    Charlie MathesonCharlie MathesonÅr siden
  • Wat a bitc

    Team Yerp ツTeam Yerp ツÅr siden
  • Shudda been a draw... But Logan was a massive let down

    dublife 99dublife 99År siden
  • whos here after the fight

    MobiMobiÅr siden
  • who's here after ksi won lmao

    H G EH G EÅr siden
    • Your mom

      Corey HunterCorey Hunter2 måneder siden
    • Me

      Andyrew 9561Andyrew 95615 måneder siden
    • Me

      WB StudiosWB Studios5 måneder siden
    • I'm watching it now

      JJ PriceJJ Price5 måneder siden
    • H G E Yh lol

      Yt RiPsYt RiPs6 måneder siden
  • My man logan said - Damn that's deep

    alex 20alex03alex 20alex03År siden
  • Who’s here after KSI beat Logan Paul?

    Pbl GamingPbl GamingÅr siden
  • But Logan u lost tho 😐

  • How did this fight all happen I don’t understand

    Vampire DiariesVampire DiariesÅr siden
  • I got ksis gfuel add right before

    no nono noÅr siden
  • Anyone here when he beat Logan’s ass let’s go KSI!!!

    Lucas VELEVSKILucas VELEVSKIÅr siden
  • Whose here after KSI got that W 👇🏼

    Mateus No JapãoMateus No JapãoÅr siden
  • Ksi murked him bruv

    SpentoniteSpentoniteÅr siden
  • Who's here after Logan lost the fight? Like the comment

    ZayZayÅr siden
    • Joe

      meekmeekmeekmeekÅr siden
  • Ksiii wonn

  • Who’s here after ksi won

    European StuffEuropean StuffÅr siden
  • 0:10 this is the last thing you see before you die

    Its ChivesIts ChivesÅr siden
  • Logan Paul’s a pussyo

    Miko MikoMiko MikoÅr siden
  • Face to Face due Shannon: LETS GO CHAMP Logan: No I don't wanna Shannon: LETS STAY CHAMP

    bloodbagツbloodbagツÅr siden
  • clickbait

    Thanasis AthanasiouThanasis AthanasiouÅr siden
  • 😂

    help mehelp meÅr siden
  • Good luck jj knock Logan out for me you inspired me to start boxing I can’t thank u enough 🔥👍

    Mtb_AlfieMtb_AlfieÅr siden
  • Josh from Love Island 2018 KSI and Logan Paul

    Christine OkeChristine OkeÅr siden
  • I like ksi more , but logan is deffinitely gonna take the win

    KairosKairosÅr siden
    • Kairos but he dint

      gwn_ Kareemgwn_ KareemÅr siden
  • Damn he realy did not came on face to face

    abel ascicabel ascicÅr siden
    • abel ascic fr, everything he is saying can be about himself with the other face 2 face lol

      CD BenCD BenÅr siden
  • Tf u put face 2 face when theres no face 2 FACE

    Diabolical FNDiabolical FNÅr siden
  • How ironic

    unknown ‘unknown ‘År siden
  • well 1:05 didn't age well...

    ZippyZOGZippyZOGÅr siden
  • Loving the clickbait

    Cody HarperCody HarperÅr siden
  • Lol talking about Logan paul trying to be what he wants but he isnt... well ksi you claim you're a god but you isnt really either so .....

    Junior ArellanoJunior ArellanoÅr siden
  • Anyone hears a laugh at 8:28?

    Junior ArellanoJunior ArellanoÅr siden
    • Junior Arellano Logangay

      BenoBenoÅr siden
  • 2 of the biggest celebrities? Do me a fuckin favour mate 😂😂😂

    Chris HillChris HillÅr siden
  • Deadman ksi on Saturday!

    1 11 1År siden
  • Logy

    Rebecca WelchRebecca WelchÅr siden
  • Logay

    Rebecca WelchRebecca WelchÅr siden
  • Logay

    Rebecca WelchRebecca WelchÅr siden
  • Logay

    Rebecca WelchRebecca WelchÅr siden
  • Logay

    Rebecca WelchRebecca WelchÅr siden
  • Logay

    Rebecca WelchRebecca WelchÅr siden
  • Logay

    Rebecca WelchRebecca WelchÅr siden
  • It’s funny cause Logan set the Face to Face up🤣🤣🤣🤣

    Justin BarbosaJustin BarbosaÅr siden
  • Logan: quick Shannon there’s a face to face between me and KSI what do I do Shannon: lets not go champ

    SoidmenSoidmenÅr siden
  • Pusssyyyy

    luke 654luke 654År siden
  • My little brother: where is Logan Paul Me: probably out filming a dead body again😑😑😑

    Jamie AlissonJamie AlissonÅr siden
    • @K D stop being moody

      Jamie AlissonJamie AlissonÅr siden
    • Wow soooo clever.

      K DK DÅr siden
  • No one likes Logan

    Markus SkyttegaardMarkus SkyttegaardÅr siden
  • Did you bake the cake?

    Sonia RossiSonia RossiÅr siden
  • When KSI knocks him out I wanna hear Shannon say 'We fucked up champ.'

    mawthmawthÅr siden
  • click baiting at 26 years old? damn.

    CitrusCitrusÅr siden