13. juni. 2019
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I am VERY happy to announce my partnership with GFuel. Bulking season is over 😈 #Ad
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  • I have dog musics on my channel

    Dog MusicDog Music2 dager siden
  • Why did you quiet bulking season

    Diana LunaDiana Luna4 dager siden
  • This Is How KSI Won On KSI VS Logan Paul 2 😂

    ItsIoan-KBItsIoan-KB8 dager siden
  • Me: “I don’t think your aloud to do tha- KSI: shut up *punch me in face

    Hello itz Hunter ReeseHello itz Hunter Reese8 dager siden

    SenseiWriterSenseiWriter21 dag siden
  • last

    Spiros PaSpiros Pa23 dager siden
  • Great Ad

    Brian NavarroBrian Navarro27 dager siden
  • ksi: laughs Deji: hes trying to make go deaf

    young jdyoung jdMåned siden
  • 0:21 normal person : vitamins jj: vitimins

    andre montesandre montesMåned siden

    MmmhmmMmmhmmMåned siden
  • KSI: gfuel has loads of vitamins and anti-oxidants Deji: my brother says i have no vitamins

    Dark Like VaderDark Like Vader2 måneder siden

    T MT M3 måneder siden
  • Wtf

    Yuri Fatti mieiYuri Fatti miei3 måneder siden
  • Honestly hands down one of the best commercials I've ever seen

    sonsonny1000sonsonny10003 måneder siden
  • he looks like a supervillian but in my eyes hes a hero *hmmm sounds a bit to cringey*

    T_B0NET_B0NE3 måneder siden
  • Damn, Gfuel really made a mockery out of Logan 0:48

    Kane WilliamsKane Williams3 måneder siden
  • Ksi being evil for one minute straight

    Naveen JeganathanNaveen Jeganathan3 måneder siden
  • 0:08 lol you can see him punch the wall instead

    Isa MajeedIsa Majeed3 måneder siden
    • Ohh couldn’t see that dumbass🤦‍♂️😂

      Kane WilliamsKane Williams3 måneder siden
  • Lol

    Daniel DominguezDaniel Dominguez3 måneder siden
  • 2J inspired beat?

    N33dyN33dy4 måneder siden
  • His punch was then the ones he did at the fight

    Hayden HamiltonHayden Hamilton4 måneder siden
  • 0:34 me when someone interrupts me while training in boxing

    Lachlan 21Lachlan 214 måneder siden
  • G fuel made him win in the ring when they were fighting/get it now ay

    A jA j5 måneder siden
  • 0:24

    HennisinHennisin5 måneder siden
  • *The G-fuel paid off*

    TwistedBloxTwistedBlox5 måneder siden
  • Gfuel isn’t making a Logan Paul flavour any time soon

    HarioHario5 måneder siden
  • Why do the lockers look like iPhones in the thumbnail?😂

    Cbreazie NutzCbreazie Nutz5 måneder siden
  • This seems like a professional commercial

    Neil GheyiNeil Gheyi5 måneder siden
  • 0:40 Babatunde hunting down the ceo of racism after the water in his well ended:

    Yury GostevYury Gostev5 måneder siden
  • Why he is wearing shirt Because he is fatttt

    Zura LiluashviliZura Liluashvili5 måneder siden
  • Imagine if he lost...

    MoRpHMoRpH6 måneder siden
  • Banana Strawberry is overrated idc what u say its not that good

    II Deppo IIII Deppo II6 måneder siden
    • for me it is the best one if u mix it with one

      noobmaster69noobmaster693 måneder siden
  • Is it is it really

    Jacob KaminskyJacob Kaminsky6 måneder siden
  • Who’s here after Keemstar lost his g fuel sponsor

    Blueberry DuckBlueberry Duck6 måneder siden
  • 0:52 - he predicted the future

    Ronit RehalRonit Rehal6 måneder siden
  • Omg stop baby font stop

    Choi BeomgyuChoi Beomgyu6 måneder siden
  • Video: GFUEL AD Comments: Deji AD

    Da BBDa BB6 måneder siden
  • Gruel advertises the wrong flavour for ksi haha

    Lion SmokeLion Smoke6 måneder siden
  • So much for that

    ihavenofriends 420ihavenofriends 4207 måneder siden
  • 0:51 I still want that knock down

    Draxler5677 HDDraxler5677 HD7 måneder siden
  • He's wearing a shirt to cover his bulk

    Tasty TwixTasty Twix7 måneder siden
  • This aged well.

    Sani El-KhalilSani El-Khalil7 måneder siden
  • wtf did not expect that hell of funny logan paul's hair got raped by a blow dryer

    PanochaPanocha8 måneder siden
  • My god, this is cringe

    Memento MoriMemento Mori8 måneder siden
  • This is the type of ad I would love to watch

    Atlantic 31Atlantic 318 måneder siden
  • Who needs fruits when you have over 20 sugar free flavours? Mate the flavours are all coming from fruits🤣

    AMS ExeQutioneRAMS ExeQutioneR8 måneder siden
  • Ksi:no bulking Also ksi:i am not going to be shredded for the whole year

    Rulfs LVRulfs LV8 måneder siden
  • This commercial makes more sense now since KSI has won the rematch against Logan

    the demon slayer 1058the demon slayer 10588 måneder siden
  • Yea bulking season is over again cuz Jake beat the shit out of 7 seconds Giber

    S O IVI E O N ES O IVI E O N E9 måneder siden
  • imagine if he lost...

    MoRpHMoRpH9 måneder siden
  • Who’s here after KSI won the rematch ❤️

    upda boyzupda boyz9 måneder siden
  • Why KSI not Logan Paul:(

    Flippy CocktailFlippy Cocktail9 måneder siden
  • This was scarier then the "Annabelle" tralier

    Rajit RahmanRajit Rahman9 måneder siden
  • 0:55 Okay Broly

  • Some girl: Somebody help me Ksi: also gfuel has a ton of vitamins

    Swxrl2k11Swxrl2k119 måneder siden
  • I'm watching this while drinking gfuel

    Sunjung NamSunjung Nam9 måneder siden
  • Its for faze and you hate faze clan

    Hindreen AljazrawiHindreen Aljazrawi9 måneder siden
  • Its my turn to play 0:01

    TheFenjiTheFenji9 måneder siden
  • He predicted the Logan Paul vs KSI fight

    PrencePrence9 måneder siden
  • I got some

    Callum JordanCallum Jordan9 måneder siden
  • 0:33 My ego gettin punched in the face

  • KSI: yes, finally I get to focus on music career. AnEsonGib: Well yes, but actually no.

    I Will Become #1 Through Dedication And FaithI Will Become #1 Through Dedication And Faith9 måneder siden
  • 0:34 Me: i iried to ask JJ to sign my autoghaph JJ: punched me in the face Me: I now like Logan Paul (just kidding)

    im watching you right nowim watching you right now9 måneder siden
  • Lmao jj wearing a t shirt ironic

    Demxnbxyxo_999Demxnbxyxo_9999 måneder siden
  • I feel like this should actually be a commercial on mtv

    MakMak9 måneder siden
  • aw shi here we go again

    Fossal99Fossal999 måneder siden
  • Can’t wait for BULKING SEASON IS OVER Part. 2

    Orlan-45Orlan-459 måneder siden
  • This came in my recommends because ksi actually has to end his bulking to fight jake

    XpertGamer139XpertGamer1399 måneder siden
  • Um , Better get going again Jj lol

    JHollandJHolland9 måneder siden
  • This aged well

    Eduardo SalamancaEduardo Salamanca9 måneder siden
  • KSI also forgot about the part when he’s in the ring the lead in the gfuel will lose ten times the amount of brain cells in his brain making him stupid enough that he can beat Logan by acting idiotic

    JR. BeastJR. Beast10 måneder siden
    • 🤨🤨🤨🤨 ...

      DIABLONAMEK •DIABLONAMEK •9 måneder siden
  • Nobody: Ksi: *VIT-AH-MIINZ*

    Emad IEmad I10 måneder siden
  • This should be on TV

    MRBOSSFORTHEWIN 2020MRBOSSFORTHEWIN 202010 måneder siden
  • Who came here after Jake Paul beat Gib

    Aj StylesAj Styles10 måneder siden
  • Now it is time for the bulking season is over part 2

    wolfsxclwolfsxcl10 måneder siden
  • Now he will knockout Jake Paul

    WOLFGAMERR77WOLFGAMERR7710 måneder siden
  • So funny 😂🤣😂🤣🤣😂😂🤣

    SMALL ADSMALL AD10 måneder siden
  • Well not for me cuz ur bulking once again

    renvyrenvy10 måneder siden
  • 0:03 seriously where did that hand come from😂😂😂

    AryanPlayzAryanPlayz10 måneder siden
  • Man he was really big here

    TheBass SOLTheBass SOL10 måneder siden
  • 7 months ltr BACK TO BULKIN

    vis9n itzvis9n itz10 måneder siden
  • I see a turd

    Overated213Overated21310 måneder siden
  • Gfuel is bad. This comment was made by Gsups gang

    F U G L Y B O IF U G L Y B O I10 måneder siden
  • Wait I thought his gfuel was strawberry banana not fruit punch

    iCube ebuCiiCube ebuCi10 måneder siden
  • KSI’s sponsors: m8 your fat how can we sponsor you. Your bulking. We withdraw our money Jj:

    Kerke463Kerke46310 måneder siden
  • Damn Fruit punch.. good marketing

    FabianFabian10 måneder siden
  • It's safe to say that my man got stacks from this sponsorship

    Fadi LbFadi Lb10 måneder siden
  • why does he seem like an evil anime villian in this lol

    Gavin ChristianGavin Christian10 måneder siden
  • Who’s here after the fight? 👇🏻

  • Lol I just got a fat dude on a ad

    Sebastian GerolagaSebastian Gerolaga10 måneder siden
  • KSI: punching a watermelon Deji: he’s mocking kids in Africa

    Skrt ShadowSkrt Shadow10 måneder siden
  • He predicted the future

    ChublaChubla10 måneder siden
  • LOL

    Aran ParrishAran Parrish11 måneder siden
  • Bulking season is never over lol

    KravOnGfuelKravOnGfuel11 måneder siden
  • This aged well

    Deathling KillDeathling Kill11 måneder siden
  • Bulking seasons over but he is still wearing a shirt to cover it lol

    Lvcas _Lvcas _11 måneder siden
  • Ahhh that’s the premium content i subscribed for.

    sa oefsa oef11 måneder siden
  • I mean, just asking, are you allowed to depict someone in an ad?

    rayhan latheefrayhan latheef11 måneder siden
  • 0:53 KSI- I want that knockdown!!!

    Entertaining HubEntertaining Hub11 måneder siden
  • *KSI boxing dej* Deji: He assaulted me

    umeezalumeezal11 måneder siden