30. juli. 2018
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I will always be one step ahead of you
Tickets to the fight:
Snapchat: therealksi
Can't lose:
Sidenote, i took down my Eurogamer vid the next morning when i watched it back and felt it went too far. You've waited months to delete your Handlebar video, just for views and because you now have a girlfriend.
Just for you Logan :)

  • Ah back when JJ and Logan were bitter enemies. I would say they are like Goku and Vegeta during the Saiyan saga. Now in 2020, I'd say they are in the Cell Saga. Not exactly friends, but not enemies

    Aswin PrasadAswin Prasad15 timer siden
  • This was when we saw Knowledge Strength Integrity at his finest.

    Max. O4Max. O4Dag siden
  • Is it just me or does Logan sound 12 at 1:20

    Carnage HuntleyCarnage HuntleyDag siden

    A V E R N U SA V E R N U SDag siden
  • Woah woah woah I was on board till he said Americans can't take sarcasm

    Fski twtyfivFski twtyfiv2 dager siden
    • They can't. I had 2 Americans mates and they literally couldn't take sarcasm

      BeastlyBeastly8 timer siden
  • 5:00 watch if you are a Logan simp! After that watch the rest of the video Damn ksi 6:10 reminded again !! Ahahahahaa We are on your side KSI! I mean forever!

    Gaming ScooteGaming Scoote4 dager siden
  • ❤️🔥

    Gaming ScooteGaming Scoote4 dager siden
  • why does this have dislikes, jj literally revived logans career

    nightmarenightmare5 dager siden
  • We will remember this rivalry Jesus

  • KSI more like he mas die

    john Mashotjohn Mashot14 dager siden
  • Why does this have 110,000 dislikes? Ksi is right

    CrizCrozPlaysCrizCrozPlays16 dager siden
  • I hate the manipulation youtube shit

    JoJo ScoutJoJo Scout17 dager siden
  • GOD BLESS-(-);

    Locker-Room DwarfLocker-Room Dwarf18 dager siden
  • This is quite pity

    Akihiro AkiraAkihiro Akira19 dager siden
  • this is just an among us chat where every one is trying to prove that they are a crewmate

    Im ImposterIm ImposterMåned siden
    • Gtfo

      Erick -_-Erick -_-5 dager siden
    • red is sus

      Moayyad ZeidanMoayyad Zeidan26 dager siden
  • 6:41 i think logan doesn’t even know the meaning of these words 😂😂

    MOHD ALIMOHD ALIMåned siden
  • JJ with great hair : Can spell omnipotent and others JJ with cheetos hair : “ Moo- rowrl “

    Harry NielsenHarry NielsenMåned siden
  • I was a fan of logan pool during this time and his video manipulated me into thinking jj was a bad guy and now i want to beat the old me

    Kevin VathKevin VathMåned siden
  • 110K dislikes whoever disliked. THINK TWICE

    Sam RutterSam RutterMåned siden
  • xD

    Cesar Flores MejíaCesar Flores MejíaMåned siden
  • "why you talking bout my son" 🤣🤣🤣🤣 GOTTEM 🔥🔥🔥

    Hihi10sHihi10sMåned siden
  • He is just a different breed when he’s in fight mode.

    Kellen BickhamKellen BickhamMåned siden
  • He’s trying to be professional about this a ksi is being a little kid ksi not trying to be rude 2020 your videos are funny but just saying he’s trying can you

    Jackeline MartinezJackeline MartinezMåned siden
    • @Jackeline Martinez mate, I said what because I basically had a stroke reading what you said 😐 try rereading what you write before sending. I mean I don't blame you, you look about 9 so like yeah

      Erick -_-Erick -_-3 dager siden
    • @Erick -_- if you don’t understand don’t comment you make yourself look dumb

      Jackeline MartinezJackeline Martinez3 dager siden
    • .... what¿

      Erick -_-Erick -_-5 dager siden
  • Looking at this back, why did logan paul didn't hit puberty? lol

    wooberwooberMåned siden
  • This video is funny since logan countered ksi's counters.

    Frank WalkerFrank WalkerMåned siden
  • Dear Logan Paul. By the time you read this I'll be dead; this is how I think it will happen: Me and Joe Weller will have a boxing fight and I will win. Later, we will box and it will be a draw. One year later, we will repeat the fight and I will win.

    Rogue StickybombRogue StickybombMåned siden
  • All logan paul did on Vine as just girls.... bro? allow it. i see some of those girls today having 0 contact with you bro... KEKW

    Loco BigLoco BigMåned siden
    • @Loco Big I have two week holiday, so I’m good

      Official Spicy DonOfficial Spicy DonMåned siden
    • Official Spicy Don ur not even 12 bruh. Go do some homework

      Loco BigLoco BigMåned siden
    • @Loco Big idk bruh

      Official Spicy DonOfficial Spicy DonMåned siden
    • @Official Spicy Don brav tf u doing here.

      Loco BigLoco BigMåned siden
    • Bruh tf you doing here. This vid is so old

      Official Spicy DonOfficial Spicy DonMåned siden
  • I love watching watching 5he old beef especially the sidemen beef

    StoakzyStoakzyMåned siden
  • The hair we all loved

    absolute chadabsolute chadMåned siden
  • 1:59 I don't know KSI just saying it's kinda hard to come back from something like that.

    OutsidersViewOutsidersViewMåned siden
  • It's October 5th, this video is timeless.

    Lee SchonLee SchonMåned siden
  • 5:13 Hulk Hogan Paul

    Steel ComradeSteel ComradeMåned siden
  • 0:36 he sounds like a year 7 kid 😂

    Steel ComradeSteel ComradeMåned siden
  • I love that intro

    Legendary BeastLegendary BeastMåned siden
  • 2:57 I think he is talking based on experience

    Aras CobanogluAras CobanogluMåned siden
  • Y does Logan sound like a 10 year old kid that Will never hit puberty🤣🤣🤣

    Ryan ShearerRyan ShearerMåned siden
  • It’s funny how Ksi speaks straight facts 😂😂

    VegitoVegitoMåned siden
  • He is saying sexual harassment that she’s a human being while he filmed a corpse how stupid is Logan

    Milan GažiMilan GažiMåned siden
  • The 110k dislikes are Logan paul fans

    queen is rebornqueen is rebornMåned siden
  • If this was age restricted,there would be no dislikes

  • Not last 😂😂😂

    Emmet LaveryEmmet LaveryMåned siden
  • I like how Shannon Briggs was Logan's trainer for Logan's second fight. Ah, this aged well

    Leo OuyangLeo Ouyang2 måneder siden
  • 2020?

    Izzet LukasIzzet Lukas2 måneder siden
  • looking back on this why is my man so serious

    Rachel WebsterRachel Webster2 måneder siden
  • You made him look like a fool

    Adams JoshuaAdams Joshua2 måneder siden
  • This was two years ago feel old yet

    eku nureku nur2 måneder siden
  • logan is bi*****

    MikhailMikhail2 måneder siden
  • Logan in 2018: Got HATED Logan in 2019: RIP Maverick LOGAN in 2020: HE MATURES A BIT, Less Pranks

    Xavier AllenLovesNikkiBentleyBradSimpson&ConnorBallXavier AllenLovesNikkiBentleyBradSimpson&ConnorBall2 måneder siden
  • Did KSI bring up the dead body incident at the press conference??

    Xavier AllenLovesNikkiBentleyBradSimpson&ConnorBallXavier AllenLovesNikkiBentleyBradSimpson&ConnorBall2 måneder siden
  • Im a fan of ksi and no way am i on logans side, but if he didnt agree with the crowd chatting shes a hoe then why did he put the mic to the crowd then they were shouting shes a hoe

    Username HereUsername Here2 måneder siden
    • Mate this was 2 years ago mate who cares

      JonathanJonathan2 måneder siden
  • Logan’s voice a

    Bailey CoreBailey Core2 måneder siden
  • 😩😩😩😩l don't like u

    DarnellDarnell2 måneder siden
    • Darnell shut up

      Quiik RoryQuiik Rory2 måneder siden
  • Why is Logan’s voice so fucking high LMFAO

    oblivion_ ustioblivion_ usti2 måneder siden
  • Tbh chloe is the only one here who didn't deserve being called. She aint a hoe and she is an amazing actress. That wasn't right ksi.

    franci brahollarifranci brahollari2 måneder siden
  • Logan was born on the 1st of April He’s a literal joke

    Raj SinghRaj Singh2 måneder siden
  • 0:51 trueee

    Raj SinghRaj Singh2 måneder siden
  • that thing where they called chloe a hoe? was not fucking cool.

    My DeviceMy Device2 måneder siden
    • I know but it needed to be emphasised

      ButWhyTho7ButWhyTho7Måned siden
    • @ButWhyTho7 thats exactly what I said

      My DeviceMy DeviceMåned siden
    • “They” not jj

      ButWhyTho7ButWhyTho7Måned siden
  • Who’s here in 2020

    Jonathan GarzonJonathan Garzon2 måneder siden
  • Hi

    TheBananaPeelTheBananaPeel2 måneder siden
  • 5:43 pancake day was a month ago

    MmmhmmMmmhmm2 måneder siden
  • damn its true that jj doesnt take L's oh wait he has his reddit

    いさねいさね2 måneder siden
  • I can bet this was scripted

    Quiet_spaceQuiet_space2 måneder siden
    • it wasnt

      Wild CardWild Card2 måneder siden
  • Lol

    NoNo2 måneder siden
  • I didn’t know KSI already had that inner eye scar before the fight. So Logan Paul wasn’t the one who did it ? 🤔

    VV2 måneder siden
  • I’m last

    Orange flashOrange flash2 måneder siden
  • I've always been a fan of ksi but because of this video If Jake Paul wins he gets to gloat about it

    BLOOD GANGBLOOD GANG2 måneder siden
  • no i’m last

    EmHunna’s ChroniclesEmHunna’s Chronicles2 måneder siden
  • Ye.

    SoftPillow501SoftPillow5012 måneder siden
  • Last

    Jake XlyonJake Xlyon2 måneder siden
  • 110dilikes lmfao these niggas are crazy as heck

    oussama nabighoussama nabigh2 måneder siden
    • It's the Logang kids fault

      UnibeliviousUnibelivious2 måneder siden
  • "I respect women" *Rides several like a bike*

    Laith YehyaLaith Yehya2 måneder siden
  • I know I’m incredibly late but it’s funny that Logan is calling ksi a kid when ksi is older than him 😂

    Harry CollinsHarry Collins2 måneder siden
  • Well looks like KSI ended up with the busted lip in the 2nd fight but it only happened cause Logan cheated and hit him after the bell rang

    malelPromalelPro2 måneder siden
  • That ending gave me goosebumps

    ThuzThuz3 måneder siden
  • The 110k dislikes are the Logan Paul fans aka the kids.

    Øruby RØruby R3 måneder siden
    • Only the us kids not uk

      AKSHAY MANOJAKSHAY MANOJ2 måneder siden
  • Plz jj stop this! Hes already dead

    Zayid HashimZayid Hashim3 måneder siden
  • He had a better beard here than now when he actually wants a beard

    baked beansbaked beans3 måneder siden
  • did logan literally call ksi a kid but he sounds like his balls are up to his throat my voice sounds deeper and im 12!! yes i know im 2 years late but i had to say something

    Mr BonesMr Bones3 måneder siden
  • 7:06 “You’re playing checkers and I’m playing chess” did DAX steak this line on his diss track at Tory lanez then had to apologise straight after 😂

    Bradley HowardBradley Howard3 måneder siden

    DarkRangelDarkRangel3 måneder siden
  • This issue is more important than global warming. Why haven’t the world leaders intervened. Donald Trumpet where are you on this video?

    BatmanBatman3 måneder siden
  • U said that u will always be one step ahead of him but now he has more subs (btw I am not a diehard Logan paul fan)

    Kishore PattarKishore Pattar3 måneder siden
    • Everyone knows that ppl used to be subscribed to Logan and forgot to unsubscribe and he won against makes more money than him and there is no mAvRiCk that is 13 or older so stfu kid🤡

      Fortnite and tiko are gay and TrashFortnite and tiko are gay and Trash2 måneder siden
    • u are a die hard logan fan like legit ahahaha

      SH4D0W K1LL3RSH4D0W K1LL3R3 måneder siden
  • Now Logan has more subs than ksi really

    Kishore PattarKishore Pattar3 måneder siden
    • Saif Abdullah fax

      Jake XlyonJake Xlyon2 måneder siden
    • Ksi doesn’t even post on his main channel and if he posted he would have minimal 25m subs 100%

      Fortnite and tiko are gay and TrashFortnite and tiko are gay and Trash2 måneder siden
  • jj has the thing in his eye in this vid before the fkn fight logans a dumbass lmao

    OK BOSSOK BOSS3 måneder siden
  • When KSI says something he brings facts behind it.

    YashflyfireYashflyfire3 måneder siden
  • i like how he didn't comment on deji telling his fans to do what they want with them

    Player RedPlayer Red3 måneder siden
  • Who is rewatching all of this throughout quarantine

    •jaack••jaack•3 måneder siden
    • Me

      Clash with KVClash with KVMåned siden
  • 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻

    EricaLynn-13 1987EricaLynn-13 19873 måneder siden
  • Wow I forgot how fucken cringe logan was yuck puke 🤮

    EricaLynn-13 1987EricaLynn-13 19873 måneder siden
  • Ksi beats logan ..... JJ whosthe real maverick now lol 😝

    EricaLynn-13 1987EricaLynn-13 19873 måneder siden
  • logan must be an archaeologist cause he always digging up ancient crap

    JustmiiJustmii3 måneder siden
  • Why is there so many dislikes?

    joshy SkLzjoshy SkLz3 måneder siden
    • GameNWB lmfaoooooooo😂

      Fortnite and tiko are gay and TrashFortnite and tiko are gay and Trash2 måneder siden
    • @GameNWB Its facts ahahaha

      SH4D0W K1LL3RSH4D0W K1LL3R3 måneder siden
    • Logan’s 10 year old fans go: “KSI bad guy so I dislike”

      GameNWBGameNWB3 måneder siden
  • Im a god like bearus he said

    YoanYoan3 måneder siden
  • Damn...KSI really savaged logan paul in this video.

    mr winningmr winning3 måneder siden
  • Who actually watch’s Ksi

    Kodamakoko24Kodamakoko243 måneder siden
    • oh there's a logone pool fan here get outta here

      SH4D0W K1LL3RSH4D0W K1LL3R3 måneder siden
    • 10.1 million people on his second channel and 21.8 million on his main. (Or 31.9 million overall) so basically, a lot of people do.

      GameNWBGameNWB3 måneder siden
  • Logan=simp

    Josh TurnerJosh Turner3 måneder siden
  • Both of you shouldn't be on youtube. You're both effortless creators with shitty content.

    慧眼秋慧眼秋3 måneder siden
    • Wait please explain? Like I won’t shit talk so don’t worry about that annoying shit but how are they both effortless creators? I feel like this is a troll but I would like to know.

      David Wood is lifeDavid Wood is life3 måneder siden
    • At least one of them didn't make a joke out of the suicide forest. I don't know about you, but there is a reason so many people hate Logan Paul. All of this is my opinion by the way. I like KSI, but you can make me think otherwise. If there is something abhorrent that KSI did, I will stop watching him.

      ZoxicalZoxical3 måneder siden
  • So quarantine has brought you here

    Gino ChavezGino Chavez3 måneder siden
  • Exclusive fact: Logan didn’t shit himself cause of JJ, it was cause of Bryan😂

    Norfolk EnChanceNorfolk EnChance3 måneder siden
  • It’s kinda cool how the crowd started chanting she’s a hoe all together

    Samuel RobertsSamuel Roberts3 måneder siden